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Everything you need to know about Amazon’s Fall Hardware Event 2020

Every fall, Amazon conducts an event to announce a plethora of new devices at once. Amazon is doing the same in 2020, but to a limited number of media personnel via video conference rather than an in-person event at their Seattle HQ. We are amazed to see the range of devices offered by Amazon despite the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic. This year, we saw a number of new Echo devices with novel designs along with Alexa’s revamped security features. Additionally, we saw a series of Ring devices which targets Home automation and security. Let us dig deeper to find out the most prominent announcements from Amazon.

Revamped Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Dot Clock

The revamped Echo has a novel, spherical look. Interestingly, the Echo Dot and Echo Dot Clock will also sport a spherical shape. These Echo devices will have a fabric finish and will be available in three colours (Twilight Blue, Glacier White and Charcoal). It will have most of the smart features like the Echo Plus and will be compatible with Amazon Sidewalk, the smart home tech system from Amazon. It is priced at $100, similar to last year’s Echo.  

Amazon claims that it is made from 100% post-consumer recycled fabric and recycled aluminium. As per Amazon, the new Echo Dot’s 1.6 inch front-firing speaker will impart an impeccable sound quality. It is available on pre-order now for $50 and the Echo Dot Clock is priced at $60. Amazon has also introduced a Echo Dot Kids version which comes with amusing animal faces. The kids model is bundled with a year’s subscription of Amazon Kids+ to access audiobooks and games for kids.

The new Echo can now tune itself to your surroundings to deter ascertain optimum sound quality. It is powered by the AZ1 Neural Edge processor and machine learning ability which helps with better speech recognition. Moreover, going forward, all new and old Echo devices will have a low power mode.

Along with the new Echos, Amazon has introduced Guard Plus which transforms your Echo into a home security system. It can dissuade intruders by playing a warning sound and a notification is sent to you. This service will only cost you $5 per month or $49 per year.

Eero 6 and Eero Pro 6

As expected, Amazon has also launched new WiFi 6 Eero routers namely Eero 6 and Eero Pro 6. The Eero 6 has a dome shape while the Eero Pro 6 has a slightly square shape of the original Eero. Now, the Eero 6 is available at $130 whereas the premium Eero Pro 6 is priced at $230. Just like the previous Eero versions, the new Eeros will be sold in two and three packs for efficient WiFi connectivity throughout your home. As per Amazon, the new Eeros can connect upto 75 devices simultaneously. This will double as a Zigbee Smart home hub. Every Eero unit has a USB-C port and 2 auto-sensing Gigabit ports.

Ring Car Alarm and Ring Car Cam

Ring has come with a new Car Alarm system which allows your car to push alerts to your phone if someone breaks-in. You can even tap a button on your phone and trigger a siren. Additionally, Ring is also selling a dash cam. The Car Cam will help you monitor bumps along with real time alerts and footage.

Interestingly, there is an Emergency Crash Assist which notifies emergency services when there is an accident. Also, you can say “Alexa, I’m being pulled over” to notify the camera to record the interaction. The Ring Car Alarm is priced at $60 and the Car Cam and Car Connect are priced at $200.

Ring Always Home Cam

Amazon announced a new Ring Cam that can actually fly around the house to offer a multi-dimensional view, more like a security drone. Apart from security, you can use it to see if you left a door or window open. The drawback is that you won’t be able to manually control the Home Cam. You can set a predefined path from room to room and view the live feed in the Ring app.

For privacy, the Ring Home Cam is designed to hum loudly when flying to advise people that it is filming. This will cost $250 and will be available in 2021. Also, Ring has introduced a Mailbox Sensor which attaches to your mailbox and it is available for $30 only on pre-order.

Amazon Echo Show 10

The Amazon Echo Show 10 has a “smart follow” camera just like Facebook’s portal. The Echo Show 10 can follow your movements in the room with a “beamforming” technology along with a computer vision. Amazon suggests that when you interact with Alexa, the Echo Show 10 uses your sound localization and the screen turns directly to face you. Alexa doesn’t identify a specific human but just a human shape. Additionally, it includes a group calling function named Amazon Chime. The Echo Show 10 is priced at $250 and will be available soon.

Luna – A gaming streaming service

For a few years now, Amazon has been planning to launch the most awaited gaming streaming service – Luna. Amazon’s Luna comes with Twitch integration and is said to be a direct competitor to Stadia and xCloud. To begin with, it will support the iOS devices, Fire TV, PC and Mac. Hopeful, Android support will come shortly after. Amazon has announced an Alexa-enabled low-latency Luna controller priced at a modest $50 for early buyers. This beautiful gamepad will connect directly to the cloud.

It is reported that cloud gaming will be upto 4k and 60fps, however it may limit to 1080p and 60fps to begin with. The Luna subscription is fairly priced at $6 per month, giving access to 50 game titles in the early days. You can expect to see the likes of The Sexy Brutale and Resident Evil 7 on Amazon Luna.

Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Stick Lite

Last but not the least, the new Fire TV Stick has an improved processor, HDR compatibility with Dolby Atmos. Just like the previous versions, it comes with an Alexa remote. The Fire TV Stick will now be available at $40. The Lite version is priced at $29.99 and it supports full-HD and HDR along with an Alexa Remote.

We are surely excited about the new Amazon Products coming this year and it seems Christmas came early. I have personally used the Fire TV and Amazon Echo and now hoping to use the new products soon. What do you think about the product announcement from Amazon? Let us know in the comments below.

iOS 14: Top 5 Features you should know about

Last tuesday, Apple announced the latest versions of the Apple Watch and the iPad at the ‘Time Flies’ Event online. In the meantime, we will just have to wait a few more weeks before the launch of iPhone 12. During the event, Tim Cook confirmed that you can download iOS 14 starting from the next day. iOS 14 is full of great features and it will enable you to change how you interact with your apple devices, something unseen in the last few years.

I know you must be wondering whether you should upgrade your software just yet. iOS 14 is now available to download for iPhone 6s and newer devices and iPhone SE. We all know that last year, the first rollout of iOS 13 was full of problems along with software bugs. It was then established that users should instead wait for the iOS 13.1.

The beta versions of iOS 14 didn’t exactly face similar challenges. Additionally, as the developers only had 24 hours notice before the final release of iOS 13, there is a possibility that most of your apps aren’t updated yet. That being said, there are some amazing features that might prompt you to update your iPhone right away. Let us dive deeper into the top 5 salient features of iOS 14: 

Apple Messages

The Messages App from Apple has always been the best available app out there for mobile instant messages. However, it still faltered behind dedicated tools like Slack because of the feature limitations. At last, Apple has added a few excellent features. 

