Why Having a Full Stack Developer is Better Than a Team of Specialists for Building an MVP


Keval Padia

It is not wrong to say that an MVP or a Minimum Viable Product is the cornerstone of your mobile application. Just like how before erecting a building, a foundation is laid and the base structure is prepared which will support the entire establishment, the same way MVP will pose as a strong foundation for your mobile application.

Before moving onto a full-fledged web product most startups begin with MVP development. It allows you to execute some of the most important features of your application. You also receive feedback from potential customers which is essential for the further development of the product.

The debate starts when you are thinking about beginning the work on your product. This is where requirements are to be analyzed and you need to make a decision whether to hire an in-house team of specialists or a full stack developer.

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What is Full-stack Development?

Before jumping into the process, figure out the requirements of your web product. There are two sides of web development: frontend development and backend development. Frontend involves everything that can be seen by a user on the screen. This requires knowledge of Javascript and HTML/CSS. While backend involves server-side architecture, data management, and programming languages.

Now, this set of skill is quite big for one person to have. Hence, the development process of large web projects will need a team of skilled software engineers who are responsible for their specific domain only. But can startups really afford a team of such experts? Very often, the answer is negative.

  • Full-stack developers might not have an in-depth expertise, but their knowledge is enough to build MVPs from scratch. They can do both frontend and backend. Also, hiring a full-stack developer would be cheaper than hiring a team of experts.
  • If you have a single person responsible for the process, the communication can be streamlined and the development process can be speeded up.

Advantages of Hiring a full-stack Developer for MVP Development

1. Knowledge

Full-stack developers have knowledge and skills of both frontend and backend. This is why it becomes easier for him to switch between the client-side and server-side and vice versa. Because they have to handle both sides, they know what effect a particular step will have in the development process further.

2. Design Structure

A full-stack developer can not only switch between two sides easily but knows ways in which he can the user interface design. It’s like an all-in-one package.

3. Cost-effective

It is true that hiring a full-stack developer is definitely going to be cost-effective. The cost of hiring a team of experts would cost you a hefty amount, which will be a lot for any startup.

4. Project Responsibility

The entire accountability of the project is on one person. There will be no juggling on information from one person to another. There is only one person involved in the process who is responsible for all the stages.

5. Quick Delivery

When full-stack developers work in a team, responsibilities are equally divided. If there is good coordination between all the members, the delivery will be timely.

6. Easy to Maintain

When it comes to full-stack, developers are aware of all the updates and changes in both frontend and backend. The process of updating or maintaining the MVP becomes easier. This will, in turn, help you receive positive feedback from users.

Wrap up

It is proven that a full-stack developer will give you enough advantage over a regular developer. Thanks to their knowledge about a wide variety of stuff related to various aspects of MVP development. It’s easy to give them ownership as they can handle both client-side and server-side. But this kind of expertise and knowledge requires years of experience and in-depth study.

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