Expected iOS and Android App Development Trends for 2019


Keval Padia

Recently, mobile development has played a great role in generating online traffic and has definitely surpassed several channels like laptops and desktops. Everyday mobile development goes through several changes and it is in the process of constant evolvement. This feat is achieved by developing bigger and better apps that are introduced in the app market daily. In the year 2018, there was a major shift from native to cross-platform app development. This way, the popularity of Progressive Apps has risen. There have also been advancements in the latest technologies like AR, VR, Machine Learning, and Blockchain. These technologies have also contributed to the strong growth of mobile app development.

In order to stay relevant in the market, you need to be familiar with all these growing trends. You must know what’s going on in both Android and iOS app development.

We are going to talk about some of the emerging iOS and Android App Development trends:

1. Material Design -

The concept of Material Design was first introduced in the year 2014. After that, a lot of inputs were given to improve the overall design of the mobile app market. Material Design revolved around the idea of effective use of all the space that is available. Material Design is also considered to be one of the most flexible approaches. It makes use of both light and dark backgrounds. A lot of popular apps on both iOS and Android have used this approach. Material Design allows designers to add new elements by providing creativity and innovation which further leads to good functionality and color hierarchy. Hire iOS developer who has experience in these technologies.

2. Multi-purpose Apps -

Today, an app can be developed for almost every possible category in the market. In place of using time and energy on apps that are based on the existing concepts, a lot of organizations are turning towards investing in the already existing apps. They do this by incorporating new features that add to the efficiency of the app. By adding new features, a user is engaged with the app for more than just the basic purpose of using it. This trend is about to gain a lot of recognition in 2019.

3. Personalized Experience -

AI is definitely going to take over other technologies for sure. It is already evident in the use of virtual assistants like Google Assistant, Siri, and Amazon Alexa. These virtual assistants help users in completing a task that is routine and repetitive. A lot of business organizations and brands will either need to rebuild their app or integrate the AI technology in their existing apps in order to be at par with others. Any Android Application Development Agency can’t miss out on the opportunities offered by AI.

4. Minimalism -

A lot of times, adding too many features or having too many elements together can create confusion and inconvenience. A minimalistic design completely opposes this practice. Minimalism basically follows the “less is more” principle. You will notice that simpler sites and apps that do not use too many distracting elements will be preferred more over other sites and apps because of the simplicity of the interface. This principle is also applied to the colors that are used in the design. Popular brands either use a single color or a color with several shades of it.

5. Chatbots -

Business organizations are adopting the chatbot technology to work easily with their customer service personnel team. Thanks to the advancements in both AI and machine learning, it has helped immensely in the growth of chatbot solutions and that too at a smaller budget. Chatbots help by quickly answering customer complaints, acting as a substitute for the customer service team or replacing them entirely. Chatbots are going to be a major part of the customer service strategy in the year 2019. A lot of businesses are looking at developing chatbot solutions for better customer satisfaction.

New Trends Are Better Opportunities:

As more and more new trends emerge next year, there will definitely be a lot of better opportunities for many business organizations. The mobile development market will forever be in the evolving stage and with that, it will bring in many new advancements and developments for the customers and the businesses. Each mobile project out there is unique in its own way and is required to be looked at with a different approach. To best understand the trends and how to adopt them in your mobile app, get in touch with an app development company.

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