How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Social App Like Instagram?


Keval Padia

There are many success stories of mobile apps that we have witnessed in the last few years. Many such stories are sure to follow soon. Apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Amazon, and Uber are enjoying the best position in their own categories.

Instagram & Facebook are two of the best social media apps currently which help connect a large number of audience. Instagram has received great feedback right from the time of its inception all over the world. It received even greater hike right after Facebook acquired it. After using and getting to know more about Instagram and its success story, a lot of businesses and brands have the desire to develop an app that is similar to Instagram. Let’s take a look at how this process is and how much it would cost to develop a social networking app like Instagram.

What is the cost of developing app like Instagram?

When you are trying to have a thorough estimate of building an app similar to Instagram, there are various factors that we need to take into consideration. This includes choosing a platform like Android or iOS, whether to develop a native app or a hybrid app, choosing the right kind of features to integrate in the app, adding other functionalities and creating a plan which is more budget-friendly for the business and their app development company.

1. Developing an MVP:

There are several photo and video sharing apps which are available on both Google Play Store and Apple iTunes Store. For this, a lot of planners would highly recommend you to build an MVP (minimum viable product) of the product and also gathering valuable user-feedback on it. This will help you in saving time and money. Also the feasibility of the idea is tested. So if you are developing an app like Instagram, you can’t simply copy-paste the features. So adding any features that are already included in the current app doesn’t make any sense. So you must plan to offer something exclusive that can draw user’s attention instantly.

2. Creating Profile and Account Authorization:

Account Authorization and profile creation is the basic step in this process. The user’s data is saved in the backend for which you need a strong system and database. This needs a good interaction between the server-side and client-side of the application. The user’s get options to add their personal information, display image etc in their profile. They can also set up privacy settings according to their likings. This whole process can take up to 120 hours of development.

3. Adding Features:

Now you will have to add features to the app. It is important to create a messaging feature if you want to develop a social networking app. You will also have to add notifications for this. Then you will have to add photo and video editing and upload features which are the basic features of this app. You must also offer a feature to customize the images. You can offer these features with new filters by creating filters of your own you could make use of the ready code that is already available. This whole process would take up to 250 hours in total.

4. Implementation of Extra Settings:

The extra settings are related to privacy, language, push notifications etc. You will also have to add a social network feature in the app. The users can attach the app with their social media accounts. Geo-location is another pivotal feature for a social networking app. You will need to implement APIs to add this feature. You can also add a share option.The users will be choosing an option of their choice and the backend will be implementing the same. This whole process can take up to 40 hours in total.

5. App Design:

Adding the features is not the end of process, the main thing is the design of the app which includes both User Interface and User Experience. The best thing is to have a design which is not too complicated and easily understood by the users. So keep the design simple and sober. The design will become the actual identity of your app and that is how the users are going to judge the app. You will have to pick the colors, animation, text, and other design features at this stage without any design mistakes. The app development team you will be working with will help you in making all the right design decisions. This can take up to 60 hours of development.

Final Estimation:

Apart from all the regular design and development costs that are involved, there are costs like hosting and publishing, testing, and update and maintenance of the app which are considered as additional costs. The final estimation will bring you somewhere between $50,000 to $60,000. App development company in India would usually charge $20 per hour a project like this. You can contact us for more information.

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