In Messages, you can now pin the most important messages to the top of the app. It is the best way to access messages with the frequent contacts without scrolling a long list of spams and unimportant messages.

The next major improvement comes in group chats. It is now possible to tag individual recipients, create threaded replies in a group chat and set push notifications to alert you only when someone in the group has tagged you. I do not believe that it will replace Slack anytime soon but the future certainly looks bright.


Gone are the days when your Android-using friends used to tease you. The iPhone will now have widgets on your home screen. It is now possible to add widgets directly to the display in multiple sizes. This is much better than the limited widgets on the left side of the home screen. Additionally, there is a Smart Stack widget that displays multiple apps when you need it. For example, it can show you the calendar widget and the weather widget first thing in the morning. 

The Today View widget will stay to the left of your home screen like always, but now you can drag and drop a widget to the home screen. It is very simple to use. You can just tap on the + sign in the top left corner of the screen to bring the widget gallery and choose the ones which you want to add to your device. 

App Library

App Library is the new screen at the extreme right of your home screen. It automatically organizes your apps in specific folders based on the app category. The basic idea is to simplify the user experience by organizing the apps in a single place instead of having to search on the home screen. Additionally, there is a home screen feature now that allows you to hide the apps which you don’t use frequently.

You can use the App Library to open an app that is not displayed on your home screens. To access it, you can swipe from left to right on the home screen. You can either find the app icon from the auto-organized folders or use the search feature at the top. Also, there are two additional folders at the top: Recently Added and Suggestions. These folders will update the apps as and when you download new apps on your device.

Apple Translate App

Why use Google Translate when now you can use the translate app on your Apple device. iOS 14 has an integrated translate app that will enable you to convert text and have meaningful conversations with people who speak a different language. For now, it is possible to translate English, German, French, Chinese, Mandarin, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Russian and Portuguese.

When you open the app, you can either type the word or use the voice-to-text option to translate. Once you are done, it will automatically translate what you said into your chosen language. It is best suited when asking a quick question or if you want to hear how to pronounce the word.

Picture in Picture

The iPad has been able to play a video in the picture-in-picture mode for some years now and the Picture-in-Picture mode is now available on the iPhone. The Picture-in-Picture forms a thumbnail of the video that continues to play even when you exited the app. It will automatically appear when you want to reply to a text message while playing a YouTube video but don’t want to stop the video. It is very easy to drag the thumbnail around the screen and also resize it by pinching and zooming. The best part, it works for Facetime video too.

Looking at these developments, we loved the introduction of iOS 14 and now can’t wait for the improved version of the OS to feature alongside the much awaited iPhone 12. Due to advancement in iOS 14, there will be changes in iPhone app development too and we are excited about it.Which feature/s of iOS 14 have amazed you? You can let us know in the comment section below.

10 Golden Rules of Writing Content for your Website

The internet today has become part of our daily lives. Many people spend most of their time surfing and researching through the internet to look for content they are interested in. Content creators for websites have changed the way they write and present information because people are interested in websites that have eye-catching material. However, due to a large number of websites on the internet, creating unique content has become very challenging for most content creators. To deal with the high competition for attention on the internet several golden rules have been established to help content creators come up with unique content for their websites. The article will discuss some of these golden rules and how they can be applied when writing content for a website.

Identify your Audience

A writer developing content for their website is supposed to know who the content is meant for. Identifying a primary audience who can be either clients or fans leads to the growth of the website resulting in the attraction of a secondary audience who are getting to know the website. “Additionally, the writer should identify the needs of the audience and determine whether the audience finds any relation or identify with the content written,” says Amanda Wilson, Head of Content Writing at ConfidentWriters and SolidEssay. A content creator also needs to know the issues their content is trying to solve and whether there exists competition for their audience.

Content Should be Short and Precise

Various pieces of research done indicate that adults have an average attention span of about eight seconds. It means that many people do not concentrate on online content that will consume most of their time. Therefore, for people to read content on one’s website the content creator should ensure they write short and straightforward sentences. A website owner can reach out to many audiences by using little to no complex adjectives in their sentences to make their work easy to read. For audiences to become active readers, the simplicity of sentences plays a significant role in making an impact on the readers.

Incorporate Visual Content

Readers are always interested in knowing what content on a website is all about by seeing images rather than reading words. Many experts in content creation say that websites with more images attract more traffic as compared to those with too much-written content. Visuals give readers and audiences a deeper understanding of the content on the website. More visuals according to experts improve the search engine optimization (SEO) of a website which makes audiences find it easily on search engines due to its eye-catching characteristics.

Ensure the Headlines are Strong and Powerful

When coming up with content for a personal website, the headline defines the reception the content will receive. Experts say that in every ten people, eight decide whether to read content by reading the headline. Coming up with an eye-catching headline attracts the interest of readers and audiences. When deciding the heading of your content take time to think what will entice readers and in turn generate traffic to the website.

Use the Inverted Pyramid Model

According to Jeff Simmons, a content  writing expert at Paper-Research and BeeStudent, “the model requires the creator to start with the most important details at the top of the article followed by the less important.” Many audiences define a website by the first lines they read. It is essential to emphasize the first lines of the writing which plays a vital role in maintaining views on the website. Additionally, a content creator should include more details at the bottom of their creation because some readers have an interest in getting the hard facts to a story.

Use a Variety of Words 

Content creators, as any other writers, have a set of words they use frequently when generating their content. However, websites require a different approach when choosing words to use. A writer should practice the use of many relevant words that will keep their audiences interested and entertained. However, the constant use of keywords in the content should be maintained to avoid confusing the readers and audience.

Avoid Using Technical Terms

The main aim of writing on a website is to reach as many people as possible. However, using technical terms may derail this achievement because many people may not understand what is written on the website. For this reason, it is essential to maintain the use of simple terms that communicate to both technical and non-technical audiences. Additionally, using less technical terms ensures a website owner reaches more potential and future customers due to the simplicity of the content.

Use Active Voice

A website owner writes content on their platform to create an impact on the audience. For this to happen, the language used by the content creator has to be soothing and reader-friendly. It can only be achieved by the use of the active voice which imposes a friendly impact on the content resulting in high traffic for the website. When the content creator speaks directly to the audience the content becomes more engaging and leaves a positive impact on the viewers.

