The Ultimate Guide to Hiring an iOS App Developer


Keval Padia

The two major options for developing an app are Android and iOS. Majority of the market share in the mobile app market is taken by these two giants. No matter what kind of business you are running or at what scale it is.

If you are to follow the trends of 2018, your business must have a dedicated mobile app. Today, we are going to discuss hiring an iOS developer.

What does an iOS app developer do?

An iOS app developer is someone who based on your requirements and specifications creates a fully-functional, user-ready iOS application. The app developer is integral at each and every stage of the app development process be it design, coding, or testing. A versatile iOS app developer has expertise in both UI and UX design and programming, be it on Swift or Objective-C.

Phases of App Development

1. Wire-framing -

This is the most basic step where a blueprint of your project is created and the exact flow of how the user will interact with it is shown by integrating all the functionalities and features.

2. Design -

The graphics from Xcode development environment are imported here. A plan for the software architecture is laid out here.

3. Coding & Integration -

The coding is done in either Swift or Objective-C. The system architecture of your app is built and band-end integration is done.

4. Testing -

An actual device or a simulator will be used which will help in the testing of the app and its functionalities. Debugging can be done here.

5. Submission -

The submission process for the App Store is really tough. A profile has to be created along with a listing and then you can submit the app.

Roles & Responsibilities of an iOS Developer

The full scope of roles and responsibilities of an iOS app developer is often misunderstood. The iOS app developer is not limited to just writing code for the app. The involvement of an app developer is required at every stage of the development process right from wireframing to testing to submission. An app developer turns your requirements and specifications into a working, fully-functioning app.

Types of iOS developer

1. Junior iOS Developer -

Junior developers are mostly required to work alongside their seniors who have more experience so they can improve their skills and knowledge. A time of few years is required to scale him up from Junior to Middle.

2. Middle iOS Developer -

The mid-level iOS developer works on some complex projects and gains enough knowledge and expertise to become the mid-level iOS developer. There is more independence in terms of working.

3. Senior iOS Developer -

The Senior iOS Developer has years of experience on several different projects with complex requirements. A senior developer not only codes and designs an app but also integrates APIs, tests the app etc.

Skill set

  • Expertise with Swift or Objective-C.
  • Familiar with Xcode IDE.
  • Familiar with APIs like UIKit and Cocoa Touch.
  • Insight on RESTful APIs.
  • Insight on UI & UX design standards.
  • Familiar with Apple Human Interface Guidelines.
  • Expertise in code versioning tools.
  • Familiar with Core Data Framework.

Hiring Options

Depending on the requirements of your projects and the kind of skill set you require in a developer, you can choose from the following hiring options. You can call the team of iOS app developers at Nimblechapps to get your app developed by highly skilled app programmers.

1. Freelance iOS developer -

If your project has set requirements which are not subject to change, then you can hire a freelancer. If you are looking for a long-term cooperation, freelance wouldn’t be the ideal option.

2. In-house team of developers -

If it is about viability for you, then you should think of hiring an in-house team of developers because more than a freelancer and an outsourcing company, they will be more easily viable whenever required.

3. Software outsourcing company -

Software outsourcing companies are the option if you are looking for something cost-effective and don’t have a problem with a team working overseas. It’s much cheaper and easier to maintain than an in-house team.

Setting Up Your Requirements

Learn your project from inside out. If you have a good understanding of your project, you will be able to know better what kind of developer you must hire for which project. Depending on the size of the project, the skill set of the iOS app developer, requirements of the app etc, you can choose the option most suitable for you and your project.

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