Features To Consider During Your Android App Development


Keval Padia

One of the most important factors that boosts the web traffic of your mobile app is the overwhelming features that you include in the app. Android is the leading tech giant holding more than 80% of global market shares.

with the hold on about 85 global market shares. There are more than 2 billion monthly active devices on Android. Android dominates major continents that include Asia, parts of Europe and South America.

After a point, it becomes more than essential for an Android app developer to focus completely on integrating the important features, they are required to pay attention to some of the tiniest details. The android app development trends offer a scope to add new and interesting features that can increase user engagement instantly. You can always customize the app depending on your business.

User-Friendly Interface

Simplicity is a key that needs to be implemented in Android app development, along with a sophisticated user interface. The app needs to be user-friendly, so anyone can use the app easily. First impressions are important and it is set in about the first 5 minutes the user uses your app. It would be much better if you simplified the user interface design. This should be done while developing the wireframes.

The users should be able to get what they want in just a few taps on the app. If you are able to create a shortcut for important functions, that would be an added advantage. Gesture control is also important as it allows app developers to build the blocks including incorporating newer functionality. It ultimately enhances the user experience.

Enterprise App Features

The Enterprise mobile app development has gained a lot of popularity recently. One important benefit offered by enterprise app features is the easy streamlining of the business process. This is done by improving the communication between the employees and different teams. It focuses on providing a strong security to keep your data safe. There is also a chat-based feature in order for the employees to interact with one another.

Easy Registration

Majority of mobile applications require the users to register using their email address and mobile numbers. Users are asked to create a personal profile which can be used to collect the important data. But the registration page should be simple and short. Users often find it irritating when apps have long forms and unnecessary questions.

Integrating Social Media Tools

The social media platforms are one of the most effective marketing tools for promoting an app. So you must integrate and connect social media channels like Facebook and Instagram. This way you can promote your app and also provide information about any updates in the app. The users can share their experience of using the app through these social media platforms. Android app developers should consult SEO and Social Media team to work on this feature.

The Loading Speed

The users prefer applications that are quick in responding. Fast loading speed of the app should be your top priority. The loading speed of the app must not exceed more than 10 seconds. The app needs to be highly responsive as well and well functional at the same time.

Multiple Language Support

Integrating the support for multiple languages will add a lot of importance to your app. The implementation of the language should be done based on the target audience of your app. The region should also be considered. The most widely spoken international languages like English, French, Chinese etc must be supported. The multi-language support also depends on the budget of the client.

Cloud Computing and Payment Integration

Cloud computing is considered as the most important asset for any app or device in the market. It will help you create a number of various other apps. Cloud computing boosts the app strength. It also makes your app more visible in the traffic. In addition to cloud computation, you can must integrate the payment gateway feature. Most apps have this feature which allow the users to pay for the product or service directly on the app, so the user doesn’t have to leave the app.

Wrap up:

Android app development services are facing great competition in each individual parts of the development. One of the most important feature that will help you make your app standout is the ease of use along with the unique and simplified features. The audience has now become smarter and know what they actually want. The audience can now decide which features are important and which are not. To understand a user properly, you must conduct a market research. The features you include or don’t include in your app will eventually make or break your app. You must add or delete the features of your app after conducting a proper market research. Feel free to contact us at Nimblechapps, our experienced developers will help you to solve your query.

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