Emphasize the Benefits 

Most audiences visit websites to acquire useful information there are interested in. A content creator should never keep the audience waiting because it can affect the flow of web traffic negatively. The content of the website should solve problems of the audiences in the quickest way possible rather than having them wait for long.

Leave Your Audience Yearning for More 

Content on the website has to have a feature called “call to action”. The feature gives the content written an exciting edge which keeps the audience attracted to the website. The feature should be short and interesting and be accompanied by verbs such as download or share which keep the audience on the look for more content leading to more traffic generation.

In conclusion, writing content for a website is no easy task. Content creators should ensure they write content that drives traffic to the website. Following these simple rules will ensure content creators come up with entertaining content that educates and helps their audience.

6 step guide to becoming a WordPress Expert

WordPress is inarguably the most popular content management system and offers a series of professional opportunities for those willing to learn and acquire skills necessary to build online content. As consumer society keeps on adapting to online product and service acquisition, the need for expert WP developers is growing larger. Therefore, caching the train of progress on time is of paramount importance if you wish to grow as a WordPress developer.

Our current article is going to lead you through six elemental steps you need to take if you wish to become a WP expert. It’s not a simple list of actions you can take within a week; it’s a layout of fundamental processes you should go through within your timeframe and one at a time.

Learn the tools

Anyone can download a WordPress theme and use it as a template for their website, however, if you wish to be able to exploit the full potential of this popular platform you need to master the tools required to build software products with it. Let’s take a look at what you should learn and why this knowledge is necessary:

  • HTML – A standard web page markup language. Confused? It’s a language you need for the development of content you wish to display. 
  • CSS – If HTML helps us create and display web content, CSS allows us to manipulate that content. It’s the tool you’re going to use if you’re to change the color of an object, its position, size, etc.
  • PHP – a computer language necessary to build scripts that provide the functionality of your website. It’s the engine of web content.
  • MySQL – A popular database management system that allows the transfer and storage of information.

Explore WordPress potential

After you get the hang of basic tools, it’s time to learn what you can do with them within WordPress boundaries. You could start by creating a WP account and setting up a sandbox so you can unleash your creativity and have a safe environment for numerous cycles of trial and error. There’s also a wide range of online courses you can take or use tutorials to complete different tasks that will help you understand the capacity of this content management platform. The more practice you have, the more capable you’ll be to become an expert later.

Choose a path

Depending on your personal preference there’s a choice of software solutions you can develop using WordPress tools. 

You can become a core developer, which is not a very popular choice among people but gives you the chance to enhance your coding skills and contribute to the growth of the WP platform. As a Core developer, you look for bugs and issues within the platform and devise fixes and updates to keep the core functionality uninterrupted. 

Theme development is a lucrative path to take; it requires a profound understanding and extensive experience in the development of WordPress themes. It will allow you to build custom themes for clients who need a website or online apps for their business. 

If you wish to build scripts that extend website functionality, you should look into plugin development. This is where your PHP training will come most handy.

Learn to cut corners

As a developer, you’ll be placed under immense pressure by your clients. Meeting the deadlines, working out bugs, performing last-minute changes, these all require years of experience if you’re to get through easily. It’s best if you don’t wait to get into a bad situation to learn how to handle it, so try and find some WP debugging or other kinds of problem-solving tasks to get that experience you lack. 

Also, you can save a lot of work hours if you keep your projects stored online so they could be used later when necessary. This will save you time that you would otherwise spend typing lines of code you already wrote before.

Set up your lab

It’s not recommended to develop web content, whether it’s a website, app, or a certain plugin in a live environment. Moreover, your client could ask you to keep the software offline until it’s fully developed and tested. Therefore, you need a way to keep your work strictly local until the job is done and the project is ready to go live. 

WordPress has a series of helpful tools and resources for all occasions; among those stands the ability to set up a local development environment. This means that you can install a virtual server on your machine that you can keep offline and use a text editor of your choice to write code. When your coding process is done, you can run your project using the local server and make sure everything is ready or detect bugs and fix them.

Connect with the rest of the community

While you’ll probably spend most of your work hours alone at the computer, it’s important to stay connected with the rest of the WordPress community. This will help you build a network, learn to cooperate with others and get your hands in more work. It’s also a good way to get in touch with the latest trends and changes in the industry that you should be aware of. 


We hope this clarifies the route you need to take to become a WordPress expert developer. Arm yourself with patience and learn as much as you can. Remember that even at your peak, there is much to be learned.

‘Time Flies’: Everything Apple announced at WWDC 2020

Earlier last week, we covered an article on rumours about iPhone 12 release date and its features. We also mentioned about “Time Flies”, Apple’s first fall event this year which didn’t feature the most awaited iPhone 12. As expected, Apple didn’t announce any new iPhones during the event but still had plenty of new devices to share. These include two new Apple Watch models and an iPad Air with a novel design. Additionally, Apple elaborated on its new Apple One subscription bundles and more important update about Fitness+. Let us discuss each new device and update in detail.

Apple Watch Series 6

Apple commenced the “Time Flies” event on Tuesday by announcing the Apple Watch Series 6. It has a novel health sensor which enables you to measure your blood oxygen saturation with the new watch. The Apple Watch Series 6 is equipped with a new S6 chip. Apple suggests that it is a dual-core processor based on the A13 Bionic in the iPhone 11.

Apple claims that the Watch Series 6’s screen can get 2.5 times brighter when you are outdoors along with an always-on altimeter. The new watch series 6 comes in a variety of new colours: a blue aluminium case, a gold stainless steel, a gray stainless steel and a Red model. Moreover, there are a number of watchfaces consisting of a watchface that displays a Memoji.

Apple also confirmed a new type of watch band, naming it the Solo Loop. A Solo Loop is a silicone watch band without a buckle. The Solo Loop is available in various sizes and in seven vibrant colors. For fashion enthusiasts, there’s also a braided Solo Loop available in five colors.

The Apple Watch Series 6 is a premium watch priced at $399 for a GPS version. It is available for pre-order now.

Apple Watch SE

Besides the Watch Series 6, Apple announced a new, more economical version of its wearable. The Apple Watch SE has more or less the same characteristics as its more expensive counterpart, including fitness tracking, heart rate monitoring and fall detection. It features the S5 chip, similar to Watch series 5 but has an extravagant display similar to Series 6. 

The only feature missing in the Watch SE is the latest sensor to measure blood oxygen level of the user. We think it was bound to happen with the price slash at $279 for the Watch SE. It is now available to pre-order on Apple’s website. All in all, we think it is one of the best announcements from the “Time Flies” event.

