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Saloni Tyagi


As we all know, the main advantage of DIAWI is to let developers deploy apps in development directly to handheld devices. Mostly, in-house applications use this tool, and apart from just an app deployment tool, DIAWI produces various features and services for which deployers rely on.

Compatible with both operating systems, DIAWI has a smooth UI so that you can easily drag and drop your APK or IPA files in zipped format.

However, there are many other alternatives available in the market that work the same as Diawi.

Let's check out the best alternatives.

1. TestFlight

The testers are allowed to beta test apps and install them on iOS, tvOS, and watchOS devices in the testFlight.

Testers will receive a notification directly from a developer first before they begin testing with TestFlight. It is accessible for free.

2. Install on Air

Install on Air, distribute both your operating system, iOS, and Android, in less time and install it over the air with our excellent Platform for Beta App, iOS App, and Android App Distribution.

This will shorten your time duration in getting your app ready for testing purposes and the tool is free.

3. TestApp.io

TestApp.io allows developers to easily share their Android(APK) & iOS (IPA) apps with everyone to get their responses. Developers will receive instant feedback before publicly reaching the app store and Google store. It is free and needs to upgrade as we grow more and more.

4. Visual Studio App Center

Visual Studio App Center allows developers to continuously build, test, release and monitor apps for every platform. Connect to GitHub, bitbucket, Gitlab, or Azure DevOps and build your applications in the cloud on every commit. It will automatically run units, test, release to testers and stores or test your UI on real gadgets. It provides a free tier as well as flexible pricing too.

5. Applivery

Applivery is the maximum effective organization Mobility management(EMM) platform that permits full management over mobile Apps and devices, helping companies higher manipulate their endpoints and mobile applications for iOS and Android Applications. It is paid for both basic as well for advanced functionalities.

6. Swetrix

Swetrix is the ultimate open-source analytics analyst to analyze all needs. Swetrix holds features such as flexible user interaction and a fast dashboard.

You can track your custom events with unique and bounce rate metrics included. It is freely available for hobby purposes.

7. Cloudways

Cloudways leverages advanced generation and effective servers to stabilize your website load. Here, the company offers pay-as-you-go cloud hosting packages that can charge you for the only resources you have used.

One-click managed cloud hosting platform that provides cloud application and server management solutions so that you can automate-operate operations and manage your websites with ease. It is paid about 12 $ per month.

8. Deep.BI

Deep.BI enables media publishers to degree content material performance and distribution throughout systems. Users can track user habits, engagement, product & content performance, and monetization for publishers, streaming platforms, and businesses.

9. Omniconvert

Omniconvert is an award prevailing CRO software that can be used for A/B checking out, online surveys, traffic segmentation, and web personalization.

We can start for free, and for the other advanced functionality, there are different plans.

10. Updraft

Updraft is a platform carrier for continuous mobile app transport and beta testing. It can efficiently distribute your iOS and Android beta applications to your product managers, testers, or designers within your organization and get feedback as early as possible for beta apps. It is free for one app project.

The above-listed alternatives make an excellent choice for the replacement of DIAWI. Choose your best and preferred testing tool from the list.

Saloni Tyagi
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