Will 2018 be the Year of React.JS?


Keval Padia

2018 could be the year of React.js. There is a reason why we say that. React.js has already been one of the most popular and widely used libraries of Javascript. It is efficient and also very flexible to use. It has been considered to be most in demand in the job markets in the current year. React.js is also considered a strong base for the success of any project, especially after the success of Instagram and Facebook.

React has a very steep learning curve. It helps in making the development process of an app more fun and efficient. A project, be it a start-up or an already established business, can benefit from React.js. A start-up can easily gain more success in a short span if it starts development with React.js. The reason for this is that React.js is a high-performance layer for a web application. Many web development companies are turning more towards React.js development for the following reasons.

1. Responsive Software

React.js incorporates Virtual DOM, which helped with the dynamic page refreshing. Also, because of this solution, developers earned an opportunity to build single page applications. Certain specific components of these pages can be updated automatically without the need of an internet connection. This, in turn, decreases the stress load on the user’s device. This also allows other apps to perform faster than usual.

2. Interactive Interface

With React.js, you are allowed to change a few design features and some interface flows in an easier and quicker way. You can develop an interface based on your own desires and tastes. You can use Loop in order to create a representation view. It allows you to create loops within the front-end. It offers a more straightforward technique.

Then there is the Nest view which allows you to control the nested elements within React.js in an easier manner. It makes working with classes and the creation of a direct reference to the classes.

3. Easy to use

It is important to mention the complexity level of React.js. It is much simpler, compare to Angular.js. React.js was created in order to make the process of developing, programming and administrating the resources. Of course, it is not meant for beginners to use. Even the highly dedicated and experience React.js developers require reviewing at the time of developing React.js. So first you need to limit yourself to the complete knowledge if HTML.

4. Performance

There used to be an issue of falling behind other apps that were developed using the same platform. But React.js has reduced this problem. It can automatically update on-page apps that do not need any reloading. So it does not matter what device you used earlier. You will not face an issue while trying to load a large web page with the kind of graphics that don’t entirely match with your device.

5. SEO Friendly

A very common problem faced while using Javascript frameworks is that they often do not gel well with search engines. This, in turn, lowers down the overall search engine ranking. This kind of mismatch can have negative effects on the ranking of your web or app. But React.js has a solution to this problem. It allows you to run your application on a server which could be represented by the Virtual DOM and come back to the browser as a normal page. This eliminates the need for Phantom.js.

Wrap up

React.js can help you create achievable goals and show you how your business can make use of the technology to achieve conversion rates and overall growth. React.js is definitely a revolutionary step in the world of software development. We hope the above-mentioned reasons are convincing enough to prove that React.js is good to use and why it is the most popular library of Javascript today. You can receive help by hiring React.js developers and from some of the best React.js development companies.

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