New iPad Air

This year, the iPad Air got a significant makeover. To begin, iPad Air introduced an iPad Pro-like design that will be offered in five dynamic colors. It also includes two new color variants: a blue and a green hue. It also consists of a new 10.9 inch Liquid Retina IPS display with 2360×1640 resolution on Apple’s True Tone Technology. This is in addition to the latest A14 chipset.

This year, Apple has included a new fingerprint sensor into the top power button to unlock the device. Additionally, now iPad Air also supports second gen Apple Pencil and the much hyped Magic Keyboard. Apple has also switched to USB-C with the new iPad Air. For pictures, the iPad Air has a single 12-megapixel camera. The surprise element is the stereo sound included in iPad Air’s speakers when it is placed horizontally.

Apple intents to release the new iPad Air along with the iPhone in October. It will be priced at $599 for a 64GB model with Wi-Fi only connectivity. The LTE model will be priced at $729 along with an upgrade to include 256GB storage for an additional $150.


Apple is about to offer yet another subscription model. This year, it is a workout service termed Fitness+. Tentatively, it will have 10 different exercises like cycling, strength training, yoga etc. that you will be able to access on your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV. Your Apple Watch will track the progress of your workouts. As you work your way through the session, you will notice the vitals like your calories burned, heart rate and pace etc. Apple has promised educational videos for training of beginners and also personalised recommendations.

Fitness+ will be available for $10 per month or $80 for an annual subscription. If you purchase a new Apple Watch, you can avail Fitness+ for free for the first three months. Moreover, you can also avail Fitness+ through one of the new Apple One Subscription bundle offers.

Apple One

Ever thought of paying a single price for all your major Apple Subscriptions. Well, with Apple One, you can now bundle all major services together to save on your monthly subscription. It begins with an individual subscription for $14.95 which includes 50GB storage, Apple Arcade, Apple Music and Apple TV+. You can buy a family bundle for the same services + 200GB storage for $19.95 per month. Additionally, there’s a Premier bundle where you get all the above plus Apple News+, Fitness+ and 2TB storage for $29.95 per month.

iOS 14 

In the end, Apple revealed it will release iOS 14 to the general public tomorrow. In the past, major iOS updates have been released on the same date as Apple’s latest iPhones but not this year. Some of the best additions with iOS 14 is an App Library where you can have home screen widgets and organisation of all your apps. It will be available on the iPhone 6s and above.

Now, we are hoping that iPhone 12 will be released sometime soon in the next month as advised by Apple. Once we have an official announcement from Apple, we will do an official article on iPhone 12 and its features.


Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Mobile App’s Search Ranking

So you have launched your mobile app to increase your sales and grow your business. That’s a great step toward attaining your business goals. But with so many similar apps out there in the market, how do you stand out from the crowd and get yourself noticed? 

One of the ways to let people know about your app and see conversions is to improve your mobile app’s search rankings. As per Google Research, 48% of users find out new apps by browsing app stores. Also, as per Tune, 47% of US iPhone users search the app store to find an app.

And the main factors that impact app position in search engine results are the number of downloads, user reviews, comments, app launches by users, and the dynamics of app deletes from a device.

Looking at these factors, you can work on the areas to improve. Here are five ways you can implement to improve your mobile app’s search rankings.

Craft a memorable and creative app title

The title of your app should be memorable, but at the same time, you want your users to figure out what the app is about easily. Use it to communicate to your users what the core function of your app is. 

Plus, your app title is going to have a strong impact on how your app appears in any search results. Since your app is new, you will need to include a certain amount of optimized description to let potential users understand what the app is about. 

For instance, instead of making the title Flickr, you can add a description that says Flickr – Photography. Try to keep the title, including the description under 50 characters.

Write a persuasive keyword-rich description

Your app description will form a big part of the App Store Optimization (ASO) process. If written right, it will make a positive impact on the app store’s search algorithm. 

Ensure that you are writing a crisp description and use the keywords that your users are using to find a mobile app like yours. But it doesn’t mean that you will have to use the keywords just for the sake of it. Limit the keywords to not more than five.

The keywords you use should be seamlessly woven into the description of your app so that it becomes a part of it. Avoid repeating words in the description as Google Play’s content policy will penalize you.

Also, put the most important information in the first three lines of the description. Not everyone clicks the “read more” button. If anyone endorsed you, you could consider putting it at the beginning of the description.

In the app description below, even if you don’t read the full description, you come to know that The NY Times has endorsed it, proving the app is worth using.

Focus on getting good ratings

The number of star ratings you get is going to influence the position of your app in search results. Since app stores get profit from each download, they will showcase only the apps to users they will probably download. 

Users usually look at the reviews and download only the ones with good ratings. So, if your app has good ratings, it will rank better. 

Also, getting fresh reviews is crucial. As per a study, current reviews are almost times more significant as compared to all-time reviews.

There are definitely going to be some users who aren’t satisfied with your app. To deter them from leaving bad ratings, leave contact info or add a contact tab in the menu so that they can reach out to you.

Also, make it a point to read the reviews people leave. You may not be able to answer all the reviews. But make an effort to answer as much as possible, especially the negative ones and fix the issues.

And avoid being too pushy while asking for reviews. Users can easily get annoyed and end up not using your app, let alone leaving reviews.

Add an app preview video and screenshots

Adding an app preview video showcasing the different functions of your app can be very beneficial. Studies have it that adding a video to the main page can boost conversion by 25-30%.

By adding a high-quality video, you can lessen the installation costs and gain more loyal customers while increasing the chances of getting your app discovered.

Apple recommends adding a demo video of your app about 15 to 30 seconds while listing it. Consider testing the video with some attractive poster frames or thumbnail images. You can then find out which ones are driving more users to click and watch the video.

Even Google Play allows you to add a video to the listing. But it will work out better if you are offering a paid app. Creating a video requires you to invest money that can be recovered through your app. 

Screenshots can also encourage downloads as they let the user envisage what his experience will be like. Add a keyword in your first screenshot captions to rank better. As per a study, adding keywords may boost the search rank up to 2.4 times. Ensure to place the screenshots with features and functions first.

Create an attractive icon

Having an attractive icon will inspire visitors to download your app, thus boosting your rankings. But note that the icon should not only be good-looking and enticing enough, but it should reveal the app’s purpose. 

While designing your icon, consider the store requirements. You can take a look at the recommendations from Apple and Google while designing your icon.

A simple design is better. And avoid using texts on the icon. Also, create a scalable icon. It should look good on different devices. A study reveals that colorful icons with custom design rank better.

