Top Mobile App UI Trends To Watch for Business Growth


Keval Padia

As a mobile app development company, when you are getting ready to take up new challenges for the next year, don’t just think of the technologies, but also focus a little on the app designing.

Every year the trends keep updating with the implementation of new design techniques. These new trends help to improve the user interface and user experience.A lot of the mobile apps on the app store are never really downloaded. From the ones that are downloaded, there are very few that are used repeatedly. There can be several reasons for this. An average User Interface is one major cause. It’s important to have the kind of UI designing trends that keep updating at intervals.


Latest mobile app design trends that can help you remain ahead in the market -

1. Using Illustrations -

Users these cannot be satisfied with content only. There are different ways of illustrating the app’s features and functionalities. The story-telling technique with the help of images and videos is one of the best things. The app designers have now started depicting real human like characters in order to interact with the users. Users accept this as they find it familiar. A regular app can be turned into a beautiful one with these illustrations.

2. Opacity -

In order to boost your user interface you can add the opacity feature to increase the app transparency. There can be different transparency settings like color or designs for achieving a vibrant surface for the app interface. Opacity can also be used to design app logos as well. It also depends on the opacity elements are set.

3. Design Interface -

Perfecting the design interface must be the top priority in a mobile app development service. Your app must be able to offer the best experience to the users. It should be easy for the user to view the content on the page and also navigate through the website. There is nothing new about this trend, but if you notice, there are updates every year regarding mobile app design interface.

4. Using Colors Properly -

Color plays a very important role in the UI design of the mobile application. The colors are the tools using which the designers can show their creativity and designing skills. Colors and hues also work as background images at times. They help in gaining attention from the users. Colors also invoke emotions and help in setting the right tone for the app.

5. Using or Not using Buttons -

2019 is the year where it is possible to think of mobile app design without buttons. Instagram is one of the biggest example for this trend. This UI trend is gaining great popularity among the e-commerce apps. The customers do not require separate buttons for checking out their order. The item can be added to the cart by simply dragging it.

6. Functional Animations -

Animations has always been an important part of the mobile app designing process. In 2019, the designers will be excited to make use of more functional animations and communications. Animations can be used to symbolize fonts, images and catches. The designers will have to focus on offering their users with simple and decent patterns for the mobile app design.

7. Customized Illustration Interfaces -

The custom illustration interface became quite popular a UI/UX design trend in the previous year. This will continue in the year of 2019. The app design is similar to illustrations or hand-drawings. They offers various shapes, figures and styles for the app. This way the interface can be made to look more appealing and offer a different identity as well.

8. Voice Assisted User Interface -

Voice-assisted interfaces is something new, but it is going to be the best UI trend for the year of 2019. It is similar to Siri. Here the user is required to sign in a voice-actuated mobile app with voice arranges. The user wouldn’t have to tap or click anywhere on the mobile app.


Why you must adopt the new UI design trends in 2019?

  • Rising competition -

With so many mobile apps coming out daily, the level of competition has also increased a lot. This requires you to follow the new trends of the year so that you stay in the competition and fight back with a fellow mobile app development company.

  • Better navigation -

The advanced UI trends help by making the app navigation much smoother. The users be offered a much faster loading speed in the mobile app. By offering better navigation, you can make sure that your users use your app repeatedly.

  • Contributes towards your brand -

The mobile app UI designs largely contribute in promoting your brand and business. It helps by attracting the users using different ways. This way more and more people get to know about your app and thus your brand is promoted.


The mobile application development process is undergoing a lot of change and that is also changing how the app development services are conducted now. The mobile app design trends get updated quite regularly now with the latest technology coming out every few months. This also offers a new learning curve for the developers and app designers. Get in touch with us at Nimblechapps to discuss more!

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