A Guide to Help you Increase and Generate Leads Through Hashtags


Keval Padia

Hashtags are created and meant for boosting your social media presence. The content is extremely important, no doubt, it determines the energy of your campaign. We also know how important it has become in 2018 to use the hashtags, and being able to use them in the right way.

But brands are often confused as to how to make use of hashtags in order to maximize their social media appearance. This is a common problem prevailing over social media currently, because of which people have often overused hashtags or put them in the wrong place.

Hashtags started becoming popular on Twitter. It’s either a word or a group of words liked to together after the # sign. It is also known as a metadata tag. Some common queries while using hashtags for mobile and web applications are: choosing the right hashtag, the number of hashtags, creating your own unique hashtag, will it work, and how do you know whether a hashtag is trending or not. Today we are going to solve these common queries and talk about using hashtags to increase social media presence and generate leads.

Why Use Hashtags?

It might occur to you as to why it is important to use hashtags for your social media posts?” Though Twitter started the hashtag trend, currently Instagram is one platform that makes major use of hashtags. Let me first tell you that a single hashtag can generate up to 12% more user engagement, on an average.

The hashtags work as a channel which can help the platform in differentiating thousands of posts in order to present to your audience the exact post they are looking for. Some important information also might be given out which remains obscure maybe because you have not chosen the right hashtags. Using the right hashtag will help you boost the outreach and improve user engagement. Hashtags help you in shaping up a more positive and brand-oriented image.

Variety of Hashtags.

  1. Brand. A brand hashtag uses either your company name or the brand tagline. You can use these hashtags to know what’s being discussed or posted about your brand online.
  2. Campaign. These hashtags are specific to a particular current marketing campaign. These hashtags can be used on different platforms to bring together the marketing efforts and spread the campaign at a greater level.
  3. Content. These hashtags are content or post specifically. These hashtags can be helpful in improving the SEO of your content and finding new leads.

Using The Right Hashtags To Generate More Leads

  • The use of right hashtag often depends on the social media platform you are using.
  • In case you are launching a new product, you can make use of a campaign hashtag that is specific to your product or service.
  • You must know the topics that are currently trending on the internet. Google Trend can help you with that.
  • Focus on industry-specific hashtags. This would improve user engagement from people within the industry.
  • Location-based hashtags also prove to be useful to content with people from a specific location.
  • A hashtag has to be short and sweet, no more than three to four words.
  • A hashtag should be used as a seasoning, not an ingredient.
  • Do not jump onto pointless hashtag bandwagons only to promote your service or product.
  • Make use of hashtags for events, product launches, marketing campaigns etc.
  • Keep a record of all the hashtags you are using.

The Number of Hashtags That You Can Use.

There is no specific amount of hashtags that you must or must not use. The number of hashtags often depends on the industry you are working in, the audience you are focusing on, and the product or service you are trying to promote. For this, you must go ahead with the trial and error method. There is no formula to this. Workout different number of hashtags over a period of time and figure out which ones work for you.

Creating Your Own Hashtag and How to Make it Work?

Creating your own unique hashtags has become the norm today. So you can commit yourself to a particular hashtag strategy and try to see if that hashtag works for you or not. Insights on your posts or the social analytics can help you determine the virality of your post and how to make it more efficient and improve user engagement.


Hashtags have become an integral part of a marketing campaign with different hashtag strategies for different social media platforms. Keep a count of your hashtags and analyze them constantly. Do not shy away from hiring experts for using hashtags. What strategies do you use? We at Nimblechapps can help and you can talk to our expert here.

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