Leveraging Social Media to Grow in the Industry


Keval Padia

In the digital age, social media is one of the best channels that can be utilized by brands to interact with their customers. The size of the company doesn’t really matter here. Social media can definitely help a brand get recognition through its channels, irrespective of the size. There are several other marketing and promotional channels which can be utilized, but social media is something that connects to almost everyone, so it is easier to reach people through that.

Through social media startups and developers are offered cost-effective ways of generating a buzz. The trick is to use the right amount of social media and leveraging the medium in particular ways. Social media strategy must be developed for this, and for that, the marketers will be required to do some research.

Let’s jump into how developers can leverage social media.

1. Identify Your Target Market -

The first and foremost step is to identify the target market you are focusing. You really need to know who are the people who are going to buy your products and services and approach them. Once you are clear about the demographics, you will be able to reach the customers better.

2. Make a Strategy -

The target audience will themselves give you ideas about what you need to do without your social media campaign, of course, indirectly. You will then have to create strategies to achieve that goal. Know whether you will have to use ads and influencers? Or what content you will be posting and how often you will be doing it?

3. Create Value -

Social media is a medium where you must create some kind of value. Offer the right content that is targeted towards your demographics. Make sure what you are saying is reaching to your customers. Information that is valuable will only be given attention, everything else is just spam on social media. You can create value through videos, pictures, guides, and infographics.

4. Use The Tools Properly -

Social media offers several tools which are considered to be hidden, but if you do proper research and are well-versed with the social media platforms you will know how to make use of those tools. These tools allow you to post great content and ideas and spread them over all the social media platforms. Social media is not just about posting content, but posting content smartly.

5. Tracking Your Competitors -

Social media is a good platform to see what your competitors are working on. Keyword research helps with tracking your competitors the most. It’s not at all a bad idea to be influenced by your competitor’s social media tricks and using them for yourself. But be smart while using it for your own. You can use those tricks and try and make them better in your own way.

6. Networking -

Social media is the best place to network with all the right kinds of people and brands. This can help you gain a lot of followers and influencers without even spending money and resources on it. Networking with influencers means that you are covering a larger number of people, a bigger demographic. Choose the right influencers and make the right connections with them.

7. It’s Not About Promoting -

Social media is not always about promoting your product or brand. Promotion is just a little part of social media, the other part is to create something of value and making connections over the platform. Don’t always make silly efforts at trying to sell your products to people. Follow the right techniques and people will buy your products.

8. Be Patient -

Social media doesn’t give instant results, at least when it comes to increasing sales. You can give out the best content, influence thousands of people, connect with some of the best influencers, but the results can take a bit of time to show up for which you will have to be patient.

Take Advantage of Social Media:

There are several social media channels available where you can start by getting in touch with your target audience and influencers. But don’t forget to create a strategy and follow it. These tips can help app development companies leverage the social media platforms to grow among in the industry. Follow these trends and your mobile app will go places.

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