Is Blockchain Really Affecting Digital Marketing?


Keval Padia

That are very few things out there that are subject to rapid changes due to word-of-mouth. Marketing technologies are one of those. No matter how you feel about it, whether you like it or not, you can’t really ignore digital marketing because you need it to run in any kind of business.

When it comes to having a marketing or digital marketing strategy, there are no pre-defined rules or universal strategies that can be followed. More understanding comes when you Hire digital marketer to discuss blockchain is relevant to digital marketing. But there is a way to get there. Now that the internet is everywhere and is available to almost everyone, it must be asked where all the information is being stored, it being used by digital marketers or others, and who all are receiving benefits out of it.

The major control of digital marketing lies in the hands of those having the maximum amount of data and running the biggest exposure platforms. The influence of the evolution of marketing is then leveraged by these huge platforms.

Blockchain as a Part of Marketing:

Today we are going to talk about how new ways of marketing products and services are contributing to digital marketing, blockchain ads in particular. The blockchain is said to be a potentially boundless set of digital records that are created, stored, and utilized by a wide set of users. Different industries are taking help of blockchain-based technologies. This is mainly because of the approach it has towards security. The financial and data-driven sectors of the economy have had a huge impact because of blockchain.

What is Blockchain?

When a set of records is grouped together successively in a fixed order, it is called Blockchain. The addition of blocks and also each transaction on it is registered in the record. When a new system is added, all the information and transaction data stored already is shared with the new system. Blockchain is designed in a way that makes the data secured.

How Blockchain is Relevant to Digital Marketing?

  • Blockchain doesn’t have to allow permission. There is no authority required in order to let anyone join in the blockchain.
  • There is a visible time-stamped data that is present on all the nodes which makes blockchain transparent.
  • Blockchain is rigid and set, so none of the data on it can either be changed or erased. They will all have copies.
  • The data available of blockchain is distributed and available in multiple places.
  • The parties involved here need to be consensual and must agree on the data.
  • The parties involved here can in no way affect or destruct the system as it is easily sustainable.

Is Blockchain Disrupting Marketing?

Digital ads, often known as relative marketing, is done on the basis of information received about the users. The circulation of digital ads is done by the advertiser, publisher, and user. These parties come together to create an ecosystem of marketing relationships. But there are often trust issues and frauds occurring in this system. The question that arises here is why does this relationship gets so tangled? It is because the manufacturers are unable to reach the clients on their own. This is where the ad industry comes into play.

Blockchain technology can provide data privacy, transparency, and security, which can completely change the whole advertising scenario. User data is stored securely on blockchain but it is then protected by cryptography. Blockchain is much safer than most platforms even though it is hackable.

Most ads are not even relevant to its potential customers. Personalized ads often miss the target because of the lack of a conscious user involvement with advertising. Both advertisers and users are affected by this. Blockchain-based marketing systems introduce decentralized networks of advertisers, publishers, and users who are all equally interested to be a part of a valuable trade-off. So this way, brands can reach their potential customers and others as well.


Blockchain is definitely interrupting the ad industry and digital marketing, but mostly in a good way. It is bringing in a better design and system along with it. Blockchain provides both logical and practical solutions to digital marketing issues. Blockchain is a single-source and transparent ecosystem which solved so many issues which are nearly impossible to do now.

Blockchain acts more as a self-cleaning mechanism for digital marketing and advertising. Blockchain-powered solutions are highly capable of offering more insight into digital marketing by the way of exploration and experimentation.

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