Creative Ways of Making Use of PHP


Keval Padia

PHP is a core server-side programming language for the web. It powers the majority of WordPress. PHP helps in doing some really important functions like saving content to a database, reading content from a database, writing loops and conditional statements, pulling in files like images, and pulling in WordPress specific information.

There are many ways PHP can be really helpful to app developers and you can make use of it to make your website even more attractive. With PHP, the possibilities are endless because you can write your own PHP scripts and execute widely available scripts from anywhere on the web. Here are some creative ways of using PHP. Graphical User Interface. PHP installation can be extended in order to create desktop applications. This can prove to be a bit challenging as you need to have extensive knowledge of PHP. It might actually be easier to build desktop applications using other languages. But if you prefer PHP then there are certain PHP extensions that can be used like PHP GTK. It is a popular open source platform which helps in implementing the GIMP toolkit.

1. Project Management Tools -

Project Management is a key aspect of any business, be it for a freelancer or a development firm. In order for your clients to check and the progress of a project and provide feedback on it, they would require project management tools. There are several web-based project management tools. Basecamp is one of the best. If you have in-depth knowledge of PHP and some knowledge of Javascript, you can easily build your own project management tools. The aspects that the tool must cover are time tracking, security, file sharing, and collaborative to-do lists. You can add or remove features according to your preferences.

2. E-Commerce -

One of the major uses of PHP can be seen in e-commerce websites. Businesses are always looking out for opportunities in order to create additional ways of generating income, be it a small business or an established business. If you already know how to integrate e-commerce features or create new e-commerce site of your own, you have a great advantage here.

3. There are ways of doing it -

You can either code the entire application right from the beginning or you can try and implement a PHP framework. If you are already familiar with PHP, you can make use of CakePHP or CodeIgniter. There are options for integrating PayPal within your site with the help of ready-made scripts. These frameworks have detailed and extensive documentation, you can choose the one based on your personal preference.

4. Facebook Applications -

Integrating Facebook with your PHP site is fairly easy. You may have developed a Facebook application using another language or even if you are planning to get started on the application using PHP as the language you can receive help from Facebook developer’s wiki. The Facebook developer’s wiki can prove to be helpful in the way that it guides you using detail instructions for installing and using the files that are already available in your library. This is something you must look into if you are particularly interested in working on programming or developing applications for the Facebook platform.

5. Online Community -

Your website can be about anything- entertainment, products or services, you will require your users to feel connected to the core message. Suppose there is a product that you are offering. There has to be a forum that all the users can use to talk about any problems they face with the product and discuss and solve it. When you offer an online community, all your users can gather in one place and discuss their issues. You can try and build your own PHP-driven online community. There are also scripts available based on which you can build an online community.


PHP is a popular language which offers a wide range of functions, a good community, frameworks etc. You can make use of PHP on all major operating systems. PHP also supports most web servers and databases. PHP wasn’t really considered a suitable language for a while at least for large web application development. It was majorly used on small projects. Today the PHP App Development Companies have been able to win the trust of client’s needs and specifications. Thanks to the PHP frameworks, the capabilities of the language have been expanded.

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