Why iPhones and iPads are Currently Ruling the Smartphone Industry


Keval Padia

iPhone is a pioneer in the smartphone industry as it was developed much before the Android devices. First iPhone was launched on June 29, 2007 while, the first Android phone was available in the market on January 24, 2009. In terms of the date of its inception, the iPhone leaves the Android phones behind.

The whole idea of Android phone is taken from the iPhone and hence, iPhone is rightly said to have laid the stepping stone for mobile app development in the smartphone industry. Many features like a smartwatch, wireless charging and face unlocking was introduced first in iPhones and then in the Android phones. iPhone, therefore, serves to be the favorite among the Mobile app development companies and they look forward to iPhone app development quite seriously. You need to understand the power that these devices hold when you are planning to develop or advertise your app.

Why iPhones and iPads are still ruling the smartphone industry?

1. Vast market share

Till 2018, above 1.3 billion iPhones have been sold and this figure is enough to indicate the popularity that iPhone enjoys across people from all the countries. The number of iPhone users is escalating tremendously. As per the facts, every single minute about 395 iPhones is sold worldwide. So, considering that, by the time you finish reading this article 500 iPhones must have sold across the globe. Hence, if you want to develop an app, iOS app development for iPhones and iPads is the first choice for you.

You can imagine the market that your app would have even if a quarter of the iPhone users use your app. These figures help to indicate that the iPhone is a very good platform for advertising your apps too. You can penetrate a larger market if you display your ads on iPhones and iPads.

2. Apple is ruling the industry since 2015

At the end of 2015, Apple enjoyed 94% of the profits in the smartphone industry. Though this margin has been reducing over the last 2-3 years, Apple still holds 60% of the profits in the smartphone industry. If you do not have your mobile app functioning in the iPhone and iPad, you need to rethink. You need to focus your app for Apple’s devices to ensure your app becomes a huge hit throughout the app world. The competition from OnePlus, Samsung and other companies is intense, yet, iPhone stands out to be the undisputed champion in the smartphone industry.

3. Rising power and wide-scale adoption of Apple Pay

You can integrate your online payment portal with Apple Pay as more than 30% of the iPhone and iPad users are paying through Apple Pay. Merging Apple Pay into your payment options would help you cut your app’s competition into half as not all your competitors would be providing Apple Pay payment option. The number of iPhone and iPad users that are adopting Apple Pay is increasing at a significant rate and hence, you should tap this option for sustainable and futuristic growth of your application.

4. High average app user spending

An average iPhone user spends $35 on apps, despite of the fact that most of the applications are free. This indicates the spending capacity of iPhone and iPad users. Your app developers need to utilize this capacity for your business. The large spending capacity of the iPhone users is one of the most significant reasons why the app developers are focussing and giving due importance to iPhone and iPad app development. The average spending capacity of Android users is almost half as that of the iPhone users. It indicates the huge rift present between the purchasing behavior of smartphone users worldwide.

More than 48 billion iPhone sessions introduced every day

On daily basis, about 48 billion iPhone sessions are launched and this figure is showing no signs of reduction. A greater number of people are catching the iPhone fever and hence, the iPhone sessions would definitely be increasing in the upcoming years. Apple enjoys the leverage of being the oldest player in the smartphone industry and has emerged as a market leader across the industry. With an ever-increasing number of users and session, iPhone and iPads tend to be the best players in the smartphone industry at least for the next few years.

5. Exclusive user experience

You cannot judge or determine the actual power of the iPhone and iPad unless you feel it by experiencing these devices. Apple has exclusive user experience due to the unique, custom-made and user-friendly interface design of Apple’s devices. The large screen size of iPads makes it very comfortable, user-friendly and provides a very rich viewing experience. Your app needs to have a user experience that matches the standards and quality created by iPhones and iPads.

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