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Rylo: Expect Unmatched 360-Degree Image Output from This Tiny Camera


There is no dearth of 360-degree cameras around us but a vast majority of them now boasts of crisp image quality thanks to dual lenses. But that was the marketing language we were used to until Rylo came. It can be just an innovative product from a new startup but with some, never before capabilities, it can really blow away many tall claims in the 360-degree camera category.

$499.99 price tag can seem to be a little expensive and ambitious but the software that allows extracting a crisp 16:9 frame from a spherical video capture deserves tons of praise if not a hefty price tag. The software apart from delivering crisp image quality will deliver features such as tracking subjects, smooth and automated planning and robust image stabilization.

Absolutely Non-Invasive Design

Cameras or more precisely smart cameras now tends to be least invasive in terms of size and portability. Well, in that respect Rylo is no different. It basically looks like a small capsule equipped with two lenses. Measuring a dimension of just 1.5 x 2.9 x 1.7 inches (HWD) and weighing around 3.8 ounces it is just a micro mini device that can be hidden in our palm. Even this tiny capsule camera comes with a small and neat display to tell you whether it’s recording a video or not.

All Around View With Lenses on Both Sides

The camera comes with two lenses on either side of the device and each one covers a 208-degree field of view allowing no scope for leaving anything unattended. The company tells us that for the ideal camera output the subjects should maintain a distance of 1 meter further from the lenses.

The Important Specifications

Rylo stores the footage of the camera into a microSD memory card with 16GB space and it comes packed with the device. The removable battery of the device takes charge through the USB port. According to the company, an hour of full charge can make the device running for an hour. The device has no Wi-Fi connectivity and for transferring the footage you can only connect it to your iPhone for manual USB transfer. The best thing is, you can make it waterproof as well with an additional case available for purchase.

A Software That Does It All

The brilliance of Rylo as a 360-degree camera lies no so much in the design and build of the device than the software which serves as the backbone. The software apart from processing a crisp 16:9 ratio surround image from a 360-degree video also delivers awesome image stabilization and smooth and self-sufficient panning action.

Rylo also comes with a software that can track objects in the field of view to deliver crisp images. As for video quality, it delivers 1080p resolution video for both portrait and landscape orientations.

The image stabilization also works great for video output if the camera. The camera comes with a larger field of view and this allows grabbing too much additional data for utilizing them in order to make the video steady. The frame rate for video capture is just 30fps which is very basic but in comparison, you cannot cite another 360-degree camera which supports better frame speed than this. Naturally, you cannot expect high clarity cinematic image and video output with this camera. To add some spice the device allows speeding up the video capture for coming up with time-lapse effect.

Final Verdict

Rylo really claims a niche position in the 360-degree camera market by doing many things that other cameras still cannot. In that regard, it is a special camera and anyone looking for a small and smart surround capture device with good image stabilization should choose Rylo. The software package that allows so many features is the key boost to the device. Thanks to the unmatched processing software of Rylo capturing everything around you became simpler and easier than ever before.

Rylo has already come out its struggling phase on the crowdfunding platforms and is about to reach market anytime soon. The camera is now available for pre-order and it will start being shipped by the end of this month.