2022 Digital Marketing Pro tips to Shoot-up Website Traffic


Keval Padia

The world is embracing digital marketing briskly, and due to pandemics, many companies have adopted digital marketing to drive massive traffic to their website. It is fair to state that you need to keep yourself updated with all the ROI-driven digital marketing strategies to boost your business as a marketer.

What Is Advanced Digital Marketing in 2022?

There has always been a massive plunge in the number of businesses trying to use digital marketing services for increased ROI. The year 2022 has witnessed a profusion of new and advanced digital marketing that can surge your business, making them reach a pedestal. A few examples of progressive ROI driven digital marketing are:

  1. Influencer Marketing

  2. With time, influencer marketing has evolved to drive many businesses. According to data posted by HubSpot , 57% of marketers are leveraging the potential of influencer marketing. Approx 11% of the marketers accept that it has generated a high ROI of their business.

  3. Content Marketing

  4. The content marketing trend continues to be among the essential and advanced digital marketing trends of 2022. Content marketing involves sharing online material like videos, blogs, social media posts, etc.

  5. AI in Marketing

  6. AI is a buzzword today, and it is no surprise that artificial intelligence will completely take over the market. According to IIDE approx, 60% of internet users have already interacted with AI chatbots to solve their queries.

  7. Verified Listing for Local SEO

  8. For businesses functioning on a local level, verified business listing helps them establish a worthwhile online presence in the geographical location.


    To ensure the information about your business is displayed accurately on the listing, always keep the updated information. With a verified listing, you can achieve benefits such as:

    • You can easily manage your businesses' information on Google maps and search.
    • Verified listings are considered trustworthy when compared to unverified listings.
    • Verifying your business protects your business from fraud. Suppose anyone acts as a CEO or even tries to claim your listing as theirs. It protects that all.
  9. Performance Marketing

Unlike organic digital marketing, performance marketing is helpful in driving actions, tracking, and measuring the performance of those actions. All this is done by attributing to the ROI of the campaign or activity.

Many business owners spend a hefty amounts on brand awareness, while some come down in favor of remaining at the bottom line. What we mean is, they plum for staying profitable.

Various performance marketing agencies work principally on performance marketing services to put power back into your business. This is another prominent and advanced digital marketing trend of 2022.

Why is Digital Marketing Important for Business and Market Growth?

The answer to this question can be found just by looking around at the number of electronic devices around you. Right now, you are reading this blog on your laptop or mobile. This clearly shows the way digital marketing has been assimilated into our lives.

We absorb a large chunk of information in our everyday life. All this happens. Why? Yes, because of the internet. Moreover, not just for an individual, the internet and digital marketing are equally promising for business owners.

Any business's principal focus after inception would be, how to improve its digital presence. The reason is that, accurate implementation of digital marketing gives companies an edge to outshine in the competitive landscape.

Needless to say, it increases engagement and also gets you connected to the right target audience. Accurately applying digital marketing surges not only your business growth but also the market growth.

Run-down through the list to comprehend why do you need digital marketing for business growth.

  1. Increased Engagement

  2. With digital marketing, you can enjoy a market edge to promote your business in a fast-paced environment. One of the main reasons to employ digital marketing in businesses is because it lets you interact directly with the customers.

    Moreover, with appropriate engagement strategies like market research, campaigns, PR events, and competitor blogs, you as a business owner can implement these engagement strategies to bring prospective customers to your business.

  3. Brand Awareness

  4. The optimum utilization of digital marketing for business can ameliorate your brand awareness. Any conversion would only be possible when the customer is aware of the brand. And this is the time when digital marketing comes into the picture.

    Using pay-per-click and other promotions can increase your business growth digitally.

  5. To Create a Strong Customer Base

  6. Creating a customer base for your business can be a difficult task. But, you can do that efficiently with digital marketing. Retaining the customers in the business is a challenging task. Yet, with digital marketing, you can win over the clients to retain them in business.

    Through digital marketing, you can be assured to surge business growth and connect with the right target audience.

  7. Provides Measurable Results

  8. Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing can provide you the benefit of having a real-time measurable result of campaign effectiveness. This is another importance of digital marketing because you can work on the futile areas after measuring the results.

