8 Major Ways of Promoting Your Mobile Game App


Keval Padia

Marketing or promoting a mobile game is as essential as any other step in the mobile game design process. The mobile game market is vast and there are both small as well as large firms that have their game apps appearing on the platform. Often there are times when the marketing and promotion of a game app are more difficult than the actual development.

In order for a mobile game to be a success, developers are required to blend good development with the right marketing. Development and marketing come together and help in the overall development and improvement of the game app. So even before a game is launched by developers or a brand, they need to make sure there is already a strong marketing strategy in place. Taking care of the following steps while promoting their mobile game app will prove to be extremely useful for the process.

1) Target Audience

The first and basic step is to identify the target audience. Marketers and developers must have performed this step already even before the development process started, so they will only have to revisit the step. Sometimes the target audience at the time of development is different and the target audience at the time of promotion can be different.

Identifying the target audience will help save a lot of time of the developers as well as the marketers and will also guide them towards a specific group of people. The target audience can also be considered in a broader context. Marketers will already have a general idea about who will like the game, based on this it will become much more convenient to figure out who the target audience is.https://www.nimblechapps.com/blog/digital-marketing/target-audiences-for-mobile-app/

2) Pre-launch Marketing

Now that the developers have developed the game and the marketers have a target audience figured out, they can start pre-launch marketing activities. It is the perfect time to start the marketing of the game.

The marketing team cannot wait until the game is finally ready to release, because then they will have wasted a few weeks of marketing opportunities. They will have to set a release date for the game. This date will impact other marketing efforts, so the team will have to choose a date accordingly. The marketers will also be required to create a marketing story for the game.

3) Landing Page

The game also must have a landing page. It can be a simple one-page website. The marketers can also use the landing page to attach links to the game’s app store pages for the visitors to see. This page can also be used to grab email addresses of those who visit the page.

If the site records a potential user’s email address, the marketing team will be able to reach them easily and let them know more details about the game. Having a landing page is a useful way of gaining subscribers for the page and game. But, it must be kept as simple as possible.

4) Social Media Strategy

Marketing campaigns for even some of the smallest products have a social media page for marketing and promotion. Social media can be an extremely useful marketing tool for the game app. There are many social media platforms the marketers can utilize to get in touch with potential users.

Social media will also allow them to get in touch with a majority of potential users as almost everybody uses social media these days. The marketing team can try and share the pre-launch info of the game and check out who all is interested in it. Links to the landing page can be added here, as well the app store links can be attached.

5) Content Strategy

Making use of innovative content to market or promote the game app is one of the best approaches. The most common way to use content is by creating a blog. This blog can either be created on the landing page or a separate blog site can be created.

The blog can also have links to the app store. It is extremely important that the content offered is unique, informative, and engaging. Also, this must be done on a regular basis. Content marketing is not a one-time thing. It needs effort, innovation, and periodicity. It is important to create a strategy for content marketing.

6) Using Multimedia

Creating multimedia material for game promotions is a great way to add innovation to your marketing strategy. It includes audio, videos, GIFs etc. Having a multimedia strategy and developing the ideas and outcomes might prove to be slightly time-consuming but it is definitely fruitful in many ways. Customers love it when they get a preview of something.

The marketing team can prepare promos of the game and release on the landing page and various social media platforms. The users will get to see the promos and they will be excited to play the game for real. If the game has a soundtrack, music apps can also be used to launch the music of the game and further promote it.

7) Press Release

Having a press release ready for the game app is quite necessary for a game app, depending on the kind of game and scale of the development. Press Releases help you reach out to the audience and competitors in a professional manner and talks all about the game. For this, there must be a clear strategy with a press kit as well.

Press Kit is one of the most important features of this strategy and cannot be missed. In the press release, the fact sheet of the game and the company must be mentioned. Getting journalists and writers and giving out the press kits to different online platforms can work as well.

8) Feedback and Reviews

Feedback and reviews are a powerful and reliable source of marketing. There is no better marketing technique than word-of-mouth publicity. When people review the game, it can be used as marketing.

The marketing team must get in touch with people who are ready to give proper feedback and review for the game. They must also approach sites that are popular and also the ones that are not too popular for the reviews. Further sharing these reviews on the landing page, blog, social media sites etc can be done. Review ratings can also be added to the app store page.


In this article, we have discussed some of the most useful ways in which marketers can market a game app to gain as many downloads and users as possible. They will have to tweak their strategies based on the kind of game app they are developing. There are several other strategies and ways, but these are some of the most basic ways of marketing and promotion which will help a lot of developers and companies get started.

If you feel we have missed any effective way to promote mobile game apps, contact our team of Mobile Game Developers today and tell us in the comments below.

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