Why is Android a Preferred and Better Choice for On-demand App Development?


Darshan Patel

Mobile applications have been the major reason why smartphones got the traction the fame that they now have. There are two strong competitors in the mobile app development industry currently, they are: Apple and Google, this is no secret.

We are all pretty familiar with both Apple App Store and Google Play Store. They are both flooded with millions of applications belonging to various categories from instant messaging to gaming to e-wallets. The apps have been categorized into types like gaming apps, corporate apps, social media apps etc. The mobile app development industry is growing constantly and has reached over 5 million mobile apps, counting both Android and iOS apps.

It is a humongous market and has a great scope. Every business needs to have a mobile app of their own, no matter which industry they belong to. But they are often confused between Android and iOS. To make it simpler for them, we are going to discuss why Android is option which is often preferred over iOS and why it is a better choice.

Lenient App Store Policies:

Google is not too harsh on Android app developers regarding the guidelines related to publishing an app on the app store. In addition to that, the reviewing policy is also much quicker with the Play Store. The developers are not required to follow any strict rules and regulations. Android can be really beneficial for even the new businesses as any on-demand app for the first time is only required to pay a $25 registration fees only once before the developers upload the app. In the case of iOS, the fees is beyond $99 for a year.


1) Easy Customization

The thing about on-demand apps is that they need to satisfy the requirements of the final users. The functionalities of such apps is required to change from time to time whenever any trend is introduced in the market. The developer then needs to update the app at regular intervals to add those trends. For this, Android offers much better customization compared to iOS. When the modification of the apps is made easier, the app retention is also increased.


2) A Major Share in the Market

Among the two major competitors- iOS and Android, Android definitely has a bigger share in the market and the number of apps on the Google Play Store exceeds the number of apps on the iTunes Store. Android has a better share in the market in two of the most populated countries in the Asia, which are India and China. Android even has the same kind of user base even in South America and Europe. The major iOS user base will be found in North America in USA and Canada. So if you are planning to target a large audience with your mobile app, you should think of going ahead and developing an Android app.


3) Adding More Features

There are certain features which must be included in an on-demand app like the integration of GPS functionality, push notifications, Google Maps etc. These kind of features are a must-have for the on-demand apps which will also help in reaching maximum target customers. This is one area where Android excels over iOS and is much better than iOS at offering these features. These features are especially important for those businesses who are trying to sell their products through their mobile apps.


5) Google Assistant

Google Assistant, the voice assistant by Google which is supported by all the major Android phones is extremely useful for businesses and mobile apps. You get the advantage of Google Assistant only with Google and Android. It also gives you access to several data points. These are the points that help in making Google Assistant more efficient and also helps in better performance of the assistant compared to Siri. The Android users only command and the data is then encrypted in the Google Assistant. The customers will be able to search for a particular item with the help of Google Assistant.



On-demand mobile apps have great popularity and for that clients are looking for a platform which is more reliable for developing a mobile app for their business. Android is supported by Google and thus offers great advantage. Get in touch with Android application developers to help you develop apps for your mobile app.


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