Geo-location App Development: Challenges in App Development


Keval Padia

The increasing usage and popularity of mobile phones is no news now. It was looked at as a challenge, but now it’s just something routine that needs to be done. Easily adaptable mobile sites and mobile applications are extremely important to any business now and a great way to target customers and increase user engagement. A mobile phone has become such a common thing now that not having one is not an option anymore. With mobile phones comes mobile features. One such important feature is Geo-location.

Geo-location is an important feature. It has opened a lot of startup options for many businesses. A lot of businesses could not even exist without it. With the addition of Geo-location, the possibilities in an app are endless. There will be a different treatment for the already existing goods and services and also there will be new marketing trends. Also, customer interaction has changed a lot after the addition of Geo-location.

Features of Geo-location & how to make good use of it in location-based app development:


1. Do Not Rely on a Single Method of Geo-location -

Just because you found a method which is considered suitable doesn’t mean you keep following and repeating the same method. It’s better to find out more methods to use instead of relying on just one method for using Geo-location. Developers should try and exhaust all the methods possible and make sure that their app is not just relying on one method completely. You should find new and alternative methods to employ in order to collect data on Geo-location.

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For instance, an app relying on WiFi for Geo location won’t be a good idea because a majority of people using a Geo-location app are going from point A to point B and are making use of their mobile data. So alternate methods like WI-Fi, GPS, and Cell-ID must be considered.

2. User’s Privacy -

User’s privacy is an extremely important aspect that should be taken care of while developing and catering a mobile app. Developers must be aware of the problem that would affect a user’s privacy in case Geo-location is used in the app. Users don’t really prefer being located and tracked almost everywhere. In an app, which is solely based on Geo-location, the customer doesn’t mind being tracked. But as developers of the app, we need to know where to draw a line.

The app should make it clear as to why it needs the location and for what reasons. This is not enough. The app must also ensure the user that their information will be completely safe within the app. A simple note or an explanation at the time of the installation of the app can also do the work.

3. Choose a Solution That is Simple -

Developing an app from scratch sounds good to work and the developer is right to pride himself about it. But it can also turn out to be too pricey and too functional in the end. First, you need to realize what exactly is needed by your app. Does it require an approach that is innovative or the old one will do? Or does it just need a simple demonstration about going from Point 1 to Point 2? For more details check also How Beacon Technology will Change the Mobile App Scenario!.

Usually, the best solution here is to keep it simple and integrate your app with Google Maps. Google Maps already uses Geo-location and is also easy to integrate. The interface and the design are also smart. It also depends on what the function of your app is exactly. If the location services are extremely simple, then it’s better to just integrate your app with Google Maps. But if the functions are complex and can’t be handled by Google Maps alone, only then think of integrating Geo-location on your app.

Wrap Up:

Location-based apps are often faced by challenged which are not faced by other regular apps. While building a Geo-location app, it is extremely important to know what kind of product or service you are offering and whether there will be excessive use of Geo-location on the app or not. Geo-location apps also need to be really precise. Even tiny mistakes can lead to big problems in an app which is primarily based on Geo-location. Top mobile app development companies can help you get the right kind of Geo-location app.

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