Reasons to Choose Flutter for Developing an iOS App


Keval Padia

Most app development agencies now prefer working on and developing cross-platform solutions for businesses as those are more feasible. A lot of companies have a strict budget and also a strict time frame for launching an app.

Flutter is one such cross-platform solution which is very different from native iOS app development. Flutter is a good option as it is open-source and developed by Google. With the help of Flutter, developers can use a single codebase for developing an app for both Android and iOS.

Flutter will gradually support native features completely. This is the reason why major companies, be it big or small, plan to go ahead with Flutter for mobile app development. Flutter will seem like a mix of different Google technologies and concepts. But it is a very powerful mobile framework. Today we will talk about why you must choose Flutter for developing an iOS app.

1. Increased Productivity

Flutter offers something called “hot reload” which offers the increase in productivity. That will allow developers to noticing the changes that are made to the state of an app in less than a second. And they can see the changes to the app structure in less than ten. It doesn’t require you to run another Gradle build. You get to see the changes as soon as you save. It is often very easy for the developers to master this.  There is no learning curve as such for using the “hot reload”. It helps in reducing the development time by 30–40%. The Gradle rebuild times can slow down the developers. It usually takes much longer with every change that you make.

2. Powerful Design Experience

The team at Flutter does a very careful implementation of the Material design specification. This makes it easy for you to create powerful UI experiences instantly. It helps by producing smooth and seamless experience. This kind of experience is typically only see with native applications. That is because the release build of Flutter is a native application. Flutter has widgets that can help in implementing the Human Interface Design specifications for iOS. This allows you to get that native experience on both iPhone and iPad.

3. Overcoming Traditional Limitations

Usually, the user experience lags behind unlike native applications. This happens when you end up building the UI experience in JavaScript. With Flutter, you get the advantage of a one-time writing approach. In addition to that, you can also create a high performance native experience. This is only possible because a Flutter App is compiled with ahead of time approach. The machine binary in the app is also executable. It helps you in solving many challenges that you face while using a cross-platform approaches.

4. Managing Frontend and Backend

There are separate files for fronted which are further referenced by backend in native development. This does not happen with Flutter as it uses a single language that does the job and also makes use of a reactive framework.

Dart has a lot of the most popular features that are available in other languages without actually losing the familiarity of Java.

5. CI/CD Assistance

The delivery of iOS applications is done quickly, thanks to the continuous integration and delivery practices. The server’s approach offered by the native development is not scalable for a bigger team. In order to offer scalable services, Apple will make use of BuddyBuild in the near future. For this you require the native CI/CD support for iOS apps.

On the other hand, Google Flutter and Nevercode have a tie-up. They have declared their Codemagic CI/CD solution. Codemagic is developed by Nevercode. It is a good CI/CD solution and can also help in developing, detecting, testing, and packaging applications.

Flutter is a winner

Flutter is a new language compared to the other languages already existing in the mobile app development realm. If you want to build an iOS app with a limited budget and also in a limited time frame, Flutter is the best option for developing such iOS applications. It offers amazing UI, quick app building with minimal cost and unique features that are easily customizable. It has a great pool of influential clientele which show why Flutter is the best platform for iOS app development. Contact to leading iOS developers to develop your app.

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