Developing an iOS Game App From Scratch


Keval Padia

There are certain games that come out every few years and are able to implement themselves into the cultural psyche like Pokémon Go, Flappy Bird, and Clash of Clans. These were definitely some of the most virtually successful games in the history of mobile games. Do you wish to make your own such iOS games? A lot of developers and companies work towards developing. Most of the iOS developers, be it for an app or a game, have the tools and frameworks required to make the app or game but lack a certain level of skill set. Most of the games that we see are developed or supported by big studios. They have a lot of different people doing different things, all on the same project. These can be game designers, sound experts, developers, or project managers.

If you are attempting to develop the iOS game independently, you will have to be all these people at once. Coding will be the first step that you need to be really good at. Then comes the graphic design. There will be sound effects added after that. After the entire production is over, it will be the time to market your game. Today we are going to talk about a few things that will help you develop an iOS game from scratch.

The Idea & Vision

If you want your game to be truly magnificent and well-accepted, then you need to come up with an out-of-the-box idea. A game like Pokémon Go or Flappy Bird didn’t just work itself out overnight. There were the viability and the usability of the game taken into consideration. When you blend an original idea with a beautiful vision, it will definitely work wonders. Research through the market and gather ideas about the game-play, background themes, characters, sounds, graphics, and a reward system. If you have an idea that is not worked on yet, then you must push it forward and develop your own original iOS game app.

Prerequisite Skills

When different talents come together and make their magic work, they can create something as beautiful as a mobile game. But when you are the only one playing several different roles at once, you will be required to possess a wider skill set. You must have all the required knowledge about X-Code, Swift, Objective-C, UI-Kit, Git, Unit Testing, Push Notifications, and In-App Purchases. All of these skills come together to help you build a superior iOS game app. Focus on learning the graphics in depth, that will help you a lot.

Using the Right Tools

1. Cocos2D -

A lot of developers make use of Cocos2D for developing iPhone games. It helps in making the game app development process faster and also easily compatible with both Swift and Objective-C.

2. Metal -

Metal is a tool exclusive to iOS. It helps you develop high-quality game visuals and disobeys all the hardware limitations imposed by iOS devices.

3. SDL -

SDL is a multi-platform graphics library which is quick and also supports in creating 2D graphics. There is no support for 3D games. It is the most suitable option for developing low-level iOS games.

Programming and Coding

1. Swift -

Swift is a lower-level language which is both light and flexible. It is powerful and allows developers to build fast-running apps. So developers do not have to opt for lengthy Objective C or C++.

2. Objective-C -

iOS game developers are well-versed with Objective-C. A lot of iOS development tutorials rely on Objective-C for conveying any instructions.

3. X-Code -

X-code is a free IDE that allows developing iOS games for Mac. It is available on Mac App Store for free. The languages that work with Xcode are Swift, Objective-C, and C++.

4. Third-Party Frameworks -

If you are not willing to work on Swift, you can choose other third-party app development frameworks like Ruby and Python. You don’t even have to learn any new aspects of using these frameworks.

Closing Thoughts:

There are a lot of different kinds of challenges involved in the journey of iOS app development. You will later be required to work on the music and sound effects of your game. After it is done, you will need to test your entire game app. This can be done by you or you can hire someone for testing. Then comes the final stage of releasing the app on the App Store. Make sure you have all the required material and knowledge to start the development process of the game app for iOS.

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