Major Enterprise Mobility Trends You Will See in 2019


Keval Padia

The number of mobile and internet users is only increasing in the era of internet technology. The graph is only moving upwards, and enterprise mobility is one of those major trending topics. Enterprise mobility means making use of mobile technology for business purposes.

When the user engagement increases for mobile apps and web, the businesses are required to get used to this technology in order to grow.

There are several factors that are a part of this revolution. The business has to adapt the mobility. Enterprise mobility has much more potential than the traditional way of doing business. It engages a number of customers. Also, a lengthy task can be done in just a few clicks. A mobile app development company that has made an attempt at adopting enterprise mobility has also gained more customers. The businesses are also performing great with the use of technology. This has resulted in tremendous growth.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the current and upcoming trends in enterprise mobility which are going to be big in the year 2019.

Artificial Intelligence -

Everything we see today involves Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in some way or the other. Machine Learning technology must go beyond the restrictions for proper functioning. There are still a few companies that have not been successful enough in adopting automation. But in 2019, every company is making attempts to leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence. Voice-activated assistants, facial recognition software etc are operated using AI.

Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) -

Several companies have already started asking their employees to bring their own device to the office. This culture helps in saving the cost of purchasing devices for the employees. But the restriction of using employee’s personal devices in office may risk the official data, But often, the employees might not have the software of enterprise level. This restriction can be get rid of by adding those enterprise-level apps to the employee’s device. The cost of applications would definitely be lesser if bought in bulk.

Cross-platform apps -

The bringing-your-own-device trend further gives a push to the development of cross-platform apps. Different employees would be using different devices. So the companies would be forced to develop apps that can be worked on both the platforms. This gives rise to the development of cross-platform apps. The cost of maintaining the smooth functioning of the apps is to be done by the company.

Enterprise-tailored app -

Enterprise-tailored apps help in improving operational efficiency and customer experience. This has further accelerated the use of mobile apps. In order to satisfy the needs of the companies, app developers are shifting from generic to enterprise-fit apps. They designed and developed depending on the needs of an enterprise. This process will further help by laying-off the workflow of an enterprise. In order to design and develop the app according to the requirements of an enterprise, the cost of development of applications is to be considered.

Migration to Cloud -

The use of clouds for storing official data has increased greatly over the past few years. Enterprises are required to store many different kinds of data. It could be related to customers, employees, clients etc. But the usage of mobile phones has affected the storage because of the lesser storage space on devices. So in order to meet the demand for data storage, cloud storage is definitely the best option. The benefit of using cloud storage is that you can access from anywhere in the world. You can then use that stored data anywhere around the globe. This can be easily done with internet connectivity.

Multi-layered security model -

The security measures will be one of the major concerns when the employees will start bringing in their personal devices to the office. It is a major threat to the company and its data. But this data can be secured with the help of high security using a multi-layered security model. If the security is higher, the data will be safer. The multi-layered security appointed by companies is very difficult to breach. A company’s data is one of its most expensive assets. Protecting its assets is one of the major responsibilities of any company.

Location-based services -

Majority of consumers these days use mobile devices to search for businesses or services. The GPS location tracker and the Google advanced search are extremely helpful in this. The users are presented with the top results of the search that is closest to their current location. Targeting your local audience with location-based apps is one of the best things to be done by a business.

More mobility, less computing -

With the increasing use of mobile phones and tablets in the offices, the process of full automation in companies can be leveraged. The requirement for the use of enterprise-based app has increased due to this. It has further increased the usage of mobile phones and tablets. This results in low dependency on computers. To take the best advantage of an enterprise mobility app, get in touch with professional app developers, who can help you develop the best app according to your requirements. Get in touch with us at Nimblechapps for more information.

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