AdWords Practices B2B Companies Must Follow


Keval Padia

Now that the markets have become increasingly competitive, it’s becoming extremely difficult for B2B businesses to manage AdWords effectively. The competition is high but the search volume is low. This will result in an extremely costly Cost Per Clicks. According to Google, the 20% of All Queries are Made by Voice. AdWords are also time-consuming and hard to optimize. Running ads while making use of AdWords proves to be more expensive than running ads on any other social media platforms. So if you are not optimizing your account, the cost of an ad will add up faster.

Here are the Best Adwords Practices B2b Companies Must follow:

1. Create a Budget -

Deciding on a budget will be the first step towards optimizing your AdWords account. You must consider a few things while deciding on a ads budget. Firstly, set a particular amount that you would like to give towards AdWords for the year. Now depending on the business and industry you work in, check when do you have high-conversions and when the conversion decreases. Google Analytics will give you a better understanding of typically slow periods for your company. Once the annual budget is set, decide the daily budget. Hire different professionals for this.

2. Using Negative Keywords -

In order to make the best use of your budget, you will have to look out for any new keywords which are relevant to your business or industry. Look out for any term or phrase that is considered negative. The keywords that are not relevant to your product or will not lead to conversion are known as negative keywords. Make use of the Search Terms report. There are two types of searches you should place in your negative terms list. Let's Find Out What's New! Development and Distribution of Custom B2B App for iOS

- Irrelevant Searches

An irrelevant search is the one which is basically a direct result of having used a very broad phrase match. These are the kind of searches that have nothing to do with the products or services your business has to offer. When there is an irrelevant search, you will end up blowing all your budget on traffic that is never going to convert.

- Unqualified Traffic

Another type of search that you should exclude is unqualified traffic. When an individual is at the research phase of the sales funnel and is not actually ready to make a purchase, then that is unqualified traffic. Focus on search quality in order to convert people. This also depends on the product or service you offer, the business or industry you work in, whether your brand is local or global.

3. Ad Extensions -

Ad extensions will help your ads with more room on the search results. The extra text on the ad makes you standout and provides more information which leads to more value. Making use of ad extensions will also increase your CTR. You must use extensions and test new ones to convert a higher rate for your business

4. Competitor Research -

Taking a look at what your competition is working on is important. This will help you provide the best value and also find better opportunities to boost conversions. You will know how your competitors are working and that will give you an idea on how to improve your functions.

5. Landing Pages -

You need to build your landing page for mobile users first, as that is where the majority of searches come from. Your design should be able to provide an overall positive user experience. Performing an action must be easy for the user. Both your ad copy and the copy on your landing page must be the same. If you are using a banner ad, the imagery and the colors should also match. Both your ads and landing pages must have a uniform design.

6. Targeting Locations -

It is important for a local business owner to set a targeting location. This way the AdWords are only shown in certain locations. The location can be set by town, city, state, or country. Setting a location will be helpful as you will be able to avoid users from regions where your customers don’t exist.


Concluding Note:

Every company wants the best and would want to make the best use of AdWords. Every click counts and relevant clicks are even more important. A business must do anything and everything is its control in order to improve those ads. No doubt AdWords are difficult to optimize.

Now go!

If needed, take help from SEO experts at Nimblechapps who know about AdWords in detail as this will help your business in the long run. Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!

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