Top-6 Website Design Mistakes Every Designer should Avoid


Keval Padia

While designing an app, you must consider a few things like whether it reduces your cost of marketing and operations. It must also help you in increasing your sales. The design must also focus on how the customers will perceive it, how it represents your brand and the overall customer experience. There is a long list of things that you need to do in order to make your app functional and effective. You can have an in-house app design team or you can hire an app developer remotely. But these are all to-dos. When it comes to designing an app, you must also keep in mind some common design mistakes to completely avoid. Today we are going to discuss those points in this article.

Common Design Mistake #1 Overcrowding

Now that we have phones with bigger screens, this can make the developers want to make as much use of the space as possible. They can accommodate more things on the screen, make the fonts large, include more buttons etc. But this is where they go wrong. When designers are offered such ways of adding more and more to the screen, it should be considered a trap. Only put what’s really important on the screen.

Common Design Mistake #2 Imitating Others

There are several design trends that people follow for their apps because it worked for them at that given point. But the same trends can’t be applied to every other app. Imitating your competitors is not going to help. If a certain thing worked for a certain brand, that doesn’t mean the same will work for you as well. Every brand is different even though they offer the same product or service. So when it comes to the design, it must follow a brand’s idea, spirit, and the kind of goals they are trying to achieve with that.

Common Design Mistake #3 Inconsistency

When you follow a certain design make sure the same trend and pattern are applied across the entire app. When a specific button offers a particular functionality at one stage, it cannot act differently at another stage. Be consistent in the design you follow. If you don’t follow the same trend and pattern, it might put the user off. There is nothing more annoying to a user than when he is really confused while using a certain app. Don’t make your app confusing.

Common Design Mistake #4 What Are You Trying To Offer?

This is a major point. What are you serving through your app? What’s the purpose your app is trying to achieve? Is the content on your app in line with that? If you are not interacting with your customers in the right way, it can be really off-putting. Decide what you want people to do with your app and find ways to make them do it. So for that, you will have to know your own priorities first and then act accordingly.

Common Design Mistake #5 Instant Signup

One major feature of an app which is most irritating to the users is the sign up in the very beginning. Asking the user for personal information and to sign up right away must be avoided. Why would a user sign up without even knowing what’s in store for him? You must allow some time to the user to explore your app a bit and then allow him to sign up or log in. A lot of businesses try to increase their users this way, but in reality, the only thing they will be giving a boost is the bounce rate.

Common Design Mistake #6 Never Updating

A certain trend only stays fresh for a certain period of time. Everything needs to be updated, even your app. This doesn’t mean you keep updating the app every three months. But you must keep working on it by checking it regularly, working on the features that are not working and trying to provide a better user experience. Along with the change in technology, a user’s needs change too. This is something that should be remembered at all times.

Rounding Up

We all know what steps must be taken while developing an app, but most of the time what we forget are the steps that we must avoid while developing an app. The list of do-not mentioned above will definitely help you with that.

Looking to build a top-notch mobile app? If you think you need professional help, you must also hire an app developer to help you with it. Give us a call and let’s discuss how we can work together.

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