Tips to Create Clubhouse Lookalike App: App Developer Guide


Keval Padia

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our daily lives. Social distancing norms and pandemic induced lockdown have changed the way we connect and engage with our peers. It has shifted our focus to find alternatives for communication and entertainment, and hence it has enhanced the digital sector. The digital media industry has received an incredible boost in the last few years. A study from October 2020 states that more than four billion people use digital media channels every month. One of the most recent entries in this genre is the Clubhouse app.

The Clubhouse app has started a new era in social media by an invite-only model. We checked out the app and want to explain how to develop an app like Clubhouse. In simple words, Clubhouse is a live-streaming audio-chat app. In this app, users can readily listen to the discussion of others or can start their own conference. The Clubhouse app became an overnight sensation when Elon Musk used it and the active users became 2 million. In this article, we will discuss the Clubhouse app and how much does it cost to build an app like Clubhouse.

Tips to develop a Clubhouse type App:

The popularity of Clubhouse can be linked to its simplicity. The application has features like feed, rooms, clubs, search and profile, but they are just enough to make thousands of people want an exclusive invite. Now, let us check how to add that type of functionality:

1. Onboarding

Clubhouse creators tried their level best to make users comfortable with the app. You begin with a Welcome page and start with your profile setup:


There are two options: “Get your username,” which will put you on the waiting list for time being or you can choose the “Sign in” option if you have an invite. Here, if you receive an SMS code, you use this code to begin registration. Interestingly, Clubhouse provides integration for both Instagram and Twitter, used for sign-in or for searching people you know. If you wish to enter your information manually, you can add your name and make a Clubhouse username.

2. Clubhouse Invitation

This invitation feature has to be one of the most important features of a Clubhouse like application. This is because it provides a sense of exclusivity. As a Clubhouse user, it is possible to send invites to two other people:


Typically, there are three ways a user can participate in Clubhouse:

  • Register on an online waiting list.
  • Get an invite from a Clubhouse user.
  • Buyan invite.

There are rumours that you can buy or sell Clubhouse invites on eBay. The price can vary from USD 30 to USD 20,000 according to anNYTimes report.

3. Clubhouse Feed 

The feed includes events hosted by people and clubs you follow.


Just like other social networking mediums, the feed contains two distinct lists: one for upcoming events and the other for the ones coming up later. It is important to have a simple feed functionality to build an app like Clubhouse.

4. Clubhouse Rooms

For this step, you have to tap the “start a room” option. Basically, there are three kinds of rooms like Open, social and closed. If you want to start a session, it is possible to create a room with a basic architecture including a list of speakers, search options, “raise hand” and “leave quietly” buttons.


If you are not the host, you will be on mute, to begin with. The moderator can then decide which of the participants can participate. You can sit quietly and speak only if the host wants you to react. If the host invites you on the stage, you can mute or unmute your microphone to become a speaker. When you start a new room, you will be the host/moderator by default.

5. Clubhouse User Profile

The user profile is quite simple and features a picture and a short description of the existing users. It will be that simple and leave the rest to your imagination. During conversations, users tend to swipe profile pictures to express themselves.


6. Clubhouse Clubs

Every Clubhouse user can create a club once they have attended three-room conversations. In your club, you can host private or public groups.


The club structure is basically just like every other feature on the Clubhouse app. Every club consists of a club name, logo or image, a short description and members. There is a “Follow” button; so once you follow a club, you will get notifications when there is a conversation that you can participate in.

7. Clubhouse Search

If you are looking to develop an application like Clubhouse, the search feature must be your top priority. In the application, you can look for users and clubs by their usernames, and for conversations using particular topics. It is also possible to conduct a search within a room during a conversation.


What is the estimated cost to Develop an App like Clubhouse?

To answer your question, a basic social networking application can cost you around $60,000 -75,000 and the development time can be between 9-12 months. Please note that this calculation is done on the basis of an average developer rate of $25 per hour in India. If you wish to add more complex features, the cost will increase. A complex social media app can cost around $200,000 and the development time can take more than a year.

Here are some of the main reasons affecting the total cost of Clubhouse-like app development:

  1. Size and location of the IT company - you may choose to develop the app in-house or outsource it to an experienced mobile app development company. It is best to hire a remote development team that has the skill and expertise to handle such projects.
  2. Complex Features - The more features you have, the higher the cost and development time will be.
  3. Infrastructure and APIs - If your app will have a lot of incoming data, the back-end will have to be planned to make sure there is quick scalability.
  4. UI/UX Design Complexity - The cost will depend on the number of screens, distinct elements, total custom illustrations, animations and more.
  5. Branding - If you want to include multiple logo variants and other branding, it will add to the cost of the project.
  6. Number of Platforms - The cost is different depending on the need for a native or a hybrid app, and the total number of platforms to be targeted.

How is developing a Clubhouse type app beneficial for business?

As a business owner, how can you take advantage of Clubhouse or social media apps with similar features? Let us discuss three main advantages of apps like Clubhouse for a business:

- Grow Your Business

Clubhouse and other voice-chat applications enable you to develop a group of users who can be your potential customers. You can start by attracting them to your app with quality content related to their industry and display your expertise. Once they identify you as an industry leader, they will be likely to do business with you.

 - Reach out to a Wider Audience

Compared to other audio-chat applications, Clubhouse provides a stage to share your ideas and information with a wider audience. You can share your ideas with a max of 100 people at a time on Zoom and 1,000 people on google Meet. This when compared with the 5,000 user limit is an important upgrade.

 - Connect with like-minded people

It is the perfect opportunity to connect and interact with people from your niche. With the range of topics discussed on the app daily and the variety of experts on the platform, you can always find the right person for any situation. Whether you are hiring for your next project, looking for a collaboration or a new partner, building a Clubhouse like app provides endless opportunities to do that.

There are chances that soon we might see many alternate voice-chat apps coming to capture the market but Clubhouse will always reap the benefits of being the first of its kind app.

Wrapping Up:

Clubhouse is a unique application that has shown great possibilities to become a pathbreaking app. Hence, tech giants like Facebook, Twitter, Discord etc., are also looking to build a similar app which will be their answer to Clubhouse. But, if you simply copy Clubhouse, you will need to fight for the users’ attention. It is the perfect time for you to launch your own Clubhouse-like app in the market. Find a suitable App Development company for your app development outsource and start the app development process now.

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