7 Ways to Boost Your Website Traffic in 2019


Keval Padia

Managing or owning a website involves a lot of time and effort because you are constantly producing good content for the website. You make sure that your website is able to catch the reader’s attention and answers all the questions about your company. But these are some basic things.

In order for your website to really thrive and gain more attention, you will need a certain amount of traffic flowing to your website. Majority of websites fail at building and maintaining that steady stream of traffic. As we are one of the top web app development company, we have talk about how you can boost the traffic of your website in 2019.

1. Microsites and Landing Pages

Google search results are highly competitive as too many websites are targeting the same phrases and keywords. Trying to target on too many keywords from a single website will cause you to lose a spot in the top rankings. Google rankings are decided after assessing the page or website that is most valuable for a certain keyword. A website or page dedicated to that particular keyword will have a higher ranking. Having separate landing pages or micro-sites dedicated to each keyword really helps.

2. Google Advertising

One way to make sure that your business is seen at the top of a search result for the keywords or phrases you chose is to actually pay for it. Google AdWords is a guaranteed way of earning more traffic for your website. The top three results for any Google search query are all paid placements. Google AdWords is fairly easy to use. Identify the top keywords and decide how much you will be willing to pay. You can also put a limit to the amount you spend each day, so you don’t exceed your expected budget.

3. Facebook Advertising

A vast majority of people have an account on Facebook. To reach your target audience, all you need to do is run an advertisement campaign on Facebook. By using social media, people are always sharing their personal data, even if they don’t realize it. With Facebook advertisements, you can target a particular area, gender, or age group. Even here you can set a daily maximum spend to not exceed your expected budget.

4. Give an Interview

There are many podcasters and online bloggers that would like to interview you. Giving an interview seems like a more indirect way of driving traffic to your website, but it can be really effective. All you need to do is somewhere in the middle of the interview you need to mention your website.

5. Post in Groups

Blogging doesn’t really help in driving people to your website until Google indexes your blog post and someone has looked for a keyword already mentioned in the post. There are different groups on Facebook for businesses that are relevant to you. Joining a group makes you a trusted member of the community. Here you can prove your expertise by answering questions and providing any links to where you have actually posted the answer.

6. Guest Post

People coming to your website can read your blogs, but what about those who don’t. In order to reach those people and expand your reach among a wider audience, you should start posting on other blogs. In the blog post, don’t try to promote your products or services and don’t even mention your website, if it is not relevant. The idea is to just drive some traffic to your website.

7. Publish on Medium

One of the best ways of making sure you reach a wider audience without increasing the amount of work is to republish your content on different platforms. Medium is one of the best examples of republication. Medium has a huge audience that is always hungry for content. Include a link back to your website on the article on Medium.

Let’s Wrap Up

Today we mentioned some of the best ways to follow, which are also not too difficult to perform, in order to boost your website traffic in 2019. Getting audience for your website is actually a bit tricky sometimes. It needs fresh content, new strategies, more efforts, keywords and more keywords.

Make the right use of keywords and strategies and you will definitely get more traffic for your website. Follow the above-mentioned ways and see if they work for you.

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