Performance Optimization Tips for the Angular Framework


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The success of a software is largely dependent on the Angular performance. As the trends and technology Angular is the most widely used web app framework nowadays. No matter how creative or innovative you try to make the website or the app, it will not be as effective if the performance is low.Angular performance optimization is important aspect that AngularJS expert should learn. Read 8 tips & techniques that developers can use to optimize the performance.

As the IT horizon broadens, software developers are constantly making efforts to create better performance. There are also certain trends that you need to follow in order to achieve great results. To improve the solutions, software developers choose some of the best cutting-edge tools. Software developers seek for new tips and tricks that would help the users in creating a positive imitation of the functionality of the website. AngularJS has proved to be one of the most useful and popular JavaScript products. It is an extremely convenient option for frontend developers. But in order to improve the performance, you have to know more and more about something, so we are going to talk about some useful tips that can help you in understanding the ways to improve the performance.

Even a giant company like Google makes use of AngularJS which is still complained about a lot. This is mainly due to the performance. Take a look at the below-mentioned optimization tips that will help you improve the performance.

1. CSS Class

Resolving CSS is a basic and small step but can help us majorly in optimization. If you are sure that it is not important to make use of CSS class and comment derivatives then simply remove them.

2. One-Time Binding

If you are working on an older version of the Angular framework, then this tip will be helpful for you. One-time binding can be done by adding “:” in front of a value. The value will disappear from the list if you add the double-colon correctly.

3. Variables Scope

Performance is also boosted by the amount of memory available. If the variables are scoped, then the JavaScript collector can free up the memory and also optimize the app.

4. Digest Cycle

Digest cycle is considered to be one of the simplest ways of optimizing Angular performance and help a web page load faster. The duration of the cycle largely influences the speed of the application. The shorter the cycle, the better the performance is. Watchers and scopes also end up extending the digest cycle. They often recommend avoiding watchers and scopes in order to make the cycle shorter.

5. $watch Complications

The $watch is a bit tricky and similar to the third parameter. The third parameter is exhaustively checked by Angular. This leads to app working slower. The working of $watch is very similar to the third parameter. But it doesn’t really have any effect on the mobile performance of Angular.

6. Filters

The process of DOM parsing is time-consuming as it goes through two stages of filtering. The first stage is once the changes are identified. The second one happens when the value is updated. Using $filter will change how the data is pre-processed and that might improve the performance considerably.

7. Chrome DevTools

While optimizing the performance of an app, DevTools Profiler and Timeline can be really helpful. These tools help you in identifying the negatives and will also guide you through the process step-by-step. For time tracking, you can make use of console.time. Spending too much time on debugging is irreplaceable.

8. Infinite Scroll

You can achieve a better runtime by minimizing the number of elements on the page when you scroll. There is also a special derivative for this on the framework. Infinite Scroll will definitely have a positive impact on the performance.

Building a Great Angular App

The tips mentioned above are not a guide on improving the performance of your Angular app. With the improvement of the framework, the practical cases will also increase. One important step is to not think about optimization at the time of the development process. But you must plan the steps of optimization properly in order to improve the performance in the future. This can be done by deeply learning about the documentation, choosing the tips that will better suit your requirements, and have the inclination to develop a great app. Angular is definitely one of the best front-end development technology. So, Angular performance optimization is not a simple subject of every AngularJS development expert. To know more about it and seek help for Angular development, contact us if you need any further advice on the subject.

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