10 Great tools to find LinkedIn emails and other contact information


Neelay Udani


A LinkedIn email finder is software that is used to extract email addresses from LinkedIn profiles. It is widely used in sales and marketing to reach out to potential customers. These tools are either proper software or chrome extension. Most of these tools also offer a mobile number extraction feature which is an add-on.

All the tools mentioned here are free or partially free. You can try trial versions of all the tools and decide which one you should subscribe to depending on your needs.

Table Of Contents.

  1. Apollo.io
  2. Pipi Leads
  3. Contact Out
  4. Kendo
  5. Lusha
  6. Snov.io
  7. Aero Leads
  8. Hunter.io
  9. Leadjet
  10. Skrapp


Apollo.io is an easy-to-use simple email extractor with wide functionality. It allows you to directly integrate emails and data to CRMs like Hubspot and salesforce. It also allows you to download CSV files.

On Sign-up, It gives you 50 free credits, which can be used to find email addresses. It is a widely used tool because of its high success rate. It is one of the very few tools which gives 50 free credits on sign-up, which redeems every month.

PIPI Leads

The best source for verified and validated, Up to date, and live business contact information. You can download the extension from the chrome web store.

It uses state of the art technology to find and verify exact email addresses. Another unique feature is it lets you share credits with your colleague. You can also filter the search by job profile, company, Job title, employee size, etc. This way, you can fast-track your extract process.

Contact Out

Contact easily via email and phone numbers. This extension also allows you to organize data into folders and share it with your colleagues. The dashboard is smooth and easy to use. Personal emails can also be found along with organization emails.

It promises 97% accuracy for the email address it finds, which is more than any other tool out there. It also offers a way to communicate directly with the prospect.

Kendo E-mail

Kendo will assist you in finding and verifying business and private email addresses and phone numbers so you can connect with the ideal prospects for your business.

Kendo’s powerful chrome extension supports LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, and Recruiter. It's small pop-up button at the right corner is easy to use, fast and fun. You can also automate your lead generation and prospects data enrichment with Kendo's powerful API Get contact information directly into your favorite CRM or ATS.


While other email-finding tools focus on finding professional email addresses, Lusha focuses on private ones, which especially helps recruiters. The authenticity is very high compared to other tools in the market.

Lusha is a very useful and effective tool for marketers and sales representatives as well, making it easier for them to get contact information for prospective sales leads, making the process of connecting as well as converting leads a more smooth process.


Snov.io search capabilities perhaps aren’t as successful as some of its competitors, but it does offer one of the best free plans. The tool is good for more cost-effective users who aren’t planning on needing more than 50-100 verifications in a month.

Aero Leads

Aero leads verify all the emails in real time, so the database is updated daily. Again, it is not as effective as other email extraction tools, but it does give free credits on sign up which is ideal for minimal usage.

Aero leads offer all-in-one chrome extensions and also offer CRM integration options.


This Email Finder is all you require to connect with any working professional. It keeps all our data in the same place— You won’t need any other 3rd party applications to store the data. It can also be integrated with the CRM software of your choice.

It lets you a bulk email which is one of the best features of this extension.


Leadjet helps you reach your targets by adding contacts and synchronizing messages from LinkedIn to your CRM portal.

It works best with Hubspot, Salesforce, Sales navigator, etc. Its autofill feature will help save you time. Leadjet brings the CRM to LinkedIn. It significantly improves our workflow and ensures that nothing gets lost, so our sales and marketing teams are on the same page.


Find authentic professional email addresses from Linkedin in no time. Gather important business data and connect with people that matter.

Find the email addresses of any professional in large size from Linkedin and launch your email outreach campaign almost instantly. Enrich your email lists with access to thousands of up-to-date business data and professional email addresses.

Now that you have the choice to select Linkedin email extractor do let us know how you liked it and have any questions. Happy Selling :)

Neelay Udani
Business Development Executive

Neelay Udani is a full time sales enthusiast and part time comedian. He has worked in various domains particularly venture capitalism and IT sales. Currently working for a UK based tech-firm, He specialises in lead generation, Business development and marketing.


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