Javascript vs Python: Which Language in Mostly Preferred in 2021?


Rajiv Patil

Determining the most prevalent programming languages over the next couple of years is a challenging task. More often than not, bold forecasts about the supremacy of a language is not feasible and then there are some languages that seem to come out of nowhere to gain a significant niche.

Interestingly, an increase in a language’s popularity enables you to predict a clear picture. In this post, we will discuss the languages that will dominate in 2021 and do an in-depth analysis of JavaScript and Python before providing our recommendations. Essentially, the fundamentals of the programming language will remain the same whether it is 2020 or 2030 but there will be improvements and updates which can make a huge difference.

Difference Between Javascript and Python 

JavaScript is a superior, interpreted language that is well known as a scripting language for web pages. This means if a web page is not just existing and showing static information then JavaScript is definitely the reason behind that. Apart from that, there are some advanced versions of JavaScript like Node.js which is used for server-side scripting.

JavaScript is a prominent programming language and has been accepted by the developer communities throughout the world. According to StackOverflow Developer Survey Results in 2019, JavaScript is the most popular programming language which is used by 69.7 percent of developers worldwide. It has been crowned the undisputed king of programming languages for seven years in a row. Moreover, the most widely used Web Frameworks are jQuery, Angular.js and React.js which use JavaScript. 

Why is JavaScript so Popular?

  • JavaScript is generally used in both client-side and server-side applications. It means that it can simply run everywhere from web browsers to some of the most powerful servers. Due to this reason, JavaScript has a slight edge over other programming languages that are not so flexible.
  • JavaScript enforces various paradigms from object oriented programming to procedural. Hence, developers have the freedom to innovate and experiment if they feel the need to.
  • It has one of the largest and most supportive communities of programming enthusiasts that back the language. If not for these developer communities, it would have been difficult for JavaScript to strengthen the number one position it has over the years. 

On the other hand, Python is an interpreted, general-purpose programming language with various uses starting from web applications to data analysis. Due to this reason, Python is often present in complicated websites like YouTube or Instagram, a common language for cloud computing projects like OpenStack and in Machine Learning. Python has been rising in popularity such that it is one of the fastest growing programming languages in the world.

Why is Python catching up with other programming languages?

1. Easy to Use -

Users simply do not like complex things and hence Python is rising in popularity because it is extremely easy to learn and implement. It is basic with an easily legible syntax and hence it is loved by experienced professionals and students both. Apart from that, Python is highly efficient. It enables developers to accomplish more tasks using significantly fewer lines of code.

2. Supportive Community -

Python has a supportive community and it is quite known because it has been used since 1990 and 30 years is a significant time frame to build a supportive community. Due to this support, new Python learners can definitely enhance their programming skills which again increases the popularity of the programming language. There are multiple resources available online to boost Python’s popularity, starting from initial documentation to YouTube tutorials that are a major help for inexperienced learners.

3. Libraries and Frameworks -

Python is a fairly popular language and hence it has hundreds of libraries and frameworks that can be leveraged by developers. These libraries and frameworks are more than useful to save time which makes Python so popular. Some widely used Python libraries are NumPy and SciPy for scientific computing, Django for web development, BeautifulSoup for XML and HTML parsing and nltk for natural language processing.

Why is Javascript programming better than Python?

Now that we have seen the difference between JavaScript and Python and how each programming language is useful which makes them so popular, let us now discuss why JavaScript programming language is better than Python.

1. JavaScript is ideal for website development

Without a doubt, JavaScript is definitely better than Python for web development for a primary reason that JavaScript runs in the browser whereas Python is a prominent server-side programming language.  Now, Python can be used to develop a website but it is not used alone. Python has to take support from other platforms to reply to requests that offer HTML, CSS and JavaScript. 

Moreover, using Python to develop a website is a complex process. Frameworks exist to make your job simpler like Flask and Django even then Python is not an optimal choice for web development. JavaScript is the perfect choice for mobile websites and desktop applications. JavaScript offers multiple opportunities for web development in JQuery, React and Angular.

2. Professionals are Used to JavaScript

When a business hires a developer for a project, the business would definitely prefer to hire an experienced developer for success. The issue with Python programmers is that you never know their real-life experience. It can be said about JavaScript developers because it is much easier to find experienced JavaScript developers as it has been a standard programming language since ages.

Though Python was launched in 1990, almost six years before JavaScript, it never gained popularity until Google took it under its wings and invested further. It means that most experienced programmers who started in the 1990's are likely to be experienced in JavaScript over Python.

3. JavaScript is the Direct Link to the IT world

Some Python experts will always support Python and claim it to be one of the best programming languages. But, if you want to make it big in the technology world, JavaScript is the norm. As JavaScript is an integral part of front-end web development, you will have the expertise to generate income either as a freelance developer or working in an IT firm.

Even if you browse major job sites to look for development opportunities, you will find that there is a strong demand for JavaScript developers. It is understood that some businesses may not have an idea about the ideal programming language for their project but if they are developing a front-end website then they will definitely need the services of a JavaScript Developer.

4. JavaScript is Simple to Learn

Though various people say Python is easier than JavaScript, it is not at all true for users with a programming background. JavaScript basics are simple and can be mastered in a few months and if you give it a year, you can make good money with your coding skills.

5. JavaScript Performs Better than Python

There is no secret in the fact that JavaScript is the faster language between the two languages. That is because JavaScript is developed on Chrome’s V8 which is a lightning fast engine in the world. Due to this inbuilt speed, Node.js is the desirable language when you think about developing real-time applications.

6. JavaScript is historically more popular

Since its initial release in 1995, JavaScript has been widely used by developers and it is unlikely to change in the coming years. The key designers at JavaScript believe that it is important for every developer to understand the intricacies of JavaScript, Java and Python.

Though Python is a great programming language to have under your arsenal, it is not the only solution for web development. Python is a reformative addition to current web development languages but not that effective by itself.

It is safe to say that JavaScript is better than Python because it has been extremely popular for a long time. That is because if a programming language is popular for a long period of time, there must be a logical reason for that. The key reasons are functionality, dependability and ease of use and JavaScript fulfills all these requirements with finesse.


Every time a new programming language is introduced, the aim is to enhance its features like effectiveness, debugging and memory management. It is a reality that some of the older programming languages are still pretty helpful but there are major drawbacks when compared to the more recent languages. Irrespective of whether you are biased towards JavaScript, Python or any other programming language, each language serves a definite purpose.

There are certain languages that have overlapping functionality whereas other languages are robust and offer enhanced debugging. It is a fact that you should focus on programming languages which are in high demand and provide better functionality. It can be overwhelming to select a programming language if development is not your forte and if that is the case then you can contact Nimblechapps, a JavaScript development company for your website development needs.

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