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Some of the Major Announcements From Apple’s 2018 Conference

Since the launch of Apple’s iPhone X last year, everybody was already worried and excited about what Apple was going to launch this year, what new products and features could it bring? The wait is over. The whole year, there have been a lot of speculations about the new Apple products and features which were expected to be launched this year. Yesterday, at Steve Jobs Theatre on Apple’s campus in California, Apple officials made some of the biggest announcements of 2018.

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Apple Issues Safety Guidelines for Developers to Follow while Submitting an App


The number of internet users on mobile has already reached 52% globally. It is also predicted that this rate can reach up to 80% in the near future. This is because of the ease of access to mobile phones. Almost everybody has a mobile phone with them. Also, it is easier to create mobile apps, rather than creating desktop apps. Apple’s App Store is a huge treasure chest of apps with up to 2.2 million apps available on it. This is definitely a great way to reach potential customers around the globe.

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Ways in Which Gamification Can Help You Increase User Engagement


Mobile apps can be tiring and repetitive after a certain point. All of us have seen a time where we are tired of using a mobile app. This can specifically happen more in healthcare apps. It is crucial to capture the attention of users and provide them with a medium and motivation to take action, in order to engage them with an app. Gamification within the app can definitely help this.

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How Beacon Technology will Change the Mobile App Scenario!

Beacon technology became popular a few years ago and instantly become one of the most sought-after technologies. Since then, a growing number of retail stores have been using beacon in order to gather and transmit information of all kinds. Beacon helps you collect that information and transmit it, and communicate with your customers in that manner easily through a mobile app.

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Nimblechapps Ranked as Top B2B Agencies in India for 2018 by Clutch

From mobile app and web development to AR/VR and UI/UX design, Nimblechapps has the skills to exceed our clients’ expectations while providing great service and products that better businesses and experiences. The Nimblechapps team builds creative, successful apps and games that both showcase our experience and the best aspects of our customers and their brands, companies, and messages, and it is this success that has made us one of the very best app developers in Ahmedabad, ranking with the top 100 mobile app creators in the entire country. Here is the link to the Top B2B companies in India press release by Clutch.

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