  9. Increase Business ROI

  10. By investing in ROI-driven digital marketing, you can increase your business revenue to a great extent. Are you aware that the cost of running an ad in digital marketing is much cheaper than compared to traditional marketing? Yet, digital marketing offers better returns.

  11. Establishing Brand Image

  12. Another critical aspect of digital marketing is establishing band image. Additionally, to business and market growth, digital marketing also amplifies your companies' brand image.

    This ultimately leads to increased reach, engagement, and business visibility.

  13. It is Cost-effective and Faster

Unquestionably digital marketing has been proven to be a cost-effective process that delivers exceptional results. As a business owner, if you do not wish to spend a lot of time and money on traditional marketing, then digital marketing is the ideal choice of promotion for you.

How to Drive Massive Organic Traffic to Your Website?

As a marketer, if digital marketing is crucial to your business, so is bringing traffic to the website. Each business owner formulates diverse strategies to bring traffic to their website, depending on the company type.


With constantly changing trends, the digital landscape has given us a spectrum of ways through which you can drive massive organic traffic to your website. Additionally to devising the right strategy, it must also be kept in mind that misinformation can lead you to create ineffective techniques that can hamper your business.

Here we will be explaining to you the ways of "How to drive massive organic traffic to your website."

  1. Creating Content that Can Drive Traffic

  2. Before you jump-start to perform any marketing strategies to increase website traffic, create killer content. Writing content involves contemporary introspection so that your copy reaches the exact audience. And this is possible only when you understand your target audience.

    By knowing your target audience, we mean is:

    • How will the written content improve their life?
    • Who is your target audience?
    • How will the content help them?
  3. Conduct an In-depth Keyword Research

  4. Incorporating relevant keywords in your content makes your content look rich, plus increases the chances of visibility. Use all the keywords organically and ensure not to make them crammed into the content.

    For a smooth process of keyword research, you can also use tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Moz. Moreover, you can also hire an SEO agency that can assist you in finding the most relevant keyword.

  5. Ensure the Content is Rich Enough

  6. Rich and resourceful content is always known to draw users' attention to the websites, eventually increasing the traffic. Your content should be exceptional and entice the users to click on it.

    Also, your piece of content must be available on Google to answer queries. Accurate information generates trust along with drawing the user's attention. And, resourceful content gets easily clocked.

  7. Contributing to Guest Post Articles

  8. Another beneficial way to generate organic traffic to your website is a guest post. It wouldn't be worng to say that guest post is a pronounced way of generating backlinks and increasing referral traffics.

  9. Maintaining Active Social Media Profiles

Maintaining a strong social media presence could also drive massive organic traffic to your website. This can be done by keeping your business active on social media pages and constantly interacting with customers.

Few other works like optimizing the social media cover photos, promoting fresh content, and tagging influences are also fruit-bearing and easy ways to increase website traffic.

Pro Digital Marketing Strategies for Online Marketers

By and large, you must have understood till now that digital marketing provides you with cost-effective solutions to improve your business visibility. Yet, you need to apply the right strategies to generate business revenue as an online marketer.

Here we are sharing a valuable piece of information on the pro digital marketing strategies that you can inculcate in the business as an online marketer.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  2. Source

    Use SEO strategies to make your website rank higher as an online market. With on-page and off-page SEO strategies, you can increase your business visibility and profitability.

  3. Content Marketing

  4. Source

    Again, one of the crucial ways to generate new leads. You can implement this strategy into your online marketing by creating infographics, blog posts, ebooks, guides, etc

  5. Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising

  6. One of the popular digital marketing strategies is PPC, where marketers bid for placement. The benefit of PPC as a digital marketing strategy is that your ads can spontaneously send qualified leads to your website instantly.

  7. Email Marketing

  8. Source

    As an online marketer, you can easily connect with your audience directly in their inbox and get increased ROI. Email marketing allows you to keep your customers informed and reach out to them in real-time.

  9. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)


For an online marketer, conversion rate, optimization helps to bring more website traffic. Through CRO, you can check your websites' elements like buttons, images, and various layouts. This way, you can decide which version of the website you want.


You are up to speed now. With the plethora of ROI-driven digital marketing tips available, it becomes onerous to decide the best one suitable for your business. But, by reading this digital marketing pro tip guide, you can keep a thumb on the pulse of the latest marketing trends. Looking for a company that can help you outshine with digital marketing assistance? contact us today.

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