Elementor Plugin 3.3 - Pro Features to look out for in 2021


Keval Padia

After a recent website revamp in June, legendary website builder Elementor launched version 3.3 with feature updates designed to make it faster, easier and more feasible to build new websites. The platform's latest update offers important updates to build professional websites that enable businesses to create a dynamic presence in the digital realm. Elementor understands that most users of website builders tend to work on projects with similar features for their companies. On the other hand, some businesses revamp website features for their new branches in multiple locations with the help of WordPress development services.

Repurposing website themes, templates and fonts may come across as a lame shortcut for web design and development. But, the entire procedure is not that simple as it sounds. If you want to export and reuse pre-existing designs, you need to save each page as a 'flat' JSON file with only content, including site settings and features. Elementor's latest release provides new features to enhance website development by reducing the time and cost needed. It has also included new tools to help web developers of all levels and expertise.

What is Elementor 3.3?

Elementor is one of the most widely used page builder plugins in the WordPress ecosystem and on June 8th, 2021, a new update for the pro version was launched. In the latest version, two new widgets have been included that will help you improve your designs and make them engaging for the users. The only con is that you will need to subscribe to the Pro plan to be able to use these widgets. Elementor 3.3 imparts a revolution in how swiftly you begin a new project, make the most of your current designs, and maintain consistency throughout the project.

This article will discuss the pro features of Elementor 3.3 and highlight the basic differences between the Pro and free versions.

Elementor Pro v Free: What are the key differences?

The free version of Elementor provides endless design capabilities. Elementor Pro, on the other hand, supports you with more professional features to speed up your workflow and enable you to get more conversions. Let us now check the critical differences between Elementor Pro and Free versions.

Theme builder allows you to customize every part of your theme. If you subscribe to Elementor Pro, then there are no theme limitations on your account. It is easy to design your header, footer, archive page, posts, and other sections using Elementor. It works well on any WordPress theme, and you do not have to be a pro-coder. Interestingly, this feature is not supported by any plugin yet. As the entire web design process becomes code-free, it is easy to finish projects before the time at a rapid rate.

It is now easy to design forms and integrate them visually. You must be aware that contact forms are a critical part of every website since it is essential for page conversions. The Pro version is great because it makes the entire process visual. You can design your forms on the front end and then link them to any CRM or marketing platform with a few clicks.

Elementor templates and blocks are offered in the Pro version, and more professionally designed templates and partnerships can be customized to build dynamic websites. The templates are easy to integrate with the Pro widgets; hence you can create pages featuring slides, animated headlines, forms and other features.

Essential features and widgets are included in the Pro version. Professional web designers appreciate these features. It has animated headlines, a Posts widget for a fantastic display of blog posts, WooCommerce widgets, Slides and custom fonts etc.

Elementor Plugin 3.3 New Features to look out for

Let us now discuss the most awaited features of the Elementor Plugin 3.3.

Full Site Kit

Elementor 3.3 brings the full site kit feature, which is designed to include an entire website's elements and attributes in a single kit. This kit can simultaneously be used to build other websites with similar features, like the websites of newly launched brands in multiple locations. A kit can have everything you require to develop the whole website, which can be used as the initial point to launch your next project or even build your first website.

A complete website kit usually contains three primary components like templates, content and website settings. The contents include texts, images, videos and multiple multimedia. The website settings also have security features and redirections.

They are replicating the attributes of a previous website that used to be a tiring task. There were no automated solutions in this regard before Elementor 3.3. According to Elementor, web developers can get irritated if they need to start entirely again from scratch every time a new project begins, even when they have previously developed something similar that can be reused. The entire site kits offer a convenient solution for people who want to build websites depending on previous projects to achieve the efficiency and uniformity they require for their web presence.

Revamped Import/Export Feature

Elementor users may not access the reusable entire site kit function after updating to Elementor 3.3. To ensure that it is accessible, an activation process is required. It is best to contact Elementor's support team to have this feature activated or assist with working with the new version of the website builder.

The reusable entire site kit is a part of revamped Import/Export feature. If it is activated before, website developers can select the items they wish to add in the exporting process and generate a ZIP file, which will import into the new project. If the ZIP file is imported into a new blank project, all the attributes in it will be adopted by the new project. Else, the Elementor 3.3 plugin will ask users if they wish to follow the design and settings in the imported entire site kit or if they want to keep the current design and settings of the latest project.

Template Library

Recent Elementor users who wish to use new designs and templates also have some new features to look forward to in Elementor 3.3 version with the inclusion of Kits Library. The primary template collection provides more than 80 full site kits that contain a variety of styles and designs to match various needs.

This collection has templates for restaurant and hospitality businesses, digital store or e-commerce websites, nonprofits, and full-fledged blogs and websites. These templates are carefully designed to create a professional-looking business, government or personal websites.

The benefit of these templates is that even new Elementor users can select a template they like and kickstart their website development process. The Elementor team believes that the Kits Library will enable users to discover and use designed website kits developed by Elementor. The user can instantly search, filter and sort between various eCommerce websites, blogs, portfolios etc., to find the suitable template kit for the website they require.

Color Picker and Website Performance

The 3.3 plugin also has a handy colour picker tool with the entire site kits and template library. It is a Color Sampler and does not require third-party or external colour pickers. This makes web development workflow quite streamlined. It decreases design time by simply fetching colours from any image without leaving the Elementor interface. Moreover, the improved Elementor system improves page load time through a new conditional and inline CSS function. It helps to separate widgets, so only the essential devices are loaded into the dedicated CSS.

Fast Website Builder

The Elementor team recently mentioned how the website redesign shows the progress of the company's technology. Various new pages have been built using the latest Elementor features. The company is quite young but dynamic and has already done some great work in the last few years.

Elementor accepts that the platform backs more than 8 million active websites. It is also responsible for building over five percent of all the websites in the world. The brand is the fourth most popular plugin on WordPress. Hence it doesn't come as a surprise that it has helped to create millions of websites. Due to the inclusion of the entire site kit, the Kits Library and CSS Load, Elementor 3.3 provides website developers with more reasons to use the platform.

Wrapping Up

Elementor 3.3 is meant for building faster dynamic websites that are more efficient than the current websites. If you develop a website blueprint for your next project, you will be inspired by designer kits and ensure colour consistency. We will update this blog in the coming months as and when we come across more exciting updates. What do you think about the new Elementor 3.3 version? Did we miss out on any exciting updates? Let us know in the comments below.

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