7-tips to keep in mind while hiring Game Development Agency in 2021


Nisarg Shah

The gaming industry saw exponential growth in the last few years and continues to grow due to the COVID-19 induced lockdowns and limited outdoor activities. These monumental changes impact the demand for outsourcing game development services. It is imperative for game development companies to hire professional game developer or designers as there is cutthroat competition. 

Mobile games have always been a profitable business. Even records show that revenue from the video gaming industry is much more than any other entertainment sector. For instance, the overall box office revenue was about USD 42.5 billion in 2019 and video games garnered an impressive USD 120.1 billion. That is almost three times. These numbers are enough to prove why businesses are interested in game design and game development.

Developing a mobile game app is different from building a standard application. It takes a different approach and skill sets. Hence, it is important to hire a mobile game development company after considering all critical factors. In this article, we will offer you an extensive guide into mobile game development and tips to hire a game development company in 2021.

Reasons to look out for an outsourcing game development company -

Outsourcing development is to hire the professional services of a third party to work on your project. Before you start outsourcing your projects, it is important to understand the benefits of outsourcing game development. Let us find out.

1. Cost-Efficient -

The primary reason for outsourcing is to build the game in a cost-efficient manner to save money. It helps to get the job done with cheaper labour from countries like India, China or the Philippines. When you do not have enough resources to fulfil a project, instead of hiring new developers, you can outsource to resources for a short period of time.

2. Time Consuming -

Irrespective of the studio size, outsourcing enables businesses to create and nurture a huge team of game artists, designers and developers. Hence, it takes less time to develop a high-quality game. Alternatively, recruitment of new resources takes time in interviewing, onboarding and training. This impacts the production delay where outsourcing saves more time which can be utilised to improve your game content.

3. Employment Flexibility -

There is always an amount of flexibility when working with outsourcing companies. You can hire them on a monthly basis or on a project-to-project basis. It enables you to increase additional resources when you require them and can also release them once the project is completed.

4. Risk Management -

Those times are important in your business when your best game developers leave for better opportunities. Outsourcing can solve this problem without any issues. This is because outsourcing helps you bring good developers to your team depending on your budget and project requirements. It helps reduce the risk of your staff management.

7-tips to Find & Hire a Game Development Company in 2021:

Finding an experienced game development company can be a daunting task. But, there are many efficient ways of finding and hiring a skilful game developer.

1. Knowledge of Different Game Genres

Having knowledge of multiple game genres is an unbeatable skill set. Prominent 2D and 3D unity games are changing the gameplay. Players display their actions and reactions depending on the genre. A variety of genres are being used by game developers to design the theme like:

  • Role-playing games (RPGs)
  • Simulation
  • Chance
  • Puzzles
  • Strategy games

It is crucial that the game developer has experience in multiple genres. They can easily determine if a game fits into different genres or an established theme. The developer needs to break down the sub-genres to build interactive experiences.

2. Works as a Team

Game development is not just limited to the right tools, ideas or strategy execution. It is about scouting the right people that can work in tandem with other team members. A game development team includes multiple skill sets and expertise. It is a shared vision of all team members working together to achieve a goal.

Each player is different in terms of work style, skill set and perspective. It is crucial to understand the team size, structure and realize the vision of the team. The team should be able to work depending on the project requirement and time constraints. The team members should be able to work on their defined roles and accomplish individual and team targets.

3. Passion for Games

Skills can be taught but passion is inherent in an individual and cannot be taught. Is the developer passionate about developing mobile games? Passion, ability to go above and beyond, project completion within the timeframe - everything is equally important when it comes to successful game development. Professional and passionate game developers can go beyond their responsibilities to build path-breaking gaming projects. You are lucky if you are able to find such committed game developers with real knowledge and a deep understanding of their craft.

4. Creativity is Key

If your mobile game is missing creativity and fun, the gaming experience is incomplete. It is great to be able to build a game that is loved by users from all age groups. Any team members that you are looking to hire should be able to ignite that passion and creativity in the project. The game is successful only when the players are totally immersed in the gameplay.

Graphics, design, art, content, sound etc skills are important to develop unforgettable games that people love to play even after years. You must make sure that the technical abilities balance the creative side to make games exciting for existing and new players too.

5. On-going Support

Bugs, poor design and frequent crashes can be frustrating for players. These instances can make or break the game instantly. You cannot expect a game to have any bugs and crashes. At times, even players could find and report new bugs while playing.

Hence, the game developer should also be able to offer you ongoing support as and when needed. The goal of a developer is to offer optimum in-app experience while eliminating and bugs and reducing maintenance costs. A bug-free game provides a smooth experience and keeps players busy for a long time. An application with an attractive UI design can stand out amongst the tough competition.

6. Communication Methods

Communication is crucial for collaboration. It keeps you on track and makes sure that the project flow is smooth. Hence, when you select a mobile game development company to hire, see if they can communicate with you effectively. This will allow you to provide feedback as and when needed and also get updates on project progress. If communication is sorted, you will get the same comfort as working with an in-house development team.

You must decide the mode of communication with the mobile game developers you hire. Top mobile game developers will have dedicated communication channels like instant messaging, emails, phone calls and video calls. They will be used as project management software, so you can stay on top of the project.

7. Previous Clients

When you look at the team’s previous projects, you can determine their design and development prowess. If they have worked with well-known brands, it means they are a reliable choice. Also, check if they have worked with projects similar to yours. If they have already done that, they will be able to accommodate your requirements.

Moreover, check out their client testimonials to know what clients have to say about their work and professionalism. A reliable team will have more positive reviews than negative ones. It is best to know about the core strengths of the game development team before you work with them.

Benefits of Hiring a Game Development Company

Now, let us check some of the main benefits of hiring a game development company.

  • Professional Goals

Professional achievements matter a lot for an app development company. It is even more important for people in the technology niche. With the help of a game development company, you can achieve professional goals in the best possible way. The game development company will be able to design and develop some products and services using the best available technologies. It is safe to say that everything will be high-quality and achieved without any major hiccups. Hence, a game development company will help the business achieve greater heights.

  • Ease of Documentation

One of the main advantages of hiring a qualified game development company is that the documentation is pretty straightforward. The documentation offered in the game engine is quite easy to understand and implement. Moreover, there are simple working details offered to the clients which can be easy to understand. When you have the experience and expertise of a skilled game development company, it makes your task easier.

  • Advanced Technology

For game development, you need high-quality tools and resources. Investing all the required resources for an in-house team can be expensive for a small business. By hiring an experienced game development company, your business can get access to expert game developers with high-end tools at a small price. In the end, you can get the advantages of advanced gaming technology without hampering your operating budget.

  • Better Management

When you are starting a new business, you may have to do maximum work to build your product, market it along with enhancements. These tasks are extra and on top of your business management like managing taxes, financial records and staffing. By outsourcing your game development, you can free up a lot of time so you can focus on the most important tasks and still have the time and resources to reach out to your target customers.


Mobile game development is a promising niche of the entertainment industry. Companies can gain sizeable revenues with a well developed and launched game. But, it also means high competition and greater investments. For cost reduction and building high-quality games, companies look to outsource their game development requirements. Hiring a game development company provides a number of benefits like cost reduction, scalable development, access to cutting-edge technologies and relevant experience. Due to this, businesses can get a game of high quality at a fraction of the cost. What do you think about outsourcing your mobile game development requirements? If you need any help with game development, contact Nimblechapps for a free quote today.

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