Important Tips for Creating Content that is Voice-Search Friendly


Keval Padia

In the year 2018, voice search was everywhere. Even Google would agree that a high number of queries in their search come through voice search. The search engines have become capable enough to process natural language.

This way it makes it possible for all the users to use the same words and syntax they would use in a normal conversation. This can be easily done on their smartphones, even without making use of any specific keywords. The number of voice searches is expected to rise in the year 2019. The marketing team at Nimblechapps reports that there will be over 60 million devices in United States alone that will be voice assisted.

Voice search is extremely useful and has a lot of benefits to offer. Being a tech savvy individual, you might easily understand the benefits voice search has to offer. Let’s take a list of those benefits.

1. Mobile-friendly Content

The majority of search is now done through mobile devices. This trend suggests that all the content that you produce needs to be mobile-friendly. You can try to do this making use of several testing tools which help you confirm that the website meets the mobile-friendly standards. After getting the results, you can then tweak your website in order to optimize the content for mobile use.

2. Keep it Simple

To reach a majority of people you need to remember to keep it simple, be it through talk or text. Nobody likes to make use of complex words or phrases while doing a search, unless it is a definition that they are looking for. Avoid the jargons as much as possible and make use of simple statements instead of using intricate words.

3. Keep it Conversational

With the voice search, the questions from the audience are pretty constant. So create the content around the questions that a user can ask which would start with who, what, why etc. Also, the answer needs to be conversational. Don’t allow your responses to put an end to the conversation. Keep the conversation going by providing the closest answer to all the user queries. Mobile app development companies can suggest you the right way of doing this and can help you integrate in your mobile app or mobile website.

4. Accessibility Guidelines

The audience will be accessing your website through various channels. Search engines like Google have certain accessibility standards that you can make use of. These accessibility guidelines will suggest you to keep your content easy for the bots to understand. This way you can make it easy for your potential customers to find and access your content.

5. Context

Now that a majority of people are shifting towards voice search, there are certain topics that they would rather search for in their private space rather than doing it in public. Queries that include words like nearby will mostly come from people who are either around other people or find it inconvenient to text. So create topics that would suitable enough to talk about in public.

6. Create an FAQ Page

The way people look for information using voice is completely different from the way they do it using text. If you use Google Search very frequently you will notice this fact. Customers make use of specific keywords in their speech while doing a search. These are some patterns that you must notice and create questions for FAQs accordingly. You must then provide suitable answers to these questions.

Gather a bunch of such FAQs and create an FAQ page. The top queries in the FAQ page must be regarding the products and services of your company. Keep the answers accurate and easy to understand. You can also have an informational page where every individual query can be answered in detail.


With the increase in number of mobile devices, the nature of search and search algorithms have evolved and developed for the better. This also depends on the changing habits of the consumers and also the changes in the technology. Businesses are required to take action according to these changing trends. You can get guidance from our team at Nimblechapps regarding content creation for voice search. How about connecting with us at and hire developers to meet the client’s business requirements.

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