Consider using Google Play to test and learn by changing your icons for free. But note that icons at times perform differently in each store.


To rank higher in the app store is not an easy task, but it is achievable if you follow the right strategies.

Craft a memorable app title and add an SEO-optimized description, keep your app description crisp and keyword-rich, focus on getting user reviews, add videos and screenshots, and work on creating an attractive and scalable icon that will look good on different devices.

By applying these strategies, you can improve your mobile app’s search rankings. Be patient with your search optimization campaign and keep monitoring. Side by side, you should also market your app on different channels and implement other techniques to see the best results.  

AI and Web Development (Part 2 of 2): 7 Leading Web Builders Powered by AI

In Part 1 of this article on AI and web development, the impacts of AI on web development is mentioned. One of these significant impacts is AI-powered web builders that elevates website design processes dramatically. 

Through also known as Artificial Design Intelligence ADI systems, the usually complicated, time-consuming, prone to human error process of User Interface (UI) design process is streamlined. 

It has changed the way web developers create and maintain websites and applications, both for desktop and mobile. 

Here are 7 of the best and leading web builders powered by AI shaking the web development industry today. 

7 Web Builders Powered by Artificial Intelligence

  • Wix ADI


Wix ADI designs customize websites to precisely what the client needs. It learns the targets and needs of the business and the people using the site. With a few simple questions, Wix ADI can build a website aptly suited for and representing its client. 

There is a plethora of themes and designs of high-quality and stunning combinations or possibilities. Through this AI-powered web builder, the optimal design is matched with perfect content to create a unique, dynamic, and robust website in minutes. Wix prides itself on that no two sites ever end up looking the same. Beyond amazing designs, Wix ADI gathers relevant content across the web and social media that users can use as-is or customize.

With the Wix ADI system, beautiful websites are easy to achieve in no time, without coding involved. So whether the web developer has expertise or not, they can create a full-featured website. 

Almost everything on the ADI system can be customized, from colors to font sizes and more. Users can also add animations to a specific page or the whole website in just a few clicks. 

Indeed, it is one of the best AI-based website builder. No wonder it is a trusted authority tool that both professionals and beginners use. It offers maximum convenience and usability at high speeds. That is crucial in website development. Wix ADI is straightforward, simple, and intuitive to use for all designers and web developers of varying expertise.

Here are some more of Wix ADI’s remarkable features:

Simple Website Development: it is possible to create and launch a website with Wix ADI in half an hour to less than an hour. It uses simple, extremely user-friendly guidelines to complete different tasks of web development. 

Detailed Guidelines: it has an informative step-by-step tutorial, based on the user’s choices and answers submitted at the start of creating the project. 

Automated Website Creation Process: has a set of questions wherein the answers will be the basis for developing your unique website. The questions include the type of website needed, the required features, business name, location, contact information including social networks, and the like. 

Quick Project Customization: Even right after you publish a website or make it public, you can quickly modify its content or add details.

  • AIDA from Bookmark

AIDA from Bookmark

Bookmark offers an amazing AI-powered website builder it dubbed as AIDA (Artificial Intelligence Design Assistant). It is also perfect for web developers that have little to no expertise in coding. The system is mainly designed to develop company websites, eCommerce stores, business portfolios, and responsive design pages.

Through AIDA, web developers can create custom websites and have them up and running within a couple of minutes. Through AI, the software makes a unique design catered to the needs of the business and its audience.

Users need to indicate their type of business, and the options are specific, numbering to about 650 choices. But once you have stated your niche or business type, AIDA can now create personal portfolios, business websites, eCommerce stores to begin with. 

After you tell the business type and the name, the AI behind the software takes care of the rest of the details and processes that happen to build your site in no time.

Developers now need to edit the images and content generated by AIDA. You can create a different version should you want another option, or if you are doing A/B testing on your website. 

Aida also has a drag-and-drop technology with state-of-the-art, AI-based web design of high-end, feature-rich projects. Even newbies can do web design like a pro with the help of AIDA. 

Some of this AI-powered web builder include: 

Quick and User-Friendly Design: Users start with “AIDA, SHOW ME HOW” and begin answering a couple of questions, pick a niche among its 750 options, layout preference, and design style. After you input your business name, AIDA uses all the data you provided to come up with a unique design in about 30 seconds.

Automated Web Development: AIDA automatically creates your website with blocks or “focuses.” It also chooses the aptest color palette and design customization elements. After this stage, the user is redirected to the editor, where the AI then adds impressive animations in real-time mode and completed the functional blocks to the pages of the website. 

Hints and Guidelines: The AIDA system gives hints on how web developers can effectively modify web pages and sections, replace content, modify positions of modules on website pages, set SEO parameters, and complete other tasks needed for the outcome. 

Unique Template Variability: With AiDAyou do not just get a ready-made template but an individual template variability giving you access to versatile responsive integrated themes. 

HTML Code Embedding: This AI-powered web builder comes with  HTML code embedding, which allows web developers to make and publish unique, customizable projects. 

Bookmark comes with no cost but comes in a subdomain. Web developers can also upgrade to either of its two paid plans that can be billed annually or monthly.  

  • Adobe XD

Adobe XD

Adobe XD is a mighty tool for UI/UX web design. Web designers and developers can create wireframes, user flows, high-fidelity designs, animations, interactive prototypes, to name a few, all without the need to switch between multiple apps. It is a fast, easy-to-use, and powerful web builder, designed for designers and developers of any experience or expertise. Some of Adobe XD’s impressive and topnotch features include Responsive Resize, Repeat Grid, and Auto-Animate. 

This AI-powered tool is a fast and free tool for collaborative UX and UI design needed for web building. Here are some of the many other features of the Adobe XD:

Design unique experiences: Web builders can create basic wireframes and progress to beautiful designs fast. Select customized user interfaces using colors, vector drawing tools, character styles, grids, guides, to name a few. 

Build design elements for reuse in an XD document or many documents. You can also directly edit in Photoshop from XD and create content-aware layouts that recognize the relationships between different elements of your build and makes adjustments automatically as designs are modified.

Build prototypes that bring experiences to life: Transform conventional and static templates to rich experience for users, such as interfaces, motion, and movement. Web builders can interconnect artboards, enable triggers for touch gestures, and preview experiences on mobile devices downloaded with the XD mobile app. So, every time web builders modify something on the desktop, they can test its mobile-responsiveness and appeal right away on mobile devices. 

Aside from this, web builders and designers can export designs and to Adobe After Effects for more animation inputs. 

