8 Common Mistakes Every Mobile App Designer Should Avoid


Tom Hardy

Image reflecting multiple mobile app designer mistakes with one correct one.

Perfecting the art of developing a successful mobile application is not a complex science; but, a number of service providers fail to deliver excellence with the services. Only a few seasoned developers are a pro at mobile app design skills while others just follow in the footprints of leading organizations. Following these companies blindly sometimes results in committing mistakes that cannot be entertained. Additionally, it is a step towards the failure of your application design, which can never be accepted.

In order to develop mobile app designs successfully, it is essential to avoid mistakes. Mobile app designing has certainly grown in the past few years in terms of revenue it generates, the use of technology and the job opportunities in the related sector. In order to help you avoid these mistakes, here is a list of common app design mistakes that must be avoided.

1. Inappropriate Design

Mobile apps are meant to offer an exceptional user experience. When we talk about mobile app designing in particular, the foremost concern is to design big targets so that it could easily be tapped by the users. An extremely small icon can make it very difficult for users to hit a target, which is further going to affect users’ experience. The solution to this problem is to use big targets in the app so that they can easily be tapped and additionally provide an exceptional user experience.

2. Overstuffing too Many Features in the Application

Overstuffing your app with too many functions can result in the overall failure of the application. Even if your app gets too many downloads, there are fair chances that it will get deleted within some months. Users must be given an exceptional experience while browsing through the application. It is true that features of your application matter but overstuffing the same is not the solution. It is only going to confuse the users, which is ultimately going to harm the popularity of your app.

3. Not Concentrating on App Context

The content of any app matters as much as the designing. The content of your application is going to play an important role in the overall success of the app. While posting the content, it is important to do a bit research on the targeted audience and then post a relevant content. Through an engaging content, you can easily draw users’ attention and get a few more clicks on the downloads. Although the content is just required to explain the features of the applications but it must follow a tone that is engaging and user-centric at the same time.

4. No consistency in UX Design

It is one of the most common mistakes that a number of designers commit while designing mobile application. In order to stand out from a number of other applications, designers use certain color scheme and thus commit a mistake. The consistency of the application thus becomes an important factor that can never be compromised. Such a mistake is only going to make your users’ experience really bad and it is an ultimate loss to your business. Additionally, consistency in the app design is going to prevent the users from frustration they might have while browsing through an app that has not been designed well.

5. Lack of Feedback

Allowing response opportunity matters. Users generally like it to comment on their experience of using the app. And, thus providing the opportunity on the same is making your users happy. Providing a section for users’ feedback is also important as it provides important information to the service provider regarding the experiences users had. Service providers have the opportunity to figure out how the users liked the application and what are the areas that need improvement.

6. Designing the Application without thinking of a Good Flow Map

The Standard application does follow a well-planned simplistic user-flow. Having a defined workflow is always going to help designers with a smooth navigation structure. Without a plan, it is not possible to offer a unique navigational pattern to the users, which is the foremost requirement to be done by the app designers. When designing mobile applications, nothing but users’ experience matters the most.

7. Not Providing Actionable Cues

Every good app must guide users through its interface by providing actionable guidelines in the form of visual clues and elements. Such gestures help users to know what to do next. Appropriate use of colors, spaces and fonts would always enhance user experience along with guiding them thoroughly through the app. Every acute element of your application is going to contribute towards providing an actionable due to the users.

8. Failing to Remain Consistent

Consistency matters while you are designing an application. In case, you have used similar features time and again in your app, make sure they act similarly as they did the first time users came across them. Once users learn how the features work, they expect it to work in the same manner. Thus, working on consistency will help to offer an extended user experience. It will also count for providing success to your application.


While designing any application, mistakes can happen even to experienced developers. It cannot be taken for granted as your application would require users’ approval for its successful survival. In order to accomplish the same, work on all the points that have been listed above.

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