3 Effective Ways to Encourage Users to Download Your App


Keval Padia

There is a tremendous amount of competition on all major app platforms. The development stage has its own set of challenges. However, it's gaining loyal customers that make or break an app.

Programmers in the Mobile app development company turn into marketers to devise an effective promotional/marketing strategy. Converting inactive downloads to active ones require campaigns that speak about the usefulness of the app. What works for the general consumer might not work well for the end user. So it’s always important to direct resources at the target audience that will play an important role in driving app success.

Here are 3 effective ways to encourage users to download your app:

1. App Store Optimization -

The objective of App store optimization is to increase app downloads that have been promoted. The competition speaks for itself since mobile users are always looking for apps that provide better features than what they already have.

Keywords and Meta Descriptions play a key role in driving downloads. Optimizing an app with relevant keywords boosts its visibility similarly to how Google optimizes web pages on search engines. The title should be short and descriptive with keywords that relate to the target audience at large. Localizing app titles in different languages also helps one to attract users on a global stage.

The app description is part of the fields that are required by Metadata. One should not go overboard with keywords inside the description. Users will read this to make a decision on whether to download the app or not.

Capturing important parts in action gives enough insight to potential users as to what the actual app might look like. Screenshots too are a vital component for ASO.

2. Reaching out on Social Platforms -

Creating connections on social media platforms improves engagement with followers and visitors that will be instrumental in driving app downloads. Managing social media accounts demands strenuous work that has to be tailored for each platform. Concentrating efforts initially on Instagram and Facebook could be rewarding, but its equally important to have a presence on Twitter, Linkedin, Quora, and the likes of Medium that serve a more role-playing audience. To cement a good impression online, posting regularly and updating the content will make one stand out from their competitors.

Each platform has its unique advantage. Facebook allows one to reach out to an open community and lets showcase individuals and groups how they can benefit from their apps.

Quora lets one communicate how a mobile app is a solution to the question posed and Instagram, a more visually immersive platform through hashtags, promo videos, and website visuals reach a target audience more effectively.

All major social media platforms offer ad services that drive traffic, build brand awareness and help generate leads. SMM (Social Media Marketing) providers who put considerable effort and time to manage social media accounts offer mobile app development services tailored to one’s needs.

3. Effective Marketing Strategy -

Before the app is released, it's important to have a marketing strategy in place that helps boost digital presence. Investing in marketing campaigns through conventional routes helps one generate attention and interest among users.

Writing engaging content in relevant blogs, magazines, and prioritizing email marketing can drive conversion rates and are cost-effective ways to reach out to end-users.

Press Release: A PR team that can effectively roll out press releases prior to the app launch can encourage potential users to download the app. Seek out influential journalists and bloggers who connect with the mainstream audience at large. The audience will generally incline to what they have to say on the functionality of the app thus resulting in a successful app launch. It’s also important to get people that identify with one’s app category.

Organic searches lead to significant downloads, equally important are the web landing pages. Create a landing page that highlights the app with a clear call-to-action that directs users to download the app.

Wrapping Up!

To stay high in rankings, it’s crucial for one to stay updated on industry trends. App stores update themselves regularly to highlight apps that boast the latest features. Its a standard way of differentiating a standout app from its competitors. Feature packed apps deliver utilities that enrich the mobile experience and builds customer loyalty. Mobile app stores with its set algorithm prioritize user experience through reviews and ratings. Testimonials generated then let other users know whether the app is worth downloading or not. The ranking is compromised if the app is subjected to multiple negative ratings.

Highlighting the benefits of the app will surely help drive downloads. Marketing on social media platforms demands engaging content that is sharable, likable and relevant to the time.

All the above-mentioned strategies go into determining the popularity of the app which has a direct impact on the download rates.

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