Intended to improve team collaboration: Keep everybody in step and work well alongside fellow designers. Have stakeholders review and critique projects. And exchange design specifications that offer developers all they need to start coding.

Some of its new or beta features are coediting on the same document simultaneously and adding design tokens. It also has stacks now that set the spacing between objects consistently throughout the build, and scroll groups that define areas in your scrollable designs like image carousels, chat windows, and activity feeds. 


  • Sacha from Firedrop

Sacha from Firedrop

Firedrop has Sacha AI software, which is used to build web pages as compared to entire websites. Web builders can use this AI-powered platform to create whole sites without having to do it a page at a time. Instead of using drag-and-drop builders, web builders talk to Sacha through live chat. It is a perfect AI-powered web builder for those who like simple and customized landing pages. 

Firedrop guarantees automatic site creation and editing. Web builders only need to identify their niche, and the Sacha virtual assistant can lead to the most suitable combinations. Web builders can connect pieces manually and put content with a user-friendly editor. 

  • Leia, the Artificial Intelligence Website Builder


Leia is an AI-powered web builder system that enables the launching and managing of clean custom-made projects from scratch and completed within a minute or so. Beautiful and responsive websites for all businesses is now possible with the likes of the Leia system. 

The web builders provide the details about the project so the AI can choose design and performance tasks that will match the description of the business and its needs. Leia automatically creates the website based on those user inputs. This AI design tool can design independently, code, and publish the project live. The other features of Leia include:

One-of-a-kind web design: Leia ensures an intuitive web design process and enables users to create personalized web designs as well so that projects launched are unique every time. 

Voice commands or prompts: Leia begins to work on the web building process with the user’s voice command. Users specify the type of website that needs to be built. This AI system then selects the best template and style based on those choices. The system allows entering business details manually if you can’t use the voice command option. 

Intuitive web building/designing: Before the start of any build, the system generates some questions to get as many details about the business as possible. Providing detailed answers help the AI-powered design system determine how your web design should be. Even without experience, you can build websites expertly

  • Weblium


Weblium is an intuitive AI-powered web builder that enables you to build websites fast, whether with coding or design skills. Create high-quality, visually appealing, and mobile-friendly sites like a pro and in no time. 

It allows web builders to go online fast to start running their online business and engaging with future clients. With Weblium, quickly promote your business, create your portfolio, start a project, blog, and more. Weblium has more than 250 ready-to-use templates that you can quickly modify to ass sections and content. Other features include: 

Smart design supervisor: Our built-in smart design supervisor seamlessly updates the visual interface when you change templates and blocks. 

Mobile-friendly and unique: Our built-in smart design supervisor seamlessly updates the visual interface when you change templates and blocks. 

Technical complexity is eliminated: No need to worry about hosting, domain, SSL security certificate, software updates, and other technical aspects so you can concentrate on web building than its maintenance.

Open to search engines: The website can get more engagements, leads, and potential customers with advanced search engine optimization settings. 

It also has an image library, styles manager, built-in integrations, and various marketing tools to track website performance quickly. These tools also help users boost their integration with external or third-party services with free analytic tools. This AI design tool also has custom forms, shared editing, and 24/7 customer support. It has a free basic plan and paid plans—Pro (personal use) and Landing Pro (lifetime, good for 3 pages).


  • B12


B12 is an AI-powered web builder and designer perfect for small businesses. This AI tool will also design a free draft of the website for your business, so you can get a foretaste of how B12 is revolutionizing web design.

B12 uses human-assisted AI to create elegant and useful websites in at par with agency-quality without the agency price tag. It all starts with a free draft where users tell B12 a few information regarding your business so the AI can build a mockup in minutes. 

When you choose to go with the draft, the AI them further customizes web building to meet the set business goals. The websites that get published by B12 are optimized for desktop use and mobile viewing experiences. New websites can be launched in just two weeks, which is a quarter of the turnaround time for traditional web design agencies.

After they build your website, B12 also hosts it, with unlimited bandwidth and storage provision, plus a custom domain name. B12’s AI also gives monthly analytics reports and makes suggestions for changes to optimize web performance.

Conclusion: AI-powered Web Builder is the Norm of the Future

Currently, website builder apps’ artificial intelligence is in its early development. In a year or so, full-featured AI solutions from leading tech companies will be available. These systems can search for data, interpret it, anticipate and continue to engage in the website creation phase even after its release.

Other innovative technologies will arrive in the immediate future, such as cloud-based storage and servers, dynamic networks with smart management systems and self-teaching/self-organizing capabilities, and innovative, intelligent marketing. 

One thing is for sure, AI-powered web building is a phenomenon that will become the future standard of web development. If you need any assistance with AI powered web development, you can contact us for more information.

Everything you need to know about the rumoured iPhone 12

It is easy to say 2020 has been a nightmare year for humans all around the world. At the same time, it has been a prolific year for new phones, cameras and gaming consoles. We are still in September and an exciting range of products have been launched or announced, including Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, Microsoft Surface Duo and Motorola Razr 2. We are in that time of the year when Apple announces their latest offering in terms of a new iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Today, Apple has announced a special online event “Time Flies” on September 15, 2020. This event will most likely cover the launch of a new iPad and Apple Watch which we will definitely cover next week.

We are probably just weeks away from Apple unveiling its 2020 iPhones and rumours suggest that there are major changes waiting to happen this year. It is suggested that a number of new features like high refresh rate display and lidar along with 5G support.

If you have been using the first generation iPhone SE or iPhone 5s because of its great design, the latest iPhones might be the ones for you. There have been many rumours floating around that the iPhone 12 will sport squared off edges instead of rounded edges. And all going well, iPhone 12 will come with 5G support which will hook you up for faster data speeds and great display.

iPhone 12: Rumoured Specifications

All the trusted sources of Apple rumors seem to agree that in 2020, Apple will announce four new phones instead of three iPhone models like last three years.

  • A brand new 5.4 inch iPhone, a tad bit smaller than the 5.8 inch iPhone 11 Pro.
  • A low-end 6.1 inch iPhone, which has a similar screen size as iPhone 11 and specifications similar to the above 5.4 inch iPhone.
  • A second 6.1 inch iPhone with premium specifications.
  • A giant 6.7 inch beast, which would be bigger than the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

iPhone 12 Design

The 2020 series of iPhones will boast a revamped design with a metal frame, much similar to the metal frame of the iPhone 4 and the beloved iPhone 5s. As per Apple Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the 2020 iPhones will have a more complex design and new trenching and injection molding procedures.

