How Kotlin Supports Multi-Platform Native Development


Keval Padia

Kotlin is an expressive and concise programming language. It work with Java and is compatible with Android. Developers who are comfortable with working on Java can continue using it.

iOS app developers and Android app developers can also add Kotlin code additionally and then make use of Kotlin libraries. iOS app developers can introduce Kotlin into the existing code bases. This can be done without converting all the existing Java code to Kotlin. Many Android app developers feel that Kotlin is helpful in making development quicker.

Google has made Kotlin the official Android language. Due to this, cross-platform development has become easier. There are similarities between Kotlin and Swift. Developing an app across both Android and iOS is more intuitive, so it is good for mobile app development companies.

Developers are required to write all their codes in the target language for cross-platform development. Kotlin helps in easily sharing the code between Android and iOS. For iOS app developers who want their apps to reach Android users as well, this is a really good news.


Gradle is a versatile and open-source build automation tool. Developers can rely on Gradle for building it all. The features that make Gradle easy to use are:

  • Easily customizable
  • Quick and efficient in completing tasks
  • Gradle is the official Android build tool which supports multiple popular languages and technologies

Similarities and Differences Between Kotlin and Swift

Kotlin is often known as the Swift of Android. The syntax of Swift and Kotlin do not match, but there can more than 70% similarity in different parts of the code. Both languages are pretty transparent. Both are efficient and are appreciated by developers for the way they work.

Both Kotlin and Swift are secure and reliable for projects that are big in size. Both Kotlin and Swift are strong and static when it comes to typing. They are not too expansive but are easy to read. It is comfortable to work with both. They are interoperable with Java and Objective-C. One can be used in place of another for a new project and maintaining the old ones.

The similarities between the two languages help in native development for an app in both Android and iOS. But the apps on both platforms can not share a common code, of course. Due to the similarities in functions and syntax between both the languages, the approaches for functionality can also be similar. It becomes easier to develop, test, and maintain apps.

Choosing an IDE

An application that supports the development of applications is IDE. It is developed to assist developers for building software applications. It is done with an integrated environment that contains all the tools required for development. Apple created XCode as the original IDE. There are also alternatives like AppCode, Swifty, and Code Runner.

Application Lifecycle

iOS is considered to be better than Android’s system. The hooks provided on iOS match the lifecycle of the view. This makes the system easy and intuitive. The system-level concerns are hidden from the developers. Hooks depend on the state of the controller, when it comes to Android. The design here becomes faulty. It also creates a confusing system. The system-level complexity is then exposed to the developer.

Review Extension and Collision

At the time of signing up for an app, a major problem faced is the addressing of a large audience. Users might end up using similar usernames in order to log in. To avoid collisions and using the methods of extension reports can differ in different programming languages. Kotlin is supported by Android Studio. It supports the extension function.

Database and Network Options in Kotlin

The database development is easier in Kotlin. This is due to the replacement of Java. Developers can choose Kotlin-based apps in this case. They can communicate with the same language in the backend, instead of providing an interpreter.

UI Layout

A while ago, user interfaces were made in XML. Due to this, the converting from Android to iOS is difficult for developers. But with the help of Kotlin, the UI can be designed easily. The look of the app can be a hybrid, that is, of both Android and iOS.

Because Android is written in Java, it is preferred by many Android app developers. Kotlin is no longer just a trend. It is soon going to become a standard for Android development.

How we can help?

The debate between choosing Java or Kotlin is quite common. Kotlin offers several advantages. A Java developer can learn Kotlin in just a few hours. The safety and concision offered by Kotlin is more in comparison to a Java code. It is possible for Kotlin and Java files to exist together in Android apps. Kotlin is not only useful for new apps, but also for existing Java apps that are planning to expand. Cross-platform development can become much easier and simpler, when Kotlin is used in both Android and iOS app development. This way, Kotlin can help iOS app developers in reaching out to Android users. Contact Us at Nimblechapps for more information.

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