Angular vs React vs Blaze: Choose the Best Framework for your Next Web and Mobile App


Keval Padia

JavaScript, often abbreviated as JS, is one of the three core web development technologies of the World Wide Web. It is an interpreted programming language, also characterized as dynamic and prototype-based. A vast majority of websites make use of JavaScript. Also, major web browsers use a dedicated JavaScript Engine for the execution of the website. Over the years, the number of JavaScript frameworks and libraries have increased, providing the developers with the capabilities to build an application that is relevant in the current scenario. There have been many popular front-end JavaScript frameworks. These frameworks for web applications have had updated versions, with better potential to allow the developers to build the best website possible. With so many options at disposal, a developer can often get confused as to which JavaScript open-source framework is more suitable and can enhance the working of a website in the best possible way. For that, we require a detailed, in-depth study of these JavaScript frameworks and their features. This will allow us to compare the frameworks and find the most suitable one for the developers. In this article, we are going to talk about the three widely-used and prevalent JavaScript frameworks Angular, React, and Blaze. All the three rendering libraries are supported by Meteor.  Let us compare these and get to know about each of these frameworks in a simple, but detailed manner.


Angular is an open-source front-end web application platform backed by Google. It is a complete rephrased framework from the same people that built AngularJS. Angular makes use of a hierarchy of components as its primary architectural characteristic. Angular also offers Angular cli. It is a command line user interface, using which a user can issue commands to the program, this feature is loved by the developers. The documentation required for Angular is pretty simple, and to the point, documentation is also available. The code created using Angular can be easily reused. Angular is also one of the oldest frameworks that offer modularity. It also offers some out-of-the-box capabilities like Form Validation and Httpclient. Angular has a unit testing ready framework. Some of the most well-known users of Angular include Google, Forbes, etc.  


React is used for building user interfaces and is backed by Facebook. React isn’t built with the intention to provide a complete application framework. Instead, React is offered specifically for building user interfaces. That is why React does not provide many of the tools that are often considered necessary to build an application. React has no official cli as such. The official documentation of React is limited, so it would not be really suitable for someone who is starting fresh. React doesn’t offer enough code reusability, but does have code flexibility. Though React is very flexible to interact with different libraries without any issue. It has a multifaceted library and plenty of tools. Some things that the developers love about React is The Node Tree and Virtual DOM. Some of the most well-known users of React are PayPal, Netflix, and Uber.  


Blaze is Meteor’s frontend rendering system, which was built by Meteor Development Group. Blaze is used in building functional and maintainable user interfaces. Blaze doesn’t require you to learn a lot of concepts or terminologies. Any developer who is well-versed with JavaScript or any other web development technology will be able to crack it with their existing knowledge. The demands and requirements of the mobile web can be easily catered by Blaze, this includes enhanced performance and patterns for touch and other mobile interaction. Reusing code in Blaze is fairly easy and comfortable. For running Blaze, you will require some setup and a server that’s running Node, MongoDB etc. Blaze doesn’t have a Virtual DOM like React.

How do we decide?

Angular is a good option when you have enough members on your team. With React, a few members can get it done, and Blaze already being quick enough wouldn’t require too many members on the team. Angular offers the best modularity, compared to both React and Blaze. Angular is more opinionated, so you might have act inside the limits while developing an application on Angular, whereas React is perfect for any kind of application. Blaze is best suited when you are creating a completely new application because it will require Node to run on your system. We discussed some of the features of Angular, React and Blaze above. All the three frameworks have their own pros and cons. All of them can enhance your development process in their own unique ways. The comfort, the ease, and the speed of the framework will depend on the project. Also, while working on a complex application, you will need to figure out which framework suits the requirements of the application best. The final decision to choose the framework based on which you build an application can only be done after knowing the nature of the application and other factors like time, design, and data required. If you are looking for an impeccable team of experienced JavaScript developers who have many apps with excellent usability in their credits in the portfolio, your search will end up when your settle with most popular JavaScript frameworks at Nimblechapps to discuss your next project. Would you like to start to chat with our javascript developers team right now?

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