Figuring Out Your Target Audience: Mobile App Development Tips


Keval Padia

One essential tip that is given to every entrepreneur or business owner is: Identify your target audience. For mobile app development, identifying the target audience is extremely important and even more prevalent because of the absence of face-to-face sales.

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So if you want to consumers to come forward on their own and download your app, you have to give more than just your 100% to make sure they want what you are trying to offer. Most of the time, selling is not actually about sales, it’s about creating a need. If you need more advice on this discussion, I invite to read again our article Ways to Transfer Website Visitors into Subscribers.

The basics of identifying your target market start with research. A professional app developers Research about the product or the service you are trying to offer, research about the people who would want to use it, research about why or why not people would want to use your products or services. Among all this, try and figure out who really wants your app and then target those people. That’s your target audience. Whatever you do with your mobile app will then depend a lot on what they like or don’t like.

Why Should You Identify Your Target Audience?

You only get a limited amount of time and resources to develop an app. You cannot spend so much of time and resources in doing mindless development without any prior research. What happens if you finish developing an app but you realize you don’t have an audience who would want to use that app? This happens when the most basic step is skipped: Research. Research solves almost 50% of your problems while developing an app. Let’s say you are trying to develop a gaming app with a focus on college-going kids. For this, you will start researching what kind of games do these kids play? How much time is invested in smartphones?(Which is almost all the time) What do they do on their phones? Do they really want to play the game that you are making? All these kind of questions will help you figure out a target market. When you know your audience, the game turns largely in your favor. It doesn’t matter if the group of audience is small. At least you are sure that they will download your app and use it. Other people who are not in the list of your target audience, will then get to know about the app through word of mouth publicity or advertising. That way you can slowly grow your app further. Read also: A Guide to Help you Increase and Generate Leads Through Hashtags

Ways to Figure out Your Target Audience and Reach Them

1. Creating Personas -

Creating a persona means developing a fictional character who is ready to use your app. This fictional character will tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly about your app. This character will only help you in exploring your app better.

2. Market Research -

Market research covers areas like age groups, demographics, social status, economic status, gender, location etc of your potential target audience.

3. Identify Their Needs -

Here you need to put yourself in the shoes of your audience and look at your app from their perspective. This will tell you what’s wrong with your app and what changes it requires.Identifying your target users’ needs is extremely important.

4. Marketing Channels -

After figuring out the audience and their needs, its time to reach them. There are various marketing channels out there using which you can get in touch with your target audience. Try every possible channel to get in touch with them.

5. Comparing Results -

Now you already have a data that you collected at the research stage of your app. You now also have a report. It’s time to compare the data with the report to check whether you have reached your target audience or not. It might also happen that you started with a specific group of people in mind, but ended up serving a completely different group of people. This way you go off track and your app loses meaning.

The Bottom Line:

The bottom line is that there are steps to doing a certain thing. It is extremely crucial that you do your research before you start developing your app. The research will solve most of your issues in the initial stage of development because it will provide you with a target audience. Now the only thing to do is reach them, that is where marketing and advertising come in play.

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