Major Link Building Tactics: Link Building Development Guide


Keval Padia

The process of obtaining hyperlinks from other websites to your own website is called link building. Basically, the link is a medium for users to navigate in between pages on the internet. The links are used by search engines in order to crawl the web. The crawling happens on individual pages and between entire websites.


Many SEO managers agree that link building is one of the most essential steps and also a bit difficult. But if you are able to master the art of link-building, it can help you move ahead of your competition. Our SEO experts at Nimblechapps have listed down some amazing link-building tactics for 2019 which we have talked about in this article.

1. Broken Link-building

This is one of the best link-building methods out of all. Here, you need to look for any web pages that are applicable to your niche. These links have to be either non-existent or linked to broken URLs. In order to avoid giving a bad user experience, so here is an opportunity for you to earn backlinks by helping. But this is only possible if the content that you are offering is relevant enough to the content presented initially. There is a high possibility that if you reach out to a webmaster regarding broken link-building it would allow you to replace the broken link so the visitors get the content that they deserve.

2. Link Recovering

Link recovering is probably the easiest technique. If you notice that your name or URL has been mentioned on a site, by clicking on it you can check if whether it redirects the links back to your web page. Once you are sure that it has a backlink and if there is a possibility of you offering something more valuable with the link, then you must contact the blogger. There is a major possibility that the blogger will be comfortable with it because your work has already been liked and mentioned in the blog by the blogger. This method can be used in cases where there is a broken page or there is no backlink.

3. Interviews

An interview can offer you ways to attract readers as well as links to your content. There are two ways in which high-quality links can be earned. One is being an interviewee, where you will be required to have a certain expertise in your field. In order to do this successfully, get in touch with individuals from your field. You can then build relationships with them so they can participate. Another way is by the way of being an interviewer. By adding interviews with other experts, the target audience receives valuable knowledge and you can earn good backlinks. The interview can help you in the way that the interviewee can add a link to your interview page.

4. Using Viral Content

There are different types of content on a website, but the viral content is the one which can take over the internet quickly. Your content can go viral if the audience feels it is either really amusing or informative. Any content that can arouse emotions and grabs a user’s attention and leads to more and more people sharing the link is viral content. You can use any viral content that is relatable to the niche of your website. Some good examples of viral content are amusing facts, breaking news, inspirational stories, trending content, surveys etc.

5. Commenting On Blogs and Forums

One of the most valuable link-building technique is to comment on blogs and forums. One great way of getting inbound links and also improving the visibility of your brand is by leaving insightful comments on a relevant post. Look for blogs with high-quality content which are relevant to your field. You can also receive the help of different blogs and forums relevant to your niche. Try doing this by leaving regular comments. This has been misunderstood by many and been used inappropriately. You need to make the comments strategically because that way you have more chances of gaining attention to your site.

Wrap Up

Backlinks can easily help you boost your rankings. Link building is an extremely important aspect of SEO, but a lot of businesses that are not receiving any SEO help would often miss this. The 5 major link-building tactics will help brands and businesses and getting more traction and increasing traffic on their website. Get in touch with Nimblechapps to know more about link-building techniques and SEO.

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