Single Page Website Design: Trends, Tips & UX Advice for 2022


Keval Padia

A lot of times websites work better with a single page design. These kind of pages are mostly landing pages, product sites, or portfolio pages. The approach to having a single page design can have you facing a few limitations but at the same time it can be extremely useful in certain situations. You want your single page web design to have little content but good branding and clean navigation. But what are the other trends involved? In this article we are going to talk about the design trends, helpful UX tips, and modern take on web design.

12 - Single Page Website Design: Trends, Tips & UX Advice for 2022:

1. Don’t confuse

Don’t expect your visitors to know who you are, what you do, and what you are offering. In order to make your identity clear, make use of text and images. The homepage should be able to tell the visitors if they have reached the right destination.

2. Using multiple devices

Now that we have so many different digital devices, you would require your website to work on all those different devices. So you will have to make sure your homepage design works in the same way it does on the web.

3. Testing and updating

Testing is one of the best ways to keep a track at all the changes occurring. This is not just a tip but a part of the regular process of maintaining your website and achieving progress. It allows you to know what your customers need. You can do this by keeping the content, text, images etc relevant and useful.

4. Color Scheme

The color scheme you use for your website tells a lot about your brand, and it is one of the first thing that helps in creating an impression on the visitors. The color scheme that is successful at evoking a certain emotion in your customer is the one that is useful. You will have to know which color schemes works out best for your products and brand.

5. Using the white space

You must get rid of all the pictures, videos, content, and design that is unnecessary to your website and only works adds clutter. Keeping the white space and only adding what’s useful can put effort on the core information and helps you keep your design balanced.

6. Load Time

Your visitors anyway have a limited attention span and they really hate waiting for a website to load. To offer a better experience to the users, make your website load time quicker. It can also help in optimizing your site.

7. User Feedback

To build trust among your visitors you need to prove that you are responsible and reliable. For this you need to follow what your users are saying about your website and brand. Follow it and make sure you take it in the right spirit, because this will help you in improving how you work.

8. Corporate Culture

An ideal homepage is the one that integrates several things like your team, your goals and intentions, the environment you are working in and your social values. You can add pictures and feedback of your team members.

9. Search Box

A search box can prove to be really helpful. It allows the users to find what they are looking for in a quick manner.

10. Blog

A blog can be a good way to represent what you work on, what your brand represents, and a good marketing and promoting strategy. You can add a features list that can help your potential customers in knowing what exactly they are getting into.

11. Navigation

Having proper navigation will in turn help the user in following the design easily, explore your website, and find the thing that they need. Visitors might need to ask for help whenever a problem occurs. This is where a good navigation becomes useful to guide the customers in the right direction and helping them achieve what they want.

12. Typography and font

Along with adding pictures, you will also need to present your content in alluring typography that is easy on the eyes of your users. Use headlines, bullet points, short paragraphs, tables etc.


The tips and trends presented here in this article might not be useful for all kinds of websites. But you will need to realise which tips and trends work best for your single page web design and apply those accordingly. Do contact us today for further details about our services.

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