Major Influencer Marketing Aspects You Must Take a Look at


Keval Padia

The process of obtaining hyperlinks from other websites to your own website is called link building. Basically, the link is a medium for users to navigate in between pages on the internet. The links are used by search engines in order to crawl the web. The crawling happens on individual pages and between entire websites.

Many SEO managers agree that link building is one of the most essential steps and also a bit difficult. But if you are able to master the art of link-building, it can help you move ahead of your competition. Our SEO experts at Nimblechapps have listed down some amazing influencer marketing tactics for 2019 which we have talked about in this article.

1. Instagram Stories -

Instagram stories have been an important part of marketing this year. Instagram was able to overthrow Snapchat stories in less than a year. Instagram stories have majorly been successful because of the influencers and their work. The influencers have paved a new path for using Instagram stories creatively and reaching more followers. Brands have been able to do a lot of things like tagging, adding links, creating ads etc. Instagram stories have given the influencers the freedom to create content and drive results.

2. Video Marketing -

Another big contributor to influencer marketing last year was video marketing. Almost three-quarters of internet traffic is directed towards video marketing. People have started showing less interest in written content and even the attention span is getting shorter. Videos are twice as engaging and effective. Videos also feel more authentic than text. There are going to be more experiments with video in the coming year.

3. Performance Indicator -

It is important to measure how effective the campaign is and what the ROI will be. So there have to be strong metrics that have to be set before launching. These metrics are engagement, followers, hashtags, website traffic etc. You will need to figure the performance indicators that you will be using for your brand and products.

4. Authentic Influencers -

While using influencer marketing, it is extremely important to connect with social media figures that are both credible and authentic. There are so many influencers out there, many of them are fake and have become influencers by the way of buying followers on social media. This is can be really bad for your brand. Brands will now have to be even more cautious than before so as to figure out which influencers to work with.

5. Budget -

Demand for influencers is only going to go higher and with that, the cost and value of their services will also increase. Brands will have to offer something other than just free products. If that doesn’t happen, influencers will only become more selective about who they work with. So the budgets also have to be increased.

Final Thoughts:

Have you tried influencer marketing yet? 2018 is almost over and if you haven’t taken advantage of the most recent trend in marketing then you are wasting a golden opportunity. Make the most of influencer marketing, start by trying out a few small influencers.

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