The new iPhone will feature a square-edged stainless steel frame, set to replace the current rounded edges and it will still use the front and back glass for the body. Apple is said to use sapphire or tempered glass to secure the grooves in the frame.

iPhone 12 with 5G support

The 2020 iPhones are anticipated to be the first in line to support 5G cellular networks. This clearly states that iPhone 12 will be able to take advantage of faster data speeds. However, this completely depends on the 5G coverage in your location and the version of your next iPhone.

In April 2020, The Wall Street Journal reported that some of the iPhones this year would get 5G. On the other hand Bloomberg advised that 5G is likely coming to four new iPhones this year.

In January 2020, Ming Chi Kuo stated that all new iPhone models will support both sub-6GHz and a mmWave 5G. However, this week even Kuo advised about the 5G plans for iPhone 12 stating the shipments of mmWave 5G iPhones would be lower than expected. Hence, it is definitely not clear as to how many new iPhone models will have 5G support.

Price and Availability

Like we said, this year Apple has postponed the launch of iPhone 12 by a few weeks and instead hosting a special event next week for iPad and Apple Watch. Apple hasn’t shared any details about this event and whether iPhone 12 will be launched next week. As usual, don’t worry if you miss out the “Time Flies” event as we will do a piece next week. Last year, the iPhone 11 was launched at $699 so this year we are hoping that iPhone 12 should be in the range of $599 to $699. However, reports suggest that low-end iPhone may not support 5G and lidar technology. Only time will tell. If you have any updates about the launch of iPhone 12, you can let us know in the comments section.


Innovative Virtual Reality Apps Are Changing the Game

Virtual reality technologies are taking over interactive media as a new and exciting way to experience the word of the creative arts. More than that, VR allows users to travel the world, visit exotic locales, and see your doctor if you get sick. Most users understand VR as a technology best known for its rocky start and surreptitious counterparts that have made the technology somewhat intimidating from the outset. 

Gaming goes immersive

However, thanks to kits like the Oculus Rift and PSVR, more users are able to experience the power of VR at home with friends and family. Even though it centers on gaming, VR can be used on these platforms to visit Mt. Everest or see the Grand Canyon. With VR, users can essentially travel the globe through apps that transport users to those places to hear and see what life is really like across the sea. 

Google Expeditions is an example of one such app that uses the power of VR to allow users to see any number of things around the world in a way that could never be achieved before. Expeditions lets users go to Paris, France or Chichen Itza whenever they please. For a more narrow approach, users may want to use YouVisit VR to visit colleges around the country in a digital VR environment supported by the platform of their choice. 

Streaming is social again

Major networks have joined in on the action as well with apps like Discovery VR by the discovery channel that lets users experience the wonders of the natural world in VR. Additionally, Samsung Milk VR, now simply Samsung VR, is a gargantuan library of VR content that spans a wide range of topics that can educate and entertain a user for a very long time due to the sheer amount of content available. 

Each of these major brands uses its power to enhance the virtual experience and provide users with highly polished experiences that will stay in their memories for a long time after. However, if traveling the globe is not the main draw to VR then you may prefer the social VR apps like vTime and Facebook Spaces that allow users to interact with friends and family in a virtual world. 

Virtual worldbuilding

These apps utilize the latest VR technologies to provide users with fun and exciting experiences that they can share with their loved ones. RecRoom and Project Sansar have shared gaming experiences that allow role-playing and shared simulation in the virtual worlds of your choosing. Each of these apps aims to make VR a more sociable and cooperative experience that can potentially change the way we interact forever. 

Karuna Labs goes a slightly different route by using VR to imbue users with the skills to deal with their pain and make it more manageable on a daily basis. Each of these VR apps seeks to make life actively better for users regardless of their platform. This shows that the mixed reality technologies of today are far more important and impactful than the industry demonstrates as presented.

Finally, healthcare has been affected by VR as well with a number of apps that allow users to work on their pain and see their physician in VR. Apps like HealthVR and Floreo are made specifically to change the way users interact with and treat mental illness and autism. HealthVR specifically concerns itself with providing adequate healthcare to any user that has VR capability. Floreo utilizes VR to its fullest to simulate situations and help people with autism learn to deal with real-world situations. 

Ultimately, VR can be used for whatever purpose that the developers put their minds to and, with the recent innovations in healthcare and travel, VR could be looking at an even brighter future than could have ever been predicted. 

5 Innovative VR Apps that Can Benefit Your Company

Virtual reality has been making a little bit of a comeback in recent years. Gone are the days of clunky and burdensome Virtual Boy. Henceforth, Oculus Rift, PSVR, and HTC Vive. Virtual reality is supercharged and super hot, making the VR industry ripe for innovation and consumption.

While virtual reality is certainly entertaining, the technology can be used for everything from real-time training to in-person meetings. 

The application of technology across these departments makes it more practical than not for a professional business environment. One of the best uses for office VR is training new employees. But, the benefits don’t end there.

Here are 5 innovative applications of VR that can benefit your company:

  1. VR training

Virtual reality provides a unique opportunity to completely immersed oneself in an entirely fabricated world. While this definitely has applications in video games and entertainment, there are also applications in which virtual reality would be very useful for getting acquainted with the new technology, tool, or situation.

Sometimes training can be dangerous or sensitive. When people could get hurt or expensive equipment could be damaged. What’s more, virtual reality can provide students or workers-in-training with a more engaging experience. 

Organizations leverage virtual reality to teach young adults how to drive, medical students to do endoscopic surgeries, and onboard employees to new environments and working 

  1. Social VR

What motivates people to engage with apps? How do people relate to entirely new and foreign technologies? We’re social animals so it stands to reason that social engagement is what truly motivates action.

Facebook recently announced its intention to host a completely virtual social space, replete with exotic locales, fabricated meeting spots, and group activities.

Other apps have explored watching films together, transporting to places around the world using satellite imaging, and playing virtual games with fully 3D avatars.

While VR seems like isolating technology, it really can be designed to bring people together. Technology that connects us always has a longer shelf-life than the technology that isolated us.

  1. Bonding exercises

Many remote employees find that VR socialization can help to connect with coworkers and make meaningful connections to their businesses. VR social apps are great for bonding exercises between employees as well. Cooperation and bonding are much easier to do with people that you can see, at least digitally. 

The flexibility that VR provides makes iterative development an affordable strategy that yields great results. New innovations in VR are made constantly and before long it will be possible to create a full working environment at home. 

  1. Technical demos

VR makes the process of cooperation simpler which makes the development process much smoother. Creating tech demos can be a very expensive endeavor for companies. 

