What Features Will Your EV Charging CSMS Need?


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Interested in starting an EV charging business and wondering what to look for in a CSMS software or what features your charging CSMS needs? If yes, then you are not alone.

The CSMS (Charging Station Management System) software is an essential part of an EV charging system that allows you to optimize your charge point operations and stay in control by managing them remotely and in real time. However, finding the right CSMS software with the necessary features for your operations can be challenging. In this piece, we will go over the features to look for in EV charging CSMS software to select the right one for your EV charging operations.

The Features Your CSMS Software Needs

EV CSMS software allows Charge Point Operators (CPOs) to remotely track, manage, and optimize their EV charging points. However, several EV CSMS software solutions are out there, with different features and offerings to their users. Hence, the need to find the one with the features required for the smooth operation of your EV charging station. Below are some of the essential features your EV charging CSMS needs to ensure smooth operations and success of your EV charging business:

Connect and Monitor EV Charging Infrastructure 24/7

This feature allows charge point operators to connect to any OCPP-compliant EV chargers, operate them, and monitor on-site charging hardware remotely. It provides real-time control that helps you get a clear picture of their operations, detects faults or errors, and ensures there are no issues that can cause unnecessary downtime.

Vehicle Telematics and Fleet Optimization

For fleet managers, accessing the vehicles' and chargers' data is important to optimize charging, enhance profit, and better manage the charging stations. In this case, choosing an EV CSMS software that provides a fleet management system that allows you to visualize EV charging data via your dashboards is beneficial. With information like charging power, vehicle schedules, vehicle SoC, charging type, and more, you will be able to manage your charging station operation more efficiently.

Customizable and Easy-To-Use

Your EV CSMS software should be easy to use and come with an intuitive interface. This will allow you or even the least tech-savvy team members to use it to manage and monitor your charging stations without requiring specialized training.

Moreover, the software should be customizable to your unique needs. This will allow you to configure the interface to display historical data or live meter values, group, and access data by user permissions, charger types, location, and more.

Track Costs and Collect Revenue

If you're operating a publicly accessible charging station, you want to track energy costs and usage and supply convenient payment options to EV users using your charging infrastructure. In that case, you'll need to select an EV CSMS with a cost-tracking and revenue-collection feature.

This feature allows your CSMS software to calculate energy costs (based on your local rates), track profitability, and set end-users fees (based on the type of operations or vehicles charged). It also lets your customers track their EV charging payments with high precision and flexibility.

Automatic Reports Generation

With this feature, your EV CSMS software automatically gathers information from all your charge points to create reports that you can use for financial reporting, auditing, and billing. This feature is beneficial as it helps to simplify the time-consuming aspect of collecting data, entering them, and generating reports that can help you understand how best to manage your EV charging infrastructure.

Access Control (Manage Users)

Charging stations use energy and generate costs. To regulate these costs as a charge point operator, you may want to limit the number of people who can access your EV chargers. For public charging, this might be anyone with a credit card or registered users. For fleet operators, this might be the drivers and your ground staff.

EV CSMS software with this feature will have various authentication options to set permissions for the public, fleets, employees, and residents or restrict access to defined user groups. The software can grant access via vehicle identifiers, mobile apps, credit cards, or RFID cards.

Troubleshooting and Alert System

This feature allows the charging station management systems to provide an alert system that notifies you or your customers about any charging, hardware, or operational issues. These alerts can reach you, your admin, and your end-users via customizable email, SMS, and directly through the CSMS dashboard. You or your end users can then troubleshoot any issues as they arise.

Utility Integration and Energy Management

This feature allows you to manage your charging station's power and the charger's power consumption. With Smart Charging ability, users can optimize the charging station's operation and receive utility signals for vehicle-to-grid (V2G events) or demand response (DR events) and respond to variable energy charges like Spot Pricing or TOU rates.

You may also need to control external power sources like solar batteries, solar power, and building loads. CSMS software has active load balancing and advanced energy management, allowing you to include external power sources in the charging behavior and control the entire site's power consumption.

24/7 Support Services

Most CSMSs are easy to use without requiring technical knowledge or specialized skills. However, while using the software, the chances are that you may run into an issue and require the assistance of your CSMS provider to resolve the problem and avoid unnecessary downtime.

By selecting an EV charging management system that offers 24/7 support services, you can rest assured that your EV CSMS provider will provide the assistance you need whenever you run into an issue.

Optimize EVs Charging with Our CSMS Solutions

charging operations. However, choosing the right EV charging management software for your charge point operations can be challenging. Moreover, managing EV charging operations is becoming increasingly complex, especially due to the introduction of pricing systems, new renewable energy programs, and the growing pressure on the electric grid. We can help!

At Nimblechapps, we specialize in designing mobile, web, or cloud applications to provide modern, scalable, and intuitive solutions for your business or operations. We offer CSMS software solutions that optimize algorithms to ensure efficient and reliable charging operation. Our CSMS software solutions apply multi-objective algorithms and combine essential features with different optimization targets to manage and simplify EV charging operations and help you meet your users' needs.

Contact us today to arrange a free consultation. Let's provide a great EV CSMS solution that sets you up for success and prepares your charging station for the future of electromobility!

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