11-Advantages of Using Angular App Development for Your Project


Keval Padia

In the 2018 Stack Overflow survey, Angular has been at the second position as the most used technology after Node.js. It is very clear why Angular is ranked so high. Angular app development framework features robust components that are helpful for developers in writing easy-to-use, readable code, and also maintaining it. You must also know that despite all the advantages and strengths, there are times when a tool will work against you. So it is important to choose the right tool that will help in speeding up the development and also cutting the cost. Today we will talk about why we must use Angular, its imperfections and what projects it can be used for.

An Overview

Built-in TypeScript, Angular.js App Development Platform that helps to create client-side of applications. It was formerly known as Angular.js when released in 2010. It was designed to make single-page web applications. With the growing popularity of SPAs, Angular grew popular too. Then came tools like React that offered a wide variety of functions. This pushed Angular towards thinking of something more and better. Since then there has been a constant improvement in the way Angular is conducted and used. This is what makes it the most beloved tool by frontend developers.

What are some strengths of Angular?

1. Documentation.

Angular provides detailed documentation. Developers can easily find all the necessary information. This allows developers to come up with quick technical solutions and solving any issues.

2. Support.

One major reason why developers like Angular app development platform is the support received from Google. This makes Angular more trustworthy. The developers at Angular have made it official that Google will be providing support to Angular on a long-term basis.

3. Third-party Components.

There are a lot of options for additional tools and third-party components which can be used in Angular apps. This helps in providing more functionality and improves productivity.

4. Architecture.

According to the component-based architecture, an app can be split into logical and functional components. These can be replaced and used in other parts of the app as well. Because the component is independent it makes it easier to test the app.

5. Compiler.

TypeScript and HTML are converted into JavaScript with the help of the compiler. To render the app much faster, the code is compiled even before your web app loads.

6. CLI.

CLI helps in automating the development process. It makes app initialization, configures, and develops as easily as possible. It lets you create a new Angular project, adding features, and running unit test and end-to-end tests.

7. Elements.

Developers are allowed to add custom elements to a web app built with Vue, React, or jQuery.

8. Ivy Renderer.

Ivy Renderer helps in translating an app’s components into JavaScript code. The tree shaking technique is pretty well known. Any unused code is removed to make it small and clear.

9. Angular Material.

The material design elements for Angular allows a developer to integrate UI components easily.

10. Dependency.

Dependency injection is all about how one object will offer the dependencies of a certain object. How different components are connected together and how a change in one part can affect the entire code is all shown by dependency. Dependency Injection helps in making a code easy to read and maintain. But it is also a bit time-consuming and sometimes it may be difficult to create dependencies.

11. Angular universal.

Angular Universal is used for server-side rendering. It helps by allowing web crawlers in improving your app’s rank on a search engine. It also helps in decreasing the load time of a page and improving the performance of the app on a mobile device. All this can help in bringing in more users and visitors on your web app.

Projects that can benefit from Angular

  • Any app with dynamic content.
  • Enterprise web apps.
  • Progressive web apps.

Projects that wouldn’t require Angular

  • SEO-optimized websites.
  • Short-term projects.
  • Any website that is lightweight with static content.
  • Any app that has a micro-service design approach.

Wrap up

A lot of popular web apps like YouTube, NBA, Google Cloud have been built using Angular. Angular showcases various strengths that can be extremely useful in developing a web app. If you require more information on Angular or need to hire Angular app developers, Check our projects and contact us!

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