Using VR environments to create those same tech demos, however, is not only cheaper but safer as well. VR tech demos do not run the same costs as creating physical ones and are easily testable at any time. 

  1. Architecture and design

VR can simplify this process by creating a virtual environment that mirrors a real-life design environment and provides the architect or designer with a completely immersive creative space. 

VR design is also useful for those who want to design ambitious or expensive designs that would need fine-tuning in order to produce safely and securely. 

Even aside from financial alleviation there are the pros of reduced design stress on the employees and more satisfied management. One of the hardest parts of design work can be the intangibility of 2D designs.

VR technologies have gone from pipe dream to reality in only a few decades. However, many businesses still ignore the technology as it is commonly believed to be exclusively used for entertainment. 

As the trend of remote work continues to grow, more and more businesses are beginning to see the advantages that telecommuting brings. 

The social applications of VR are also very useful for those who want to simulate the office environment for the benefit of cooperation. 

However, the VR apps out there today make it more than feasible to simulate the experience and run a remote company without the fear of losing your workforce. VR is a landmark technology that is still only in the early days and already we have seen amazing applications across a wide spectrum of uses. 

6 Amazing Tools to Boost your efficiency as a UI/UX Designer in 2020

As a web or app designer, your overall design and ease of usage are crucial in engaging your users. With this in mind, you’ll need to focus on User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI). Although UX and UI are used interchangeably, they are two distinct areas of web design. While UX focuses on the overall feel of a style, UI focuses on the specifics.

Thus, UI tools provide designers with what they need to create the right design aspects. Such aspects include design hi-fi wireframes, prototypes, and mock-ups. In essence, they represent the engine of your design in communicating its functionality. On the flip side, UX tools focus on how the user will experience your content. These tools enable you to structure the information in your content and how users flow with it. They help designers visualize how the content and organization will affect the experience.

With several designing tools available to designers, selecting the best UX and UI tools can be challenging. So we’ll take a look at six amazing design tools you can start with. This list gives you information on features that can allow you to bring more diversity to your web designs. And also improve their efficiency in the UI and UX areas in 2020.


Miro is an all-rounder white-boarding and collaboration tool. It’s a UX tool that you can use for workshops, note organization, scenario-mapping, presentations, or user flows. Although the custom templates have little brand team support, the infinite canvas feature is excellent. It will allow you to create wireframes that can go on forever.

Miro Tool

What I love about this tool is that it is easy to use, unlike other similar products. The simple user interface makes it smack easy for anyone to jump on and use. Miro is excellent for web design beginners or the early stage of your web conception. Another noticeable feature is the ability to integrate with other tools. For example, Dropbox, G Suite, Microsoft products, and Slack.

The free version allows unlimited team membership, three editable boards, integrations, and templates. And the team and business plans cost $8 and &16 per month, respectively. They come with extra features like Kanban framework, private board sharing, and external editors.


The Notion design tool is one of the best UI designing tools. It lets you take notes, edit, and arrange the information. The information is gathered from user articles, tables, presentations, or insights collection. When it comes to collecting user feedback, Notion is your go-to tool. Feedback is gotten through utilizing its features of making pages public and changeable. The embedding function of this tool is the highlight. You can embed almost anything, for example, Framer, InVision, and Figma prototypes.

Additionally, your teams can collaborate remotely using the text editor for notes or documents. They can drop comments on projects, reply, or view version history. You can also paste pictures, video, public and private links, and a whole lot more. Another advanced feature is the full support for complex tables and databases. However, it might not have the flexibility of an actual excel spreadsheet. But it works well if you need to build a universal document for your team. Generally, Notion has a lighter feel and is quicker to use. The Notion has a free plan, an individual plan at $4, and a team pro plan for $8 monthly.


The Maze is another excellent tool on the list of best UX tools. The intuitive interface is polished and gamified for easy usage. It comes with a testing platform for syncing current designs and prototypes. Gradually, it shows you how your design performs using insights and actionable metrics. The free demo works through this. You can likewise enhance your product at the design phase quicker.

Testing can be done with prototypes created in Marvel, Sketch, InVision, or Figma. By simply copying and pasting the prototype link in Maze, you can start developing tests to gather user insights. The Maze platform is perfect for a variety of task-based usability testing and unmoderated users. And it works for recruiting test participants, collating feedback and metrics into reports.

Maze Tool

The free version of Maze allows only one designer to conduct testing. And there’s the full version that enables team designing at a time for $42 per month (billed annually).


Icons8 UI tool offers you high -quality illustrations in various styles. There are several web and app functions to pick from. The icons can be produced in any color, size, or format. Icon8 is way more than just a collection of icons. It has customization features that enable you to add overlays, texts, music, or background to your designs.

There’s the free Icons8 version with limited features and also the paid version. It starts at $24 per month for functions like icons, music, photos, and illustrations. These features can also be purchased separately according to your design needs.


Blush is a designing tool that enables you to re-design and blend illustrations created by other artists. They are top-quality illustrations and come in different styles. Providing art and making it reachable to all is the core element of this tool. Blush integrates as a plug-in on Figma. Thus it is easy for illustrators to customize the illustration in their toolkit. And likewise creating banners for your blog posts, adding flair to your slides, and visuals to your graphs.

There is a forever-free plan that allows you to use high-quality PNG images. The images are available for personal and commercial design purposes. It also comes with a paid version, if you need vector illustrations as SVGs (resolution-free). Blush provides additional control over the layers, print resolution, and other advanced functions. It works well for designers when creating particular illustrations. Tasks such as specific color change or creation of animations are done with ease. You are not required to mention Blush or the artist when using an illustration. But it would be more appropriate to give some credit.

Blush Tool


Useberry is a lightweight, holistic, and intuitive user-testing tool. It enables codeless prototype analytics for UI and UX designs. Other functionalities on this UX design tool include illustration, copy-writing, iconography, and animations. The testing platform on Useberry, let’s you examine present prototypes and draw up analytics. It is also enriched with heatmaps, video recording, user flow, time bars, and more.

Integration with other prototype platforms is one of the best. Useberry can integrate with five prototype making platforms. These include Figma, InVision, Adobe XD, Sketch, and Marvel. There are the free version and basic plans that starter at $19 per month for pricing.


Each web or app design requires specific features that can enable you to create something functional and diverse. Thus it’s vital first to have an idea of what purpose you want your design to serve. Then you can match your needs to the features of these UX and UI designing tools mentioned above. Once you have picked the right UI or UX tool designing a functional and interactive page gets easier.