Nimblechapps Gets Recognised As A Top-Rated Mobile App Developer By Upwork.


Keval Padia

At Nimblechapps, we are committed to developing high-quality B2C & B2B mobile apps and websites to help clients bridge the gap between technology and the business market. We amalgamate smart and innovative design thinking with agile development to create path-breaking digital products for startups and enterprises around the world. We have been holding a top-rated freelancing agency on Upwork since 2016 and have been associated with numerous companies worldwide, acting as their development partner.

We are happy to let you know that Upwork recognized our hard work and included us as one of the top-rated mobile apps and website developers on its platform. For context, Upwork is the world's largest freelance platform with over 14 million users; the top-rated agencies and freelancers on this platform represent the top ten percent of its talents. Throughout the year, Upwork highlights high-ranking agencies and freelancers in its marketplace with a top-rated badge to help businesses of all sizes identify the best talents to accomplish incredible things.

Upwork has 1,665 talents in the development and IT industry, with Nimblechapps among the top 166 developers on the platform. Below are some reasons we are successful and recognized as a top developer by the best freelance talent marketplace in the world:

  • Team of Innovative and Passionate Experts:

    Nimblechapps has a team of 35+ dedicated, enthusiastic, and highly creative professionals, including web developers and designers, mobile app developers and designers, support staff, testing experts, and a marketing team. Our professional team holds immense expertise in technologies such as React JS, React Native, Vue.Js, and Angular JS, to name a few, and are committed to designing a simple, intuitive, and functional interface to meet our clients' needs and expectations.

    Moreover, our team members are innovative, detail-oriented, self-directed, goal-oriented, and passionate about technology. These characteristics reflect in our work's quality and our customers' testimonies.

  • Timeliness and Customer Satisfaction:

    Being able to deliver the best results that meet our clients' expectations as at when due is one reason clients trust us so much. At Nimblechapps, our developers work with a clockwork precision that allows us to deliver quality work at all times.

    We go out of our way to satisfy our clients and provide stellar customer service to build long-term working relationships with our clients. We listen to complaints and are open-minded to the unique requests of our clients to ensure we develop the best app and provide the best web solutions that meet their business needs and add more value to their businesses.

  • Excellent Feedback:

    Achieving top-rated recognition by Upwork requires a high level of professionalism and an impressive reputation built with good relationships with clients. It also requires a proven history of success with multiple clients with several positive feedbacks.

    We achieved a 93% job success rate on Upwork with over 135 jobs completed, more than four thousand hours billed, and 200k+ earned. Upwork calculates the job success rate based on clients' satisfaction and feedback, reflecting our work's quality. Take a look at our profile on Upwork.

Getting recognized as a top-rated developer on Upwork shows how outstanding we have been and proves that clients are satisfied with our services. While this badge of honor provides insight into our professionalism, communication, and work quality, we cannot achieve it with our efforts alone. We want to take this opportunity to formally and genuinely thank all of our clients and partners that made this recognition possible.

We are excited to be featured on the platform alongside some of the top development agencies in the world, and we look forward to receiving the top-rated plus recognition anytime soon. However, we are open to business and looking for like-minded people, whether you're an established brand ready to make a significant impact or a start-up company with big ideas. Contact us today, and let’s build something great together!

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