Key Features for a Perfect Grocery Store App


Keval Padia

It was predicted that one-third of world online customers will start shopping for groceries online from 2016 onwards. This was said to make way for mCommerce in order to satisfy the next big opportunity. This was proposed by Morgan Stanley Research and it happened exactly that way.

The younger lot don’t really enjoy going out to the mall or the shopping centers to get their groceries. If store owners have grocery shopping apps for their online selling business, they can make it easier for a lot of youngsters and working professionals to buy groceries online. There are several grocery apps out there and almost everyone has one or two grocery apps on their phones.

This is mainly because grocery shopping has driven a large number of people to do all their daily shopping online. Some might wonder why the regular grocery stores would have an app of their own. The reasons are this creates an excellent opportunity to do business and get even more sales than before. Mobile apps for online grocery store can help scale up grocery stores and also increase their revenue.

Features Required for a Perfect Grocery App:

1. Searching for products -

To make sure that your users have a pleasant experience with your grocery store app, you must offer a favorable inventory experience. This can be done by making it easier for them to find the items they are looking for. This can be done by optimizing the browsing structure and search functionality that is added in the app. The products should be grouped in a logical order, use photos or icons, make your app quick and responsive, add smart search, and display items clearly.

2. Shopping Lists -

There are different shopping lists created by users for different situations. There is one feature that a lot of grocery store apps often miss out on while developing their app. They don’t add the feature where a user can create a shopping list of regular items they buy frequently. This would help the shopper in creating shopping lists quickly and thus the users tend to buy these things even more frequently than usual.

3. Navigation -

The best things about the shopping app should be the easy navigation. This can be done by incorporating correct aisle location. You can offer a map view with detailed information. You can also offer barcode scanning which will elevate the whole user experience. By scanning, the shoppers can get to know about the pricing, reviews, and other general information.

4. Coupons -

The coupons must be integrated in a way that makes it easy to find the most relevant deals for shoppers. Filtering, sorting and looking out for coupons is an intuitive process. Once the shopper selects a coupon, make sure there is a feature to add it to the cart. The coupons should be synced instantly with any rewards or loyalty card, instead of waiting for a particular time.

5. Checkout -

Speedy checkout is one of the best things about online grocery shopping. A lot of brands are playing with this idea of integrating a scan-as-you-go feature so you need not wait while all your products are being scanned together at the end. You already have the receipt in your hand.

6. Offer a Personalized Experience -

A lot of people are already using mobile apps to buy grocery items, but they are expecting that new features are integrated into the app to create new ways of interacting with the users. Allow the app to learn the shopping and in-app behavioral patterns of the shopper. Offer personalized deals and recommend relevant products. Integrate 3D store navigation to guide the shoppers in the physical store. By personalizing the app, you add convenience and also build loyalty from customers.

Concluding Note

Apps for grocery stores have recently started to increase in number. They are still not explored in the way they should have been. App developers are looking for more new features and functionalities to incorporate into the app so they can offer a more personalized and wholesome experience to the users. They don’t want it to be just grocery shopping. They want the users to experience something unique with the grocery apps. There is a lot of strategies involved in this along with the design and development.

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