Several Ways to Deliver Secure Mobile Applications


Keval Padia

The usage of mobile app usage is constantly increasing. Even in the corporate world, There has been an increasing interest in the mobile technology, even in the corporate world. It has proven to be very effective at engaging customers and partners.

In order to satisfy client and improve business productivity, many enterprises have started adopting mobile technology at an increasing rate. Some businesses and brands have started investing heavily in mobile app development companies to boost communication with their customers and employers.

But these businesses do not work on mobile app development as their core business. They just need to seek the external service of those app developers that have the right skills to develop the apps. There are several mobile application development companies out there that work as third-party vendors. These agencies specialize in developing customized mobile applications. They do it for both individuals and businesses that require them.

But often the services are not as secure as expected by the businesses. But there are ways these mobile app development companies can make secure mobile applications. You will read about it in this article.

Implementation of Mobile Application Security

Apps are released in large numbers on various app stores everyday. But often, many of these apps do not have the right protection which is necessary to keep them secure from hackers. The attackers then take advantage of an app’s weakness to steal important user information. Others end up causing damage or disruption to the app by injecting harmful software.

Security flaws are a common issue. More than 80 percent of the top paid apps on the iOS App Store and 90 percent of the top paid apps on the Google Play Store have already been hacked at least once. Security has been a serious issue. All the mobile app development companies need to take some serious action on this.

In order to make sure that your users are not vulnerable to such attacks while using your app, you can adopt reliable security measures during the development phase. This will not just regulate high vulnerability, but users will also receive benefit when mobile security issues are care of properly. There are several ways of doing this.

Mobile App Security Tip #1: Regular Clean Up

Apps often store passwords that can be easily wiped off periodically. These session timeouts can be implemented on a weekly or monthly basis. A lot of mobile application development companies work on this to keep the user information safe in case the device is lost or stolen. So in a situation where a device is not protected, the user information will still be safe.

Mobile App Security Tip #2: Mobile Encryption Policy

App developers must develop apps in a way that the code and data can be stored on a host device. Unfortunately, this can expose user information to crooks. Whether it is designed to store data temporarily or permanently, an app would remain even more vulnerable to threats as long as it stores data locally on the device.

Mobile app development companies often implement security measures in order to solve this problem. This is done by designing and developing data-sensitive apps. These security measures include password protection functionalities, encrypted data storage features, encrypted mobile databases etc. Now the app developers have to be extremely careful about a user’s data.

In order to save the user information from leaking, it is important for app developers to make the security of user data a priority. Things can often get out of hands if the data is not well protected from hackers, no matter how strong the algorithm is.

Mobile App Security Tip #3: Integrating Security

App developers have to be really careful while designing, because it depends on the API of a second party for functionality. In this situation, the app will actually be relying on someone else’s code to keep it secure. A developer who cares about security will actually make sure that the areas of the app that require such support are made easily accessible to the APIs.

Coming to mobile app security, it is extremely important to add an extra layer of security. There are several security processes that can be made use of such situations. The authentication and authorization technology can greatly help in making sure that a safe and secure login is by provided to an app, just like the APIs.

Mobile App Security Tip #4: Regular Updates

Regular upgrades and patching services is a duty of every app developer. The reason is that hackers are always swift to cause mayhem as soon as a mobile app is launched. Identity lapses and loopholes are caused by hackers using which they enter to exploit the app.

App developers need to be really cautious enough to make sure that there are no access points for intruders. Or if there are any, they effectively plugged while the users are provided with regular updates and effective patches. This will help in promoting efficiency but also boost a customer’s confidence towards the app.

Choose Nimblechapps for Secure Mobile App Development

App developers must avoid the use of free third-party codes. Because these can lead to a disaster. These codes make your mobile app vulnerable to cyber threats and hacker attacks. You must seek help from professional mobile app development companies for proper help. Contact us now and experience the benefits of a highly secure and robust app, which specifically designed to improve application level security.

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