The Significant Changes We Have Seen in the SEO Industry


Laurel Santos

Being one of the trusted search engine optimization providers in the country, SEO Hacker is using the cutting-edge SEO tools and best techniques to deliver exceptional service to their clients, making sure that they land in the first page of search engines, such as Google. They make sure that they are well-informed and adaptive in the continuous update of Google’s algorithm.

Just like any other industries, SEO undergone several changes and innovations since its inception. These updates drastically transformed how the game is being done. As an SEO enthusiast or expert, it is essential that you are equipped with the current trends and updates to be able to stay on the track and reach your goal. Here are few of the several significant changes in the search engine optimization industry that you need to be acquainted for.

Content Marketing:

Did you know that the content is considered as the soul of a good SEO? This is why content marketing is needed more than ever. A compelling and credible content is a surefire way to optimize your website and draw heavy traffic into your website.

Content may come in various forms. Here are some of the types of content you might want to incorporate into your website.

- Blog posts - Guides - Infographics - Podcasts - Videos

Make sure to consider your target audience first before crafting your content. The type of content should be helpful to your target audience and clearly sends the message you want to convey.

Social Media:

For the past few years, social media has been growing and drastically transform the way people communicate, may it be personal or business, and socialize in the web. Incorporating social media into your SEO techniques will surely help you attract visitors into your website since a lot of people preferred social media as their platform of either communication or entertainment. Here are few of the advantages of utilizing social media in building your brand:

The range of positive impacts of social media in SEO industry will surely grow in the coming years. As a digital marketer, you should be able to be well-informed in the changing trends in social media so you can fully utilize it and integrate into your SEO strategies.

The Shift From Desktop To Mobile:

For the past years, the percentage of mobile users grows significantly. And with this, it gives us a hint that mobiles are here to stay. Therefore, mobile marketing will become one of the efficient marketing strategies in the business scene.

In fact, in April 2015, Google had released brand new mobile-friendly ranking algorithm. The goal of this innovation is to boost the ranking of the mobile-friendly pages in the Google’s mobile search results.

Digital marketers should be able to align their SEO strategies with the growing shift in the mobile. For example, the accelerated mobile pages or AMP is an open-source coding system, which aids publishers or mobile marketers to appropriately load their website in a certain mobile device, as quickly as possible. This should be used by digital marketers to make sure that their website will be loaded efficiently in different mobile devices and provide an excellent user experience.

The industry of SEO continues to change and grow at lightning speed. Mentioned in this article are just few of the significant changes we have seen in SEO industry for the past years. With this, search engine optimization will surely remain as one of the biggest thing in online community in the coming years.

Being efficient in the SEO industry is not an overnight success since there are no shortcuts in learning and adapting to the trends and updates of this growing industry. Hence, being acquainted with the changes will certainly help you reach your goal.

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