From Lost to First Page: How to Be Seen in Google


Laurel Santos

The business sector is becoming more competitive with the help of new technological advancements. The internet, especially, has become a playing field for companies to get potential customers from. This is the reason why most of them have turned to various tactics like SEO. Those in the Philippines are even utilizing it to bring traffic to their websites.

It is important to note, however, that this cannot be easily done. It is not that simple to be seen on the top page of search engines like Google. But it is also not entirely impossible. Here are some tips to help you do it:

Produce Unique Content:

Producing unique content should be number one on your list in order to be seen on Google’s first page. Remember that there are too many websites and blogs on the internet, which is why it’s vital for your posts to stand out amongst the competition.

Also, don’t underestimate the power of producing contagious content for it can very much catch the attention of people, who will surely link your website and blog to their friends through various social media channels.

Off-page Optimization and Backlinks:

Off-page optimization or the practice of building links is an important step to carry out, if you really want your website to rank high on Google. Essentially, it’s the one thing SEO experts can agree upon. They say that it can pretty much attribute to a successful SEO campaign 80% of the time.

Backlinks, basically, are the key driving force in this technique. Here are some tips when producing them:

Competitor analysis–

You must begin your link building process by assessing your biggest competitors. Analyze and match the majority of the links they have already posted. Then, find a way to create links they have not made yet. By doing this, you can gain the attention of their readers and easily surpass their rankings.

Guest blogging–

The general idea for guest blogging is to obtain a link to your webpage posted on a blog/website that has already been established. These links are difficult to acquire, which is why they carry a large weight in Google. Take note that it is important to establish a good relationship with a network of people willing to reference your website in their content.

Join a site with a social networking component –

Websites like Delicious, StumbleUpon, and HubPages facilitate collaboration and interactive information sharing. They would let you post backlinks on your articles – which you will post on their sites – to help you create links to your website. Just make sure you don’t post duplicates on these pages because they will just get filtered out in the end.

Online testimonials –

Another great way you can create backlinks from legitimate websites is by always providing online testimonials to your business partners, vendors, and suppliers. It would especially help if you include strategic keywords into them. Don’t forget to hyperlink them back to your own website, particularly on the appropriate webpage.

Link request to your network connections –

Building a good connection with your network is important, especially since it can provide a great opportunity for backlinks. Ask these people, including your friends, family members, business contacts, distributors, and even your school if they could possibly create a link to your website on their own webpages. Chances are they will give you one, if you have been good to them.

Register with Google Search Console:

Lastly, you need to register your website with Google Search Console. It is a free service that enables you to do the following:

  • Provide you with an index of your website and its sitemap
  • Check all your backlinks
  • Make sure Google is not encountering any errors with your website
  • Inform Google if your website has different versions for various countries
  • View all the search queries that drive traffic to your site

Aside from all that, registering your page in it will notify Google that your website actually exists!

Keep all these things in mind and follow them through so your website can go from being lost to being posted on Google’s first page!

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