8 Best Tools for Speedy React Native App Development


Keval Padia

React is an amazing platform and is often preferred over other platforms as it helps in developing an application quickly and with a beautiful interactive UI. To create isolated and reusable building blocks, React components can be of great help in developing different applications. But, not all react native developers have the knowledge about the following tools and technologies. Looking at the above Google Trends, there is also a huge ecosystem of React which is mainly developed by third-party developers. Today, we will look into some of the best tools for React development.

1. Bit

Bit is one of the best open source platforms for building applications using components. With the help of Bit, you can easily organize components from different apps and projects. You can do this without refactoring. They can be made accessible to discover and develop when building new features and applications. Multiple applications can be developed faster with the help of Bit. You can also use your components as a building block for new projects and features.

2. Reduxsauce

Redux is a good tool but not really efficient in case of developing large applications. This is where Reduxsauce can help you satisfy all your Redux needs. It makes use of very fewer lines code which is also easy-to-use. Reduxsauce comes with an easy option to reset your Reducer. Reduxsauce is capable of handling Reducer actions within one file.

3. StoryBook / Styleguidist

Storybook and Styleguide are good environments for rapid UI development in React. They come in handy for speedy development of your React apps. There are some differences between both of them but they can be combined in order to finish the component development system. You can develop components in isolation from your app using Storybook. This motivates testability and reusability of your components. In addition to React, Storybook also supports React Native and Vue.js.

4. React devTools

This is an official React Chrome devTools extension. It allows you to examine React component hierarchies. You can also install it on FireFox as an Add-on. A components props and state can be inspected edited using this tool. This can be done while you navigate through your component hierarchy tree. It allows you to see how component changes. It helps you in designing your UI with the right component structure.

5. Reactotron

There should be enough testing done for an application before launching it. A tool, Reactotron, by Infinite Red helps in testing React Native and React JS mobiles apps effectively. It is free and also easy-to-install. It also does not slow down your machine while debugging. Reactotron can be used to show API requests and responses, perform quick performance benchmarks, track global errors, dispatch actions, show image overlay in React Native and track your Async storage in React Native.

6. Redux

Redux is an open-source library for JavaScript apps. It can be used with React and also with Angular for developing interfaces. It offers ease of coding and testing React Native apps with Redux. Apps written using Redux can be easily executed on server-side, client-side and native environments. The time-traveler debugger allows live code modification in Redux. It is perfect to use Redux when there is a reasonable amount of data changing over time, you require a single source of truth for your state, and keeping all your state in top-level is not sufficient.

7. Atom

Atom by Github is a hackable text editor. Atom allows you to quite easily share your workspace with other developers and also edit the code in real time. The language integrations also improve in Atom. Features and functionalities of several open-source packages can be combined to develop a React Native app.

8. Flow

Flow is an open-source tool that is also a static type checker for JavaScript. It is developed by Facebook. It is really easy to install Flow. It offers a really smooth upgrade experience for a React Native app. Writing React Native mobile apps is very easy with Flow even when you are planning to code big. Flow is pretty smart in understanding your code. Flow lets you edit large codebases without the worry of breaking the code.


The above list of tools can help you develop React Native apps instantly. There are still a lot of other tools available out there. You can try some of the tools mentioned-above or you could also try out the other ones available. In the end, it is up to you to choose the best one for your React Native app development and you can contact our team for any assistance. Happy Developing!

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