Elevating Customer Experience with the help of Location-Based Services


Keval Padia

Location-based advertising or location-based services came into play almost 2 years ago. But it’s now that it’s actually picking up speed and people are being able to take full advantage of it. In the beginning, very few people were using location-based advertising as a marketing channel. Now in 2018, the use of location-based advertising has definitely increased, but why don’t we get to see it in a majority of the retail businesses. Why are some businesses still not able to adapt it as a regular marketing channel?

One of the major reasons for this could be that they don’t have enough exposure to location-based advertising. The second reason could be being traditional and following the old, comfortable channels. The third reason could be plain indifference. There are still a lot of businesses who have no idea as to what location-based services is and how exactly can it help them. Today, we are going to discuss some important points as to how location-based advertising should be used as a major marketing channel.

1. Enhances Operational Efficiencies -

Location-based advertising can be integrated using several platforms which assist you in marketing about your product or services without any manual work. This is a time-intensive process. This way it is easy for the business to maximize its productivity and focus and other business functions that require more attention.

This can be done by routing calls to regional or local answering points. Advance priority calls for specific regions can be set. This can be really helpful in emergency situations. Making use of mobile location to enhance customer experience. Enabling proximity services which help in locating the nearby stores.

2. Reduces Expenses -

Location-based services can also help you cut down costs in many ways. It can record the address automatically, so there is no need for a human to be appointed to do the recording manually. Even obtaining a caller’s location when they do not know where they are can be done. It can also automate inefficient user experiences and help in avoiding reduction of call duration and abandonment rate.

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3. Personalized Advertising -

One of the best things about location-based advertising is that it can act as a personal channel of advertising. These personalized advertisements are easily possible through location-based channels. Personalized messages are received better. By personalizing ads for people based on their location, you can show something that’s more relevant to them.

There is no point in advertising about a product or service in a region where it is not possible to offer it. Finding out what your customers are interested in based on their location and then offering them those products and services is a good way of doing it. Location-based advertising allows you to do that.

4. Real Time -

One of the major plus points of location-based advertising is that it's real time. This is because location-data itself is delivered in real time. This gives you an opportunity to target a specific audience at the perfect time. If you offer a deal on a product or a service that the customer is in need of, there are better chances of people acting on it and approaching you for that product or service. So the visibility of products or services in the time when they are required changes a lot of things for your business.

You’re Missing Out on a Lot

You haven’t started making use of location-based advertising yet? The traditional methods of marketing do sound convenient and comfortable. But as the mobile industry is growing, there is a lot it is offering. The increase in the use of technology has allowed many businesses to succeed crazily. But it’s all about grasping that opportunity and then working your way towards success. If you haven’t used location-based services yet, it’s still not to late. Businesses that can, should definitely use this channel of marketing.

Bottom Line:

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