An Ultimate Guide to Build Fantasy Sports Application in 2021


Keval Padia

Fantasy league mobile games set groundbreaking shifts in the gaming industry. Apart from Cricket, football or soccer is a sport that has a wide follower base around the world. The ardent fans of the game view football as a religion and not just a sport. That is the craze of the game and has emerged as a popular game with a devoted fan base across all age groups. This proves that fantasy league games are a profitable industry. Various regional and international companies are getting into fantasy sports app development.

Are you looking to build a fantasy sports application? Then you have come to the right place. In this blog, we will cover everything about how to set up a fantasy sports app. But, let us first understand fantasy app development trends and USP of fantasy sports apps.

Changing trends of Fantasy Sports Applications in 2021:-

The fantasy sports industry includes sale of fantasy sports services by organizations or partnerships that are involved in offering online gaming and betting services. Fantasy sports, also known as rotisserie sports or roto are the type of games that enable a user to play a virtual game or a session of league. The virtual teams compete according to the performance of players in a live game. In fantasy sports, a user earns points based on real stats converted into fantasy points. The players take on the role of manager for their team, bidding for players, assembling the team to get the best statistical output.

Artificial intelligence is a major trend getting popular in the fantasy sports industry as it can assist a player to concentrate on the decisions that matter like whom to start with and which players to trade etc. AI is the ability of the computer or a robot powered by a computer to perform activities that usually require human intelligence. Key players involved in the fantasy sports industry are dependent on artificial intelligence technology to reduce the complexity of fantasy sports trading.

For example, in Sep 2020, IBM and ESPN launched a new fantasy football app feature that uses IBM Watson’s artificial intelligence to create fair transactions and keep players informed. This feature works on ESPN and IBM’s efforts to use artificial intelligence to make fantasy games more interesting.

USP of Fantasy Sports Apps

Think about a feature that will make you different from your contemporaries in the fantasy sports industry. It can be anything, like a promise to provide the best gaming experience or features that a player would not get in other apps. We will take a close look at two such features that can be your unique selling point (USP).

  • Referral and Bonuses -

    Referrals allow players to gain bonus points when a new player joins with their referral code. Such bonus points are something that every sports fan is looking for. Even apps like Fanduel and Dream11 follow this approach to increase their user engagement. This can work as a marketing strategy where you can attract new users with the help of your existing users. It will provide an instant traffic boost to your fantasy app.

  • Achievement Badge -

    An achievement badge is a great gamification feature. Nowadays, various mobile apps use gamification to improve their user engagement. When the player reaches a particular level in the game, a badge appears on their profile. This is the best way to keep players motivated and engaged on the fantasy sports app. You can also go one step further and provide a social sharing option. When a player shares his or her achievements with their friends on social media, you are likely to reach a wider audience and get new followers and users. Moreover, you can include gamified elements like virtual gifts, quizzes, leaderboard and more.

A complete guide to build Fantasy Sports App in 2021:-

Now, as we have discussed the USP, let us now talk about the features you should include in your first Fantasy Sports app.

1. Important Features for Users

2. User Registration

Something that is common in all the apps these days is the user registration facility. It is imperative that you only request the information that is absolutely critical for registration. In the case of fantasy sports apps, it can be important details including name, mobile number and email ID. 

3. Landing Page 

In this section of the app, users can only access once the registration is complete. Here, the users can check out the games that are being played around the world. A player can use the filter to search for sports according to their choice. Some of the most popular filters are sport, date, type of matches, tournament and more.

4. Contest

In the contest section, the players are able to see details of the sport they participate in the app. In this part, they are given various details that can be filtered on the basis of winning amount, entree fee range, winners counts, contest type, contest size and more.

5. Join Contest

As the name suggests, this feature in the fantasy app allows players to join the contest. Here, they have to agree with the payment terms and make the payment to participate in the fantasy contest.

6. Profile Settings

This is one of the most important features of the fantasy application. Here, the users are able to customize using this feature. Along with the feature of updating their profile, players can also check their reward points, account details, transaction history, bonus, referral and more.

Important Features for Admin:-


  • Dashboard

In the dashboard section, the admin can access multiple stats about the number of matches played and information about the total number of players etc. It also features the total amount of earnings made by the users in the application.

  • User Account Manager

This feature offers users the ability to manage the entire account. Using this feature, the players are able to edit, delete or deactivate the account.

  • Manage Contests

This feature allows proper management and coordination of various ongoing activities and contests. The admin can simply manage the contest categories, additions, edition, deletion of a contest if necessary.

  • Check Earnings

The most interesting feature of a fantasy sports app is the handsome earning and rewards that an individual can receive. With this feature, the admins are able to access the complete earning report of all the players.

  • Report Management

The report management feature allows the admin to access all the various reports earning reports, global ranking and more. Now, it enables you to know the features that you wish to include, it also helps to know the design system that must be implemented when developing a fantasy sports app.

Design of Fantasy Sports App :-

A simple thing that works well in the favour of most fantasy sports apps is also the one that is extremely complex - app design. It is a fact that design separates the nuances of sports app development with mobile app development. As you have seen the feature list above, you must know that there are various elements to be taken into account. 


- Ease of Onboarding

The first design element that should be considered when working on a fantasy app is the onboarding process. Generally, players tend to have this complaint that there is very little attention to the app onboarding process. Apart from various onboarding best practices, there should be a guiding element in the app which leads the players from one section to the next.

- Defined Playing Field

If you have used a fantasy sports app before, you would know how huge the information set is. A player can do a lot of things in the app like create leagues, join leagues, real time score tracking, team management, dashboard, make payment etc. Taking into account the huge information set of the app, the designer should make prototypes based on the screen size. Next step is to find suitable ways to show these data sets when a user needs them.

- Minimum use of Text

A lot of text would be detrimental to the game play and players do not need a lot of text during a high intensity game. App designers should think of ways to include text if and only when required. These steps will help your fantasy app to go to the next level.


After going through this in-depth guide, we hope you have sufficient information to build your own fantasy app. If you are looking to build a fantasy application, it is best to partner with a fantasy app development company. At Nimblechapps, we assist you in working on your idea, design and develop a fantasy application from start to finish. Let us know in the comments section about the information covered in this article. If you think we should include anything else, then let us know and we will either update the article or